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Weekly Standard Embraces Customary Ways To Diminish Art And Arts, Largely Through Liberal Use Of Unnamed Straw Men

“Beauty and truth are not merely subservient to the ‘identitarian’ agenda, they are excised from the conversation altogether. It’s not just that the New Philistines have weaponized art in the service of an aggressive social-engineering campaign; they’ve pulverized it.”
Weekly Standard Embraces Customary Ways To Diminish Art And And ArtistsLargely Through Liberal Use Of Unnamed Straw Men

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“The purpose of film isn’t to present the kindness of the world.”
~ Isabelle Huppert

The Promised Land steers into the fact that the United States can mean whatever people want it to mean. You may not be able to be Elvis, but you can sure as shit impersonate him for a living. America, like its current President (at least as of this article’s publication), is so dangerous precisely because it’s a blank canvas on which anyone can project their dreams. Whatever it is that you see for yourself, there’s someone you can pay for the pleasure of believing that it’s possible. In his view, the pursuit of happiness is the ultimate con, a delusion that prevents us from seeing our circumstances for what they are.

“Forget the Matrix, it’s the invention of happiness that blinded us to the truth. The rich got richer and the poor help them do it. Jarecki doesn’t argue that the American Dream is dead; he argues that it was never alive in the first place — that we were all lobsters in a pot full of water that was boiling too slowly for any of us to notice. And now it’s time for dinner. Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States. Elvis has left the building.”
~ David Ehrlich