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Friday Estimates By The Accountant Klady

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4 Responses to “Friday Estimates By The Accountant Klady”

  1. Chiptopia Cardholder says:

    Nice to see a solid debut for THE ACCOUNTANT. All those ads during football games really brought a crowd out for a movie that will be playing on TNT until the end of the 2020s! Academy Award Winner Ben Affleck, Academy Award Winner JK Simmons, and Tony Award Nominee Anna Kendrick should celebrate this number one opening by visiting a nearby Chipotle location and trying one of their new chorizo bowls.

    Exciting to see a good debut for Kevin Hart’s self-financed concert film but I am a bit concerned after reading what little sleep he gets. He might want to pick up a copy of Arianna Huffington’s book THE SLEEP REVOLUTION and mull it over while chowing down on a quesarito. Kevin Hart might be a hilarious comedian but the restorative power of sleep is serious business.

  2. EtGuild2 says:

    I endorse Chitopia’s comment, at least until I find out it’s Donald Trump, at which point I’ll de-endorse it, and then re-endorse it for good measure.

    Now that Affleck has followed up the ridiculous PAYCHECK with the equally ridiculous THE ACCOUNTANT, he just needs to make THE AUDITOR to flesh out a trilogy before THE TAX ADMINISTRATORS’ cinematic universe team-up.

    Taylor Lautner dodged a bullet by abandoning MAX STEEL for STRETCH ARMSTRONG, and then Hasbro dodged a bullet by shelving ARMSTRONG altogether.

  3. Pete B. says:

    I saw Shin Godzilla today in a packed theater. I don’t think anyone was expecting a biting satire on the ineptness of Japanese government (with a monster thrown in), but that’s what we all got.

    Gotta say that the scenes with him leveling Tokyo with new and improved purple flame were better than anything in the 2014 version.

  4. JoeLeydon says:

    Another amusing/fascinating aspect of Shin Godzilla: Strained US-Japan relations.

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