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BYOB: Solo Spoiler

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7 Responses to “BYOB: Solo Spoiler”

  1. JS Partisan says:

    So I’m the only one on this blog seeing DP2?

  2. Michael Bergeron says:

    walking out of the screening other critics were having a debate about what is Star Wars “canon” and if it should include the cartoons and novels … and about whether Hans was alive at the time of Darth Maul … seriously guys (there were no women weighing in) it’s time to move on

  3. JS Partisan says:

    Yes. He was a kid. Duh. Also, the CGI shows are Canon. They should give up on being Star Wars fans, because that’s basic stuff.

  4. BO Sock Puppet says:

    I turned off DEADPOOL after about 20 minutes, so, no, I won’t be seeing the sequel.

  5. JS Partisan says:


  6. Dick says:

    In a previous post, David wrote:

    Warners has opened 23 movies to $30 million or more in the last 4 years (out of 92 total releases). The 3 Conjuring Universe movies were the cheapest. As mentioned before, 2 comedies. 5 were DC movies. 8 were reboots or existing franchise sequels (It, Godzilla, Kong, Hobbit, Fantastic Beasts, Mad Max, Tarzan, Blade Runner) 2 were The Rock (San Andreas/Rampage). Plus The Veteran 3: Sully, Ready Player One, and Dunkirk.

    This is out of 92 WB releases in these last 4 years. For perspective, Universal has has 25 $30m launches out of 69 total releases in the same 4 years. Fox hit $30m opens on 22 of 63 releases. Sony has gone 11 of 81 in the last 4 years, which is the real reason Amy Pascal lost her job, no matter how many stolen e-mails Ben Fritz wants to analyze. (If you think I am blaming Ms. Pascal for what Tom Rothman has done, she was 6 of 34 in this category when you go back another 2 years, to 2012. So, Summer 2014 – 2018, 14%. 2012 – 2014, 18%. And now that you are playing with that stat, the Summer 2014 – Summer 2018 stat for WB is 25% and U is 36%. Of course, Disney is at a stoopid 64%. And Paramount comes in at a round 20%.)

    Does it make sense to not mention any marketing budgets? Sony and WB spend waaaaay more than Disney and Universal. That’s the reason Amy was let go, she wouldn’t bring down marketing budgets and Rothman’s made a living doing so….

    Who cares about Ben Fritz?

  7. Hcat says:

    My lord, they kill Han off two thirds into this one too? Bold move I did not see coming.

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