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BYOB: Where’s Your Thrill

summer movie screen

Summer upon us. What’s next, what’s next??

39 Responses to “BYOB: Where’s Your Thrill”

  1. Pete B says:

    On Blueberry Hill.

    Isn’t that the correct answer?

  2. Monco says:

    It ocurred to me a couple weeks ago that since Avengers there is nothing I want to see until Under the Silver Lake/Fallen Kingdom come out on Jun 22.

  3. Ray Pride says:

    SILVER LAKE postponed until December! A tidying-up edit?

  4. spassky says:

    If they play this for awards then “inherent Vice” better get a few retroactive nominations.

  5. Stella's Boy says:

    May had almost nothing I want to see. At least in terms of wide releases. Looking forward to Upgrade and Hereditary. Bummed that Silver Lake got delayed. Doesn’t seem like an awards movie.

  6. Sideshow Bill says:

    I was at Depeche Mode in Chicago with my daughter last night so that was thrilling. Hadn’t seen them since –GULP!– 1986. They were great.

    Movies. Hereditary. That is all.

    Oh, and JW:Fallen Kingdom could be fun. Should be better directed this time. I’ll see Incredibles 2. I might actually go out for Upgrade. It wasn’t on my radar but looks fun.

    Ant Man 2? Yea sure. And I’m an easy mark for The Purge 4.

    Still dying to see First Reformed.

    Wild card: The Meg. This could be a late-season saver, if they haven’t sucked the fun and ridiculous from it. Statham will be game.

  7. movieman says:

    Dying to see “Silver Lake,” too.
    Its generally scathing Cannes reception reminded me of the way “Southland Tales” was kicked in the scrotum on the Croisette once upon a time.
    And since I love “Southland Tales”–and have been a Mitchell enthusiast since “Myth of the American Sleepover” which is one of my favorite movies of the decade–I’m even more psyched than I was previously.
    Sucks having to wait an extra six months to see it, but A24 has plenty of other goodies strewn over the summer release slate.

  8. JS Partisan says:

    I do them in a row, so next is Ocean’s 8. I love that world, so I’m looking forward to it continuing. Here’s also hoping, that the Hotel Artemis is at least fun. After that? I’ll let y’all know.

  9. GdB says:

    SB; taking your daughter to a Depeche Mode show definitely qualifies you for cool Dad of the year award. Niiice. Did they hold up since ‘86?

  10. Sideshow Bill says:

    GdB: Yes they did, although in ’86 the venue was smaller. As an old fan I wanted more old stuff, naturally, but the setlist was solid. Still, wouldn’t have killed them to pull out Master & Servant or Blasphemous Rumors, just for kicks.

    The guitar and live drummer make a big difference. Adding that guitar prolonged their career. Personal Jesus KILLED.

  11. Monco says:

    You just crushed me Ray. I was really looking forward to it but I guess I shouldnt be surprised. The release dates on the Flixster app still had its date as June 22.

  12. Ray Pride says:

    Was announced Thursday, I think. So it was news to all!

  13. leahnz says:

    winter is upon us and it’s cold and rainy af

  14. Glamourboy says:

    Early reviews on Silverlake have been bleak…my guess is that it will get pushed again and end up Jan/Feb.

    I saw First Reform..and I am def in the minority..but I really didn’t like it…so over the top, so slow and disappointing….

    I’m also excited about Oceans 8…and Hereditary. Advance word on Incredibles 2 is that it is terrific…but the trailer does nothing for me.

  15. Triple Option says:

    First Reformed was on the slow side but I thought it did a good job addressing some of the points it brought up. I think I may have mentioned the ending sorta fell of the edge of a cliff.

    I’m looking forward to the Mr Rogers doc next week. What’s the over/unders on it’s opening?

  16. movieman says:

    “Sicario 2.” Is anyone else looking forward to this?

    But WTF is “Hotel Artemis”?
    Never heard of the distributer (or the director); haven’t seen a single trailer (at a movie theater); can’t even make sense of the IMDB synopsis.
    Jodie Foster picked this as her first acting role in years?
    It almost feels like we’re being punked.

  17. Hcat says:

    In the spirit of how we gushed over Madeline Stowe last week, can I just say how much I miss Bridget Fonda?

  18. Stella's Boy says:

    I am looking forward to Sicario 2. Not sure I wanted a sequel to Sicario, but I love Del Toro’s character and will hope for the best. I never heard of Global Road until I looked up who distributed Show Dogs. But yeah no idea WTF Hotel Artemis is. Haven’t seen a trailer or TV spot. I’ll second missing Bridget Fonda.

  19. Sideshow Bill says:

    I’ve been seeing Hotel Artemis trailers and spots for weeks. Aside from Foster it just looks like a bit of a John Wick riff. But we’ll see.

    I’m up for Sicario 2 but as was discussed recently when the trailer hit the “killer protects little girl” thing is kinda lazy. But I’ll give it a chance.

  20. palmtree says:

    Ocean’s 8 is on my list.

  21. movieman says:

    I’ve noticed some TV spots for “Artemis,” but never saw a single trailer at a theater.
    Looks a bit like a ’90s Sundance throwaway that woke up in the new millennium.
    Poor Jodie. Jeez.

    This generation’s Robert Towne, Taylor Sheridan, returned to pen “Sicario 2,” and that’s good enough for me.
    Kind of wish he’d directed as well, though. “Wind River” was fantastic.

    I miss Bridget Fonda, too.
    Does anyone know why she quit acting? “Singles,” “Single White Female,” “A Simple Plan,” “Shag,” “Scandal,” “Point of No Return”….damn.

  22. Stella's Boy says:

    Yeah anything Sheridan writes I am there. Also looking forward to his Costner show. Did Fonda quit or did Hollywood decide she got too old?

  23. Triple Option says:

    I do want to see Ocean’s 8. Don’t need to see a Sicario 2 but I’m sure I’ll go see it. I must really be out of it cuz I don’t really know what’s supposed to be coming out this summer.

  24. movieman says:

    Fonda’s last significant screen role was in 1999’s “A Simple Plan.”
    From what I’ve gleaned, she opted to be a stay-at-home mom and just lost interest in acting.
    Of course, the lack of opportunities for 50+ actresses probably isn’t much of an inducement to waging a comeback.
    Even with 2 Oscars under her belt and a deserved “Screen Legend” status, the best that Fonda’s Auntie Jane gets offered these days big screen-wise is “Book Club.”

  25. Stella's Boy says:

    I think her last major screen role is Kiss of the Dragon, but you’re right, apparently Fonda quit acting to start a family with Danny Elfman.

  26. movieman says:

    Notice I said “significant,” SB, lol. (And I actually gave “Kiss of the Dragon” a good review back in 2001. At least I think I did.)

  27. Stella's Boy says:

    In what universe is a film from the director of Lady Bloodfight not significant? Just kidding. I had completely forgotten about Kiss of the Dragon until I went to Fonda’s IMDB page.

  28. Sideshow Bill says:

    Sheridan DID write Sicario 2? OK then. My interest has doubled.

    Wind River is so fucking good. HOHW even better. A modern classic. His Costner show has me interested too.

  29. Hcat says:

    Open Road was bought and they changed the name to Global Road. So the company has been around for at least a little while putting out stuff as varied as The Grey to Nuttier by Nature.

  30. Stella's Boy says:

    Oh interesting hcat I did not know Open Road became Global Road.

  31. movieman says:

    Global Road is Open Road by another name?

    Share your high regard for “HOHW,” Bill.
    Also anxious to see the upcoming cable series w/ Kevin Costner that Sheridan worked on.

  32. Hcat says:

    Simple Plan is my favorite Fonda role, she is perfect as a small town Lady McBeth. She would have killed in almost any of the roles that brought Zellweger to fame ( Maguire, Chicago, but not Jones of course, because who knows what Fonda’s british accent would be like :) ).

  33. Sideshow Bill says:

    A Simple Plan is so egregiously ignored. It should have a Criterion Edition.

  34. movieman says:

    Apparently Taylor Sheridan did more than “work” on “Yellowstone.”
    IMDB lists him as the sole director and writer of the series’ 10 episodes.

  35. movieman says:

    “The Old Man and the Gun” looks terrific. Fantastic cast, too.
    Of course, I’ve been a David Lowery fan since “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints.”
    I wonder if this could finally win Redford an acting Oscar.

  36. Stella's Boy says:

    The Old Man and the Gun does look pretty damn good. I also enjoyed the White Boy Rick trailer.

  37. movieman says:

    Yep, “Rick” looks terrific in a faux-Scorsese kind of way.
    Director Yann Demange has been on my radar since the excellent “’71.”

    That September-dated MGM Nazi movie w/ an awful title (“Final” something?) starring Oscar Isaacs and Ben Kingsley doesn’t look bad either.

    Guess I was correct in predicting that MGM’s “The Hustle” would be pushed back from its June 29th date.
    Still no trailer to be found anywhere.

  38. hcat says:

    Forgot to watch the trailer last night but Old Man and the Gun has Oscar run written all over it. Plus Spacek, cannot wait to see her onscreen again. She sort of gets lost in movie legenddom since she was a contempory of Fonda, and Streep, but man is she luminous onscreen.

  39. YancySkancy says:

    Love Bridget Fonda. Love, love, love, love. Sixteen years since she acted. Of course, she was closing in on 40, and she rarely got roles worthy of her talent anyway. But anything would’ve been better than nothing — a TV series (she turned down Ally McBeal), anything! Shortly before she got engaged to Elfman, she had a serious car accident. That may have been a factor in her retirement as well.

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