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BYOB: Go See “Grandma”


And Learning to Drive is an adult pleasure too.

And there are a bunch of recent holdovers “for adults” worth the time: Mr Holmes, Amy, The End of the Tour, Tangerine, The Look of Silence, Listen to Me Marlon, Meru, amongst others. (I haven’t seen The Diary of a Teenage Girl.)

And there are still some good big, recent studio movies out there worth catching… Straight Outta Compton, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Trainwreck.

16 Responses to “BYOB: Go See “Grandma””

  1. John E. says:

    …and The Gift.

  2. movieman says:

    I really wanted to like “American Ultra” more than I did.
    Hoped it would’ve been smarter, funnier and that the action had been handled w/ more flair.
    I think it wanted to be this generation’s equivalent to “True Romance.”
    But it lacks the crazy genius of Tarantino’s script or Tony Scott’s ultra stylish/stylized direction.
    The cast, however, is very good, and Goggins’ final scene is unexpectedly moving.
    Am I imagining things, or has Kristen Stewart quietly become the best under-30 actress working in movies today? Along w/ J-Law, that is.

  3. Dr Wally Rises says:

    Shailene Woodley, Ellen Page, Saoirse Ronan, Lupita Nyongo, Mia Wasikowska, Emma Stone, Anna Kendrick, Felicity Jones, Alicia Vikanda, Maika Monroe. All actresses in roughly the same age group who I rate a lot higher than Kristen Stewart, not that she’s bad or anything.

  4. EtGuild2 says:

    Ellen Page? Even Ellen Page doesn’t think she’s a good actress, as she is off tangling with Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair for her new VICE show.

    But yeah, no one touches Queen Ronan. Or Fanning the Younger IMO. Or Brie Larson. Or J-Law. It’s a stacked group…

  5. movieman says:

    Excepting Jones (really?? the skinny English chick from that Stephen Hawkings Lifetime movie?), that’s a solid group of young actresses.
    But I stand by my picks of Lawrence and Stewart.
    Anyone who doubts the former “Twilight” queen’s thesping chops needs to see “Clouds of Sils Maria” (and “Still Alice”) ASAP.

  6. leahnz says:

    i think kstewl’s doing well lately, she’s got her slightly sullen, bored thing going that makes her a bit different – though one person’s ‘bored’ is another’s ‘wooden’ – and she’s stretching her range lately. there are a lot of quite good to real-deal talented young actresses around, probably a bit moreso than the guys at the moment

  7. EtGuild2 says:

    I really enjoyed Jones in Ralph Fiennes’ “The Invisible Woman.” Not yet at the point of believing it was a fluke….

  8. movieman says:

    Jones is pretty much interchangeable for me w/ a half dozen other young Brit actresses, Et.
    I haven’t seen anything yet from her that makes me think she’s anything special.

  9. Dr Wally Rises says:

    Well, Ellen Page has at least one more Oscar nomination than Kristen Stewart, for one thing. So do Jones (see Like Crazy or Breathe In sometime. I’m still mad that Amazing SpiderMan 2 totally wasted her), Stone and Kendrick. Forgot about Brie Larson, which is odd as she’s fantastic too.

  10. movieman says:

    Saw ’em, Wally. Did nada for me.

    Huge Brie Larson fan btw.

  11. YancySkancy says:

    Dr. Wally Rises: Are you sure Brie Larson is good? She doesn’t have any Oscar nominations, you know. :)

  12. EtGuild2 says:

    So speaking of young talented actresses, it seems like Hailee Steinfeld may have ceded the field to become a pop star. And in this case it might work. Not only does she have the backing of the most powerful woman in the world under 30 (sorry J-Law, it’s T-Swift by a mile), but her debut is decent.

  13. cadavra says:

    Speaking of adult pleasures, SHE’S FUNNY THAT WAY is a total delight.

  14. movieman says:

    Totally agree, Cad.
    In fact I commented on “Funny” in the weekend b.o. estimate blog.
    Pretty stunning (and depressing) that a film as good as the Bog goes the VOD route while Owen Wilson’s other August release (that dumb-dumb action movie w/ geopolitical pretensions) goes into 2,000+ theaters.

  15. storymark says:

    “…. Even Ellen Page doesn’t think she’s a good actress, as she is off tangling with Ted Cruz…”

    Wait…. having a life and interests outside film means she doesn’t think she’s any good at her career?? Maybe a touch of projection going on there…

  16. Hallick says:

    So Robert Downey Jr., Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Edward Norton are all bad actors too since they did political documentary work of their own at one point or another? Hmmmmmmmmm, nope.

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