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Topix Forums Deep-Nixed

Topix Forums Deep-Nixed

5 Responses to “Topix Forums Deep-Nixed”

  1. I am happy that topix forums were finally deleted. A bunch of paid trolls used to slander my polictial prisoner son, my husband and our dear friend Celia Ann Harrison. They harassed us on the McAdoo and Pottsville forums. They spread a rumor that my son has a lisp.

  2. They were cyberbullying me. They said that I looked like a raccoon, because I have ME/CFS and have ME shiners. I threanted to sue and they must have gotten scared.

  3. They still harass me on my blog, Frozen Justice. Typical paid trolls harassing me forever for being a whistle blower and very intelligent. They are weaponized morons, especially their ringleaders the “Yorkville Crusader” and “Da Keranal” working for the deep state.

  4. It was fun trolling those domestic terrorists on topix. I troll Shawn Christy with snail mail.

  5. Thawn Chwithy says:

    I am a thurvivalisp and nothing can change that.

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