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Weekend Estimates by Klady’s Lament

Weekend Estimates 2015-08-09 at 9.35.43 AM

11 Responses to “Weekend Estimates by Klady’s Lament”

  1. Matt P. says:

    Kathleen Kennedy, Disney and Lucasfilm are all breathing a big sigh of relief. They even gave him a nice press release on his way out, too.

    Fox would be better off not making more of the Fan4 movies and kind of treat them like the way Universal does Hulk, just have his weave in and out of larger stories with the X-Men. No back stories. They just exist.

  2. Martin says:

    Are people really surprised?

    The production was a… wreck… from the start. Vaughn and Millar should be holding the bag for this. The original idea was to simply recast and go sci-fi. But after First Class, Vaughn brought in Millar and they pushed Total Reboot, because they were trying to take over the entire Fox-Marvel property.

    The casting was moronic as it only complicated matter. You want Jordan? Make him Reed. You want him to be Johnny? Then Sue has to be black also. Going halfsies on race, casting young while Marvel is going older, adding a Prof X variant…just the overall contempt for the actual property because the people involved find it absurd, so it must be deconstructed…reap what you sow.

    The irony is Stan and Jack considered the angst back in ’61, when they were developing the title. But they understood if it was done heavy-handed, it’s dire, not exciting.

  3. Dr Wally Rises says:

    That’s a nice hold for Mission, albeit partially by default thanks to FF heading straight off a cliff. I’m rooting for Mission to do well purely in the hope that it will help Reacher 2 to get made. That’s the franchise that Cruise should be concentrating on rather than airy talk of Top Gun 2 or whatever.

  4. Chucky says:

    And Hollywood continues to dig its own grave, dumbing down everything to please the cementheads in Murica.

  5. brack says:

    Care to specify what you’re referring to, Chucky?

  6. longshanks says:

    Martin (and also referring back to a couple of posts from Geoff on the Friday thread)… does Kinberg deserve none of the blame for this? Hasn’t he been all-but-proclaimed as Architect for all of Fox’s comic properties? It wouldn’t surprise me if he played a major role in the conceptualization as well as execution here, and it’s not like he hasn’t shown himself to be capable of duds both creative (X3: Last Stand) and commercial (This Means War).

    More than anything, he seems to be stretched so thin, b/n his Fox work, the Star Wars spin-off, his suddenly profolic role as producer, numerous other projects. Why does he get all of these jobs when (just to pluck a name from a proven but still lower tier) the David Selfs of the world remain comparatively un- or at least under-employed?

    Will be interesting to see whether his star is at all tarnished by F4, which seems certainly to be the nadir of his career. I don’t want to be a hater, but it’s just that I never read or seen a Kinberg script which suggests to me that he should be in the very top tier of Hollywood writers. (He seems top 3 or 4 at this point; maybe even 1 given his prolific producing role.)

  7. Nux says:

    Kinberg is responsible for everything. He was the most powerful person on F4.

  8. martin says:

    Vaughn brought Kinberg in, after Millar, to do the major overhaul and act as his surrogate while they went off and did Kingsman. So yes, Vaughn and Millar set the table and Kinberg sat down, but this wasn’t his brainchild. That’s Millar. The story I want to know is what he sold to Fox. That guy had some massive plan, hinted about it for months, dropped several gigs for it, then proclaimed himself the Kevin Fiege of FoxMCU…and then shortly disappeared. During Kingsmen promotional, he was acting as if FF was some tangential.

    I’m actually interested as to when Hutch Parker got on board. He’s not a Vaughn guy. He was involved with the Wolverine solos, then Days of Future, but not First Class. You don’t find his name until late in FF production, and he had no producer involvement with Fox until 2011, so he’s not a squatter like the Germans. He looks to be The Cleaner for Watts and handle the reshoots.

  9. Triple Option says:

    I didn’t think the Fantastic Four that came out in 2005 was that bad. Granted, I thought it skewed a bit younger than most of the other comic book movies. If I had a 9 or 10 year old son, I would’ve enjoyed taking him to it. Sorta like that massive bomb Cutthroat Island everyone thought was so bad. They pushed it as an action vehicle to give the boys a run for their money but it was more of a screen version of a performance you’d see at an amusement park. You know, Black Bart fighting the white hat. Pistols popping puffs of smoke, a damsel whisked away on horseback, a stuntman falling 20 feet off a facade with built in places to boo or cheer.

    Anyway, I saw the Fan 4 Silver Surfer I believe it was called. On the slow side. One cool f/x shot but again, a bit more family friendly in tone. Fan boys ragged on it, which granted, it wasn’t great, but I didn’t think it was for them, either.

    Even before the reviews came out, when only a few names were floating about as cast, I thought it was going to be a show for the young set. Heck, why not. Sure there are 6 year olds going to Spidey, why not ween the pixar/Blue Sky Animation crowd on some comic book film that’ll get them jonesing for a reboot of Wolverine?

    I haven’t seen the new one but I didn’t think it needed to be conceptually what a lot of the other marvel or dc films were.

  10. Warren says:

    The new film is not at all for children–I think most of them would find it deadly dull.

  11. Steve D. says:

    “Triple Option says:
    August 11, 2015 at 1:10 am
    I didn’t think the Fantastic Four that came out in 2005 was that bad. Granted, I thought it skewed a bit younger than most of the other comic book movies. If I had a 9 or 10 year old son, I would’ve enjoyed taking him to it….

    Anyway, I saw the Fan 4 Silver Surfer I believe it was called. On the slow side. One cool f/x shot but again, a bit more family friendly in tone.”

    Agreed, those films were both fairly good adaptations of FF. They had the right tone and characters. Could have used a little more action. The major weak spot was the villains – they chose the right guys, but portrayed them in very underwhelming ways.

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