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Weekend Estimates by Sore: Kladnarok

Weekend Estimates 2017-11-05 at 10.02.10 AM

49 Responses to “Weekend Estimates by Sore: Kladnarok”

  1. Sideshow Bill says:

    THOR was a hell of a lot of fun. No more, no less. Waititi was his own MVP as Korg.

    Finally watched IT COMES AT NIGHT. Maybe I was too drunk and tired but it didn’t work for me at all. It’s too well made and substantial to dismiss but I feel like I missed something. I’ll definitely watch it again sometime

  2. Christian says:

    I was stone-cold sober for IT COMES AT NIGHT, and it didn’t work at all.

  3. JS Partisan says:

    Uh… Thor Ragnarok, is the darkest film in the history of the MSCU. It’s a lot more, than a funny romp. Also, “JL is doubly fucked. It has all of those fucking heroes, and it’s only going to open to a 120m dollars? Man that’s disappointing.” There’s the argument, that’s now running through the head of all of the Warners execs. It’s not a fun thought, that there is now no way for Justice League to open, without it being a disappointment.

    If anyone from WB reads this blog (COUGH! GEOFF!): I’d literally, screen this movie fucking tomorrow or Tuesday, and have faith it’s good enough to create two weeks worth of stories, about how good the film is. This is what they did with Wonder Woman, and it got out to normal fucking people. The worry is though… it’s another shit show, for the those same normal people.

  4. LBB says:

    Drunk wasn’t the problem with ICAN. Agree that it’s too well made to dismiss completely, but not substantial enough to treat as anything but lame reward for a really misleading ad campaign. I love A24, but they get my side-eye on that one.

  5. Sideshow Bill says:

    Yea, I’m so used to A24 hitting the mark that ICAN beffudles me. I truly understand the Cinemascore for it now. I knew going in it wasn’t going to be what they sold it as but it still didn’t work dramatically for me. Beautifully shot. Love the door and the hallway. But…maybe it just needs to percolate. I have a co-worker who loved it.

    I don’t how I didn’t know Karl Urban was in Thor until yesterday. He was great. The whole cast was. Urban should be a bigger star. Team him up with Frank Grillo and take my money.

  6. Movieman says:

    Don’t get the passion for “Jane.”
    Goodall led a fascinating life, but the movie felt oddly truncated at 90 minutes.
    Nicely assembled, but I’ll be shocked if it wins the documentary Oscar.

    “Last Flag Flying” looks like this year’s “Billy Lynn.”
    Another NYFF world premiere that utterly tanked.
    Poor Linklater.

    I’m still puzzled as to why there’s so little apparent interest in “Wonderstruck.”
    Personally, I can’t wait to see it.

    Fantastic “Lady Bird” bow. A24 finally has their “Moonlight” of 2017.
    Good for Greta!

  7. JS Partisan says:

    Wonderstruck, has a whimsical, but shit premise. Todd Haynes is a fucking genius, but that premise? OOFAH. OO…FAH.

  8. spassky says:

    Wonderstruck: The premise, along with everything else having to do with the narrative and structure of it, was horrible. With some truly terrible child acting, it was half of one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen. The other half was really nice looking.

  9. Stella's Boy says:

    It Comes at Night is phenomenal. Extremely well-acted. Tense. Frightening. Devastating conclusion. If anything it’s better than I expected. Surprised that so many here are “meh” on it. And it definitely is a movie that needs to be watched more than once.

  10. Poet says:

    Oh boy. Thor’s Skurge comedy is going to fall flat on the wake of today’s tragedy.

  11. brack says:

    Yeah, because shooting the undead vs innocent people is EXACTLY the same thing.

  12. JS Partisan says:

    Yeah. He did what he did, to save as many people as he could. There is an inherent difference, between violence for evil, and doing a violent act for good.

  13. Michael Bergeron says:

    I’d put Wonderstruck only below Dunkirk as best film of the year so far

  14. Sideshow Bill says:

    Stella’s Boy I will give IT COMES AT NIGHT another shot down the line. My workmate really liked it and we talked a lot about it tonight. Maybe a more quiet, sober, intimate viewing will reveal more.

  15. spassky says:

    “I’d put Wonderstruck only below Dunkirk as best film of the year so far”

    out of curiosity, do you save a lot of films for the end of the year? have you attended any film festivals? While I get the appeal of ‘Dunkirk,’ I just can’t see how someone wouldn’t see the flaws in ‘Wonderstruck’

  16. Poet says:

    I was referring to his line about picking his guns up in Texas. The gun store probably didn’t even bother doing a background check on him.

  17. LBB says:

    I also don’t want to dog ICAN too much because in the end it was a specific vision and unlike most stuff we get anymore and I always appreciate going the shakier, less traveled route. Also thought the cast was uniformly terrific. I don’t know. I’ll give it another look soon because it was something I snuck out to see and think my wife would like it, which has turned out to be a good accidental plan for giving movies a second chance.

    RE: The THOR line. Two years ago our governor (yeah, I live here) tweeted that Texas was behind California in gun sales and it was time for Texans to pick up the slack. So, as lines that aged badly in light of yesterday, THOR is pretty far back of the pack.

  18. Bender says:

    Aren’t ICAN and The Beguiled pretty much the same movie? The ending is exactly the same (or did I miss something in ICAN).

  19. Michael Bergeron says:

    spassky …. “yes on film festivals, two excellent films that have not got 2017 release dates that I caught at recent festivals include Joseph Kahn’s “Bodied” and Armando Iannucci’s “The Death of Stalin” as well as the mockumentary “The Landing.”

  20. JS Partisan says:

    SO… 21st Century Fox, is on it’s way out. The talks may have stalled, but why wouldn’t the Murdochs’ sell? They have ZERO interest in being a streaming company, and what do they have now? New Mutants is a bomb waiting to happen, Deadpool will make money, and the Avatar sequels will at least be billion dollar movies. Outside of that, Fox has nothing but a library, that they have ZERO INTEREST IN DOING ANYTHING WITH! Selling to Disney, solves so many fucking problems for FOX, and it makes PHASE FOUR of the MSCU… a MUST SEE FUCKING FILM SERIES!

    It’s money. All of it. Is money. The Murdochs will sell, FOX content will be on the Disney Streaming service, and the Star Wars movies can HAVE THE FANFARE ON THEM… THAT THEY DESERVE!

  21. Night Owl says:

    Oh great, Disney buys 20th Century Fox leading to hundreds of layoffs and even fewer possible outlets for new creatives, but the Internet is thrilled it might get to see the people in silly outfits fight the other people in silly outfits. A whole different CGI’d final battle! Unbelieveable green screen stunts! So much awesomenessness!!


    Oh Thor was cute by the way. Funny. Liked it very much and didn’t care ten minutes later.

  22. Spassky says:

    Right on, i guess you just connected with “Wonderstruck”– always good to hear a semi-slighted film has its champions… I’m very much looking forward to new iannucci!

  23. Hcat says:

    First they take marvel, then Star Wars, now the simpsons? I’m starting to think they are stalking me.

    This is unfathomable to me, two years ago fox wanted to buy Warner’s because content was king but now production is the albatross around their neck?

    And JS this is so much bigger than the xmen. What does fox have? They have back to back best picture winners in the last half decade, they have the grand Budapest hotel and hidden figures and pound for pound the greatest library of all the studios filled with Fords, Fullers and Kazans
    Disney doesn’t make anything anymore that isn’t advertised on a juice box. Handing them the keys to the last (ok maybe you could include Wb as one) great studio is terrible for the industry and the medium of film itself.

    Let me buy paramount. I am sure it’s a bargain and their films are closer in tone

  24. JS Partisan says:

    Hcat, Disney makes the movies, that millions of people from every ethnicity want to see. That’s what they do. They may not work for you, but they really don’t care about your age group. It’s just facts, but being snotty about it? They put Lightning McQueen and Mickey Mouse on them.

    The thing is: the best library is Warners. Fox’s is good, but it’s not Warners good. This deal, is all about Phases 4, 5, and 6. It’s about the X-men and FF. It’s also, about getting the rights to ANH, because guess what? It’s ANH!

    The funny thing, hcat. Disney wants to buy that library, to use it. They want to put up that library, on their streaming service. Unlike FOX, who have been the most incompetent studio in this streaming age.

    Also, let’s put this point out there, to counter Night Owl’s cattiness: what is FOX doing with all of those employees? Jack and shit. Do you think Disney is going to can everyone? Really? FOX, seemingly, doesn’t want to make content anymore. They want to have news and sports, and that’s it. If Disney doesn’t buy it. Someone else, is buying it, because that’s where we are at… with 21st century FOX.

    A studio like FOX, run by people who are either risk averse, or are scared to do what needs to be done for the next decade. Need to be gone. FOX is on their way to PARAMOUNT land They also, don’t want to spend a billion on four Avatar movies. It sucks, to lose FOX, but what have they been doing lately? Jack and shit. Disney, with those properties, might actually make some money, and Avatars 2-4 might be worth a shit.

    And I saw it Thursday, and I am still thinking about it. Woo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. palmtree says:

    The less Murdoch has his grip on anything is better for the world. Having said that, a media landscape of having one behemoth studio sounds like a horrible idea too.

  26. JS Partisan says:

    But we have only one behemoth studio, because the other studios aren’t picking their lane, shot, or whatever. They all want their own fucking MSCU, and that’s just stupid. There are so many stories that can be told, but these idiots want everything to be interconnected, and that doesn’t work for everything.

    The reason why Netflix and Amazon, are better studios than fucking FOX, is they are making content. They are making all sorts of fucking films. FOX and Paramount, aren’t even trying. Like Ethan stated before, Lionsgate is more of a fucking major right now than paramount.

    This is just the world we live in, but it’s not like everyone thinks of Star Wars and MSCU movies, as Disney movies. So… semantics!

  27. Pete B. says:

    WTF is ANH?

  28. Amblinman says:

    Wolverine in the PG-13 MCU? Bleh.

  29. Hcat says:

    Funny you mention Netflix because they would be the perfect suitor to gobble up fox, not the cable channels though because that transmission fee battle would bring ugly to new heights. But other than that you have a rich film and television library for them to stream and a robust television studio and a strong film studio. Netflix buys most of their products from the studios anyway why not have one in house?

    As far as Jack and Shit, Fox is putting out over 20 movies this year to Disney’s 8, there would not be a three billboards this weekend from Disney. There is more to movies than capes and critters. As for not caring for my demographic….I am pretty sure we are the same age JS

    Anyway I haven’t seen a quote from Disney on any of these so it could be a way for Murdoch to announce it’s on the market and wait for Bertelsmann’s call

  30. Triple Option says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, you guys have been bashing Fox for years. You finally get your wish in someone else taking control of them and you cry foul! What the heck, make up your minds!!

    Haha, j/k. Yeah, that freaked me out as well. I know we’re film snobs here but did anyone see ABC’s new show, “The Mayor” Sounded like a fun premise of a young rapper running for mayor to boost his career but then somehow actually wins. So many ways you could go with that. I watched the premiere episode with my mouth agape, wondering how on earth did you (Disney) manage to screw that up?? I just picture their development dept run by yes-people sycophants telling everyone “it’s got to be like this” and give some vague definition to make creative people bend to their will while meanwhile having any creative aptitude of their own. It’s not even dumbing down shows for the masses, it’s just making thing stupid to massage egos of saying they had a hand in something.

    While we’re on the subject of large corporations that can potentially harm society and various media output means, can someone take a 2’x4′ and smack the hell out of AT&T the next time they purpose putting their greedy little hands on anything? Mmmk’thx!

  31. Tomy says:

    Disney/Fox merger would be awful. Disney is already getting abusive with its increasing dominance (see LA Times). Writers/filmmakers will have fewer studios to choose from for their original projects (Disney doesn’t make original movies anymore). That also means less variety in films while Fox eventually become another Touchstone for Disney.

    But hey, it’s more important to get Fox fanfare back in Star Wars movies and have X-Men join the MCU.

  32. JS Partisan says:

    Here’s Tomy, with another one of those hot takes, about Disney and the Times! Guess what? Disney and the Times, will fucking work it out, because Disney hates getting fucking heat. It will quietly change, because it is fucking cheesy as shit, but Disney pulled an Apple. It happens.

    Also, I hate to break it to you, but the future of filmed entertainment… are Netflix, Amazon, and Apple. Alphabet, are working on a better AI, but those three companies plan on spending more money separately than FOX would even come close to spending. Netflix isn’t buying Fox, because they know content is king. Content, they are spending EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS ON! Amazon, once they find a woman to run that ship, is spending billions as well! Apple, are also spending a billion plus dollars, so please don’t give me these crocodile fucking tears about FOX leaving, and there being one less place for people to work. There’s more places to work, because guess what? AT&T are going to make more content as well, why? CONTENT IS KING!

    Also, again, THE MURDOCH SONS DO NOT WANT TO SPEND A BILLION DOLLARS ON FUCKING AVATAR SEQUELS. They also, lost their Saudi money this past weekend, so that’s another reason why this shit is happening.

    Hcat, I don’t think so, but you are thinking of the old paradigm for Netflix. They are spending money to make their content, because they want to be HBO. They also, used to have FOX content when streaming started, then FOX got all fucking weird with them. I doubt they would want to deal with Murdochs, when they are ALREADY BIGGER THAN FOX. That’s a thing, and it’s true.

    What seems to be lost in all of this, is Disney gives a fuck about this content. Sure. It fixes a lot of problems, that will generate BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in content. However, Disney aren’t going to treat FOX like an afterthought. It’s a lot of content, loved by a lot of people, and it’s going to be a part of their future.

    It might not be something you care about, hcat. Guess what? The hundreds of hours of content made yesterday, was all about Star Wars and Marvel Studios. Oh? You don’t care? EVERYONE ELSE DOES!

  33. Night Owl says:

    Ava DuVernay has publicly joined the boycott of Disney screenings in support of the Times. That’s…actually pretty awesome. Could be awkward as hell if this drags on and Wrinkle in Time is approaching release. I love it.

    Eh lower output or not I’d rather 20th Century Fox be a separate thing. People love McDonalds and I wouldn’t be any happier if they started buying up all restaurants. Some people would be thrilled. It’s a personal thing. But yes I know economically we’re heading for more uniformity and consolidation in the Studios. I’m not going to be happy about it just because one day the Thing might meet Hulk is another CGI battle roya…nope already bored. Although the idea of Disney figuring out how to put a xenomorph on a cereal box intrigues.

  34. hcat says:

    ” I doubt they would want to deal with Murdochs, when they are ALREADY BIGGER THAN FOX”

    Yes Netflix is bigger than Fox which is why I suggested the bigger company buy the smaller one.

    “They also, used to have FOX content when streaming started, then FOX got all fucking weird with them”

    Which wouldn’t happen again if they bought the company and sent the Murdochs on their way would it?

    “Content, they are spending EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS ON”

    Some of which is going to Lionsgate, some is going to Disney, some is going to Universal, some is going to Fox, and some is staying inhouse. Having an established television studio with existing broadcast hits across the networks (This is Us, Empire, Modern Family) along with the bingiest library (X Files, 24, Simpsons, Buffy) is only going to keep more of that 8 billion in their own bank account.

    “Avatar, Avatar, Avatar”
    This is much bigger than a handful of movies, even very expensive ones. Getting their Marvel rights back is not the driver of this either, this is an entire sundae and you are only looking at the cherry.

    :They also, lost their Saudi money this past weekend”
    Now you are on to something, the Saudi money is what kept this under Murdoch control, so the thought is sell off what they can (production) to finance what they can afford to keep privately (O and O channels, News and Sports). Otherwise they could be forced off the board and loose control of operations. Given the scandals they have faced in the last few years I can imagine there would be quite a few investors that were miffed their profits are being spent on legal fees for phone tappers and sex offenders and would rather have someone else at the helm. What’s Chernin up to knowadays?

  35. JS Partisan says:

    No, Hcat. Netflix is spending 8 billion… ON THEIR OWN CONTENT! Disney is gone next year, and they haven’t had FOX content on there for years. Netflix, unlike HBO, wants to win Emmys and Oscars, and they are willing to spend going forward.

    But yeah, this has to happen now, due to losing their Saudi financing.`You know… the guy who personally made Avatar happen.

    Should respond to… bored now.

  36. hcat says:

    They own a number of their series, I think Mindhunter and Stranger Things are the most prominent. But Orange is produced by Lionsgate, Crown is Sony, Kimmy and Master of None is Universal, and the Marvels are of course Disney. We are arguing over the semantics of what they own, what they distribute and what they license, the first two categories if not all three fall under the 8 billion (but I believe all their films are indeed fully owned by them).

    Again, this Avatar obsession you have is downright strange. It made a billion dollars, they are simply letting that money ride in hopes a number of sequels generate even more income.

  37. Dr Wally Rises says:

    See the thing is, Cameron really wanted Avatar to give him a Lucas-style empire (note that he didn’t have the rights to Terminator or Alien and saw those franchises carry on without him to diminishing returns). It didn’t. For all its undeniable success as a movie event, Avatar simply didn’t take as a BRAND. The Avatar video games, comics, action figures etc. all tanked hard. Disney could turn that around.

    In fact, we might have had a clue to this story hidden all along in plain sight by Disney building the World of Avatar land at Animal Kingdom…..

  38. Night Owl says:

    Annnnnd Disney already folded on the Times ban. Faster than I thought. Oh you had “discussions” did you? Of course you did dear, of course you did.

    Props to the media on this one. I like my multinational corporations to be well at odds with a free press. Sadly it’s rarer to see these days.

  39. palmtree says:

    The fact that Disney even attempted to shut down the LA Times is a bad sign. That it wasn’t successful this time doesn’t mean it won’t be successful the next time.

  40. JS Partisan says:

    Night Owl, the Time probably apologized to them, for the hit piece Disney did on them. It doesn’t matter how we feel about it, but they felt hit pieced. Hell. Another fucking newspaper stated as much. This whole thing, is bullshit all around, and the critics come across as bunch of entitled fucks… instead of defending journalism.

    AND THEY DIDN’T TRY TO SHUT DOWN THE LA FUCKING TIMES! Did you read their fucking response to this shit? I am not always fucking corporate, but come on. All of this is hinky, and the LA TIMES are justly, sorta, being dicky about writing a hit piece, then whining about it costing them… SCREENINGS!

    Hcat, those shows are still Netflix shows. No matter who produces them. It is semantics, but it’s a semantic that matters, because what’s Mad Men? An AMC show, or a Lionsgate show?

    Also, Avatar’s four sequels cost 250m a piece. The funding, was going to come from Saudi Arabia, then this past weekend happened. Cameron, is making those damn movies, and guess what? It’s easier for FOX to just sell that shit off, and let Disney make. Why? DISNEY WILL SELL THE SHIT OUT OF THEM.

  41. hcat says:

    Quite a stand that the press took, especially with a Star Wars on the horizon which is always good for a plethora of clickbait articles.

    JS, Mad Men is a Lionsgate show, it played on AMC, and while it got them oodles of press and made them a destination there is a reason they started producing shows like the Walking Dead themselves. I don’t think AMC got a cut of the dvds or any subsidiary revenue which all goes to Lionsgate. Now with Dead they get to sell it internationally and reap syndication windfalls. This goes beyond simple branding, Netflix has been trying to create a television and movie studio from scratch while buying others products, I am just saying it would be simpler and more cost effective to purchase a strong existing one that just came on the market.

  42. Doug R says:

    Would the deal include cable channels? Would be nice if Disney could take Fox “news” and bend it back towards reality.

  43. Ray Pride says:

    FX, reportedly, but not sports or news or local stations.

  44. Pete B says:

    Good to know Fox Sports is safe.

  45. palmtree says:

    Regardless of whether the LA Times wrote a hit piece or not, what is banning their critics from screenings supposed to accomplish? The critics had nothing to do with it. It’s intimidation and payback and a blatant attack on the Free press. Almost can’t believe I have to defend this position…

  46. hcat says:

    Apparently there is a Fox investors meeting this weekend so…ousting the Murdochs and regrouping seems at least as likely as a fire sale to Disney.

    And Disney had no excuse to behave that way to the press especially since they have a news division themselves. If you are one of the bedrock companies of this country you should be able to deal with bad (and apparently not inaccurate) press. Plus they turned what was a local issue into a national story, for a company that does more than anyone to craft a positive public relations image they so fucked this up.

    Trades are full of blood today, Sony and presumably Warners will break even on Blade Runner but Alcon who owns the rights and greenlit the thing will likely take a $80 million hit. So another few decades before we get the next peek into that world. And they are apparently calling time of death on the Dark Universe, oh synergy we hardly knew ya.

  47. JS Partisan says:

    Hcat, they don’t have their chief finance partner, because he’s locked up on an Ritz-Carlton in Saudi Arabia. If anything, they are probably going to agree to the deal, because Wall Street made them a lot of money this week. It just makes sense, to give it to Disney, and let Disney sell FOX to Charter. There you go. Wrap it up!

    Christmas is coming up. Alcon will be fine. IT’S FED EX SEASON! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am glad, even though some people hate it, that there’s another Blade Runner film in the world.

    And finally, the Dark Universe concept was fucking STUPID from the get go. The Dark Universe, should be based around 20 to 30 something actors, from Dracula to the Creature. They went with all these old fuckers, spent too much money, and just had a bad plan all together.

    Why Hollywood doesn’t want to build actors for tomorrow, is beyond me. The Dark Universe could make stars, and make universal money. They are just run by cowards, like everyone not starting with a D and ending with a Y.

    Oh yeah… the whole critic thing was stupid. It was just dumb.

  48. Bulldog68 says:

    WTF. Seems like every male in Hollywood has been a sexual predator now? Everyday is someone new. And I’m beginning to wonder if there ever was a time that Kevin Spacey didn’t harass or assault someone.

    It’s such a world apart from the reaction and still to this day acceptance by some on Roman Polanski, who was convicted and fled.

  49. JS Partisan says:

    Roman used to get away with the fucked up thing, that the 70s are a different time. Now? If the Academy doesn’t throw his ass out, and he doesn’t go back to being a pyorrhea. It’s fucking ridiculous.

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