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Mike Fleming Dishes Ashgar Farhadi As “Political” In Foreign Language Film Oscar Gonging; Quotes Tirade From Competitor

“Every one of these films is being held hostage by a political situation that has nothing to do with any of us. It is all the media is writing about, not only the trades, but all over the world. We are all concerned that the impression left on voters will be that a vote for The Salesman will be a vote against Trump and that a message will be sent about his ridiculous immigration policies. And none of us can say anything about it.”
Mike Fleming Dishes Ashgar Farhadi; Quotes Tirade From Competitor

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“The difference between poetry and prose, and why if you’re not acculturated to poetry, you might resist it: that page is frightening. Why is it not filled? The two categories of people who don’t feel that way are children and prisoners. So many prison poets; they see that gap and experience it differently. I’m for the gap!”
~ Poet Eileen Myles

“Wise men build bridges, foolish men build barriers.”
~ T’Challa