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Weekend Estimates by Klady Mignon

Weekend Estimates 2015-07-12 at 9.19.57 AM

12 Responses to “Weekend Estimates by Klady Mignon”

  1. Tracker Backer says:

    See? Much smaller % drops when looking at weekend-to-weekend, rather than Friday-to-Friday.

  2. David Poland says:

    Yeah… been writing about that for 2 decades…

  3. Tracker Backer says:

    Ha. Ok, David. Re-read what you wrote in your Friday recap. It makes it seem like you thought the Friday drop was abnormally large, when in fact it wasn’t when you consider where the 4th of July fell.

  4. movieman says:

    What a shitty weekend for new releases.

    “Minions” was at best benignly boring. (How’s that for a pull quote?)
    “The Gallows” was generic found footage horror flotsam.
    And “Self/Less” was the first dully impersonal movie my beloved, usually batshit crazy Tarsem ever made.

    Onward and upward?

  5. Pete B says:

    Okay, just got back from seeing Terminator Genisys and I don’t get all the hate. Maybe because I went in with low expectations due to all the negative reviews, but I thought it was an entertaining flick.

  6. dinovelvet says:

    movieman – agreed about Selfless (I refuse to write that slash in between the two words). Given that Tarsem (now with Singh credit, apparently) was at the helm and the movie had a sci-fi premise, I was expecting some visual flourishes, and instead ended up with something that had all the panache of a USA network pilot episode. And good grief, did this drag on way too long. Did not need to be two hours or have three different endings. This should have been a lean 95 minute thing! And yet, against all odds, there was a smattering of audience applause at the end so some were riveted I guess.

  7. Aaron Aradillas says:

    I’ve telling anyone who’ll listen that T5 is an interesting mess. It’s overstuffed with ideas, but at least they’re trying to do something. That’s more than I can say for JURASSIC 4. The first half is a prequel, while the second half is a sequel. I like the first half more than the second half. They make Reese into the submissive character. He’s placed in the bakc of the car. He’s put in the Sarah role. I think this is what bothers a lot of fanboys. T5 is actually a radically feminist action movie. It’s all about Sarah’s choice. The two Cameron movies were all about Sarah accepting her obligation to become a mother. By the end of T2 she’s as musclebound as Arnold. Here, Emilia Clark is strong but doesn’t sacrifice her femininity. And like Perkins in PSYCHO III, Arnold plays the role both for laughs and straight. He’s terrific.

  8. Tracker Backer says:

    Aaron, you’re giving the filmmakers far too much credit.

  9. leahnz says:

    the assessment above of T-T2 v T:genitals, the character of sarah connor and the puerile notion of what constitutes ‘femininity’ is perhaps the silliest thing i’ve ever read on this blog (well not really, but still) – always fascinating to see someone spew the puerile, narrow notion that skinny no-muscles girls (thus still ‘fuckable’ for easily-threatened boys) = ‘feminine’, trevarow said something similar; quite useful for keeping women – who are multitudes – in a convenient patriarchal box though, when will this bogus shit end. women have muscles. building them for what ever reason doesn’t make a women less of one. cameron’s sarah connor is a feminine icon for a reason)

    why is posting on a tablet so fraught with difficulty

  10. Big G says:

    “Yeah… been writing about that for two decades…”

    Except today apparently.

  11. Aaron Aradillas says:

    This isn’t my view. This is the view of the movies. It is made very clear that the Sarah Connor of T5 is given a choice that the Sarah Connor of the first two wasn’t. Also, Sarah is made to look almost butch by ’91 standards. At one point she’s given the Terminator’s theme music.

  12. brack says:

    “women have muscles. building them for what ever reason doesn’t make a women less of one. cameron’s sarah connor is a feminine icon for a reason)”

    But only in T2, correct? In the first movie, she is a damsel in distress until the very end, similar to most slasher movies. But besides that, what does having huge muscles give one an advantage in the Terminator universe? All you need in those movies to survive are a fast vehicle, be a good runner, good weapons, a metal-crunching machine, or a vat of liquid nitrogen or whatever it was in T2 that the T1000 fell into.

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Leonard Klady's Friday Estimates
Friday Screens % Chg Cume
Title Gross Thtr % Chgn Cume
Venom 33 4250 NEW 33
A Star is Born 15.7 3686 NEW 15.7
Smallfoot 3.5 4131 -46% 31.3
Night School 3.5 3019 -63% 37.9
The House Wirh a Clock in its Walls 1.8 3463 -43% 49.5
A Simple Favor 1 2408 -50% 46.6
The Nun 0.75 2264 -52% 111.5
Hell Fest 0.6 2297 -70% 7.4
Crazy Rich Asians 0.6 1466 -51% 167.6
The Predator 0.25 1643 -77% 49.3
Also Debuting
The Hate U Give 0.17 36
Shine 85,600 609
Exes Baggage 75,900 62
NOTA 71,300 138
96 61,600 62
Andhadhun 55,000 54
Afsar 45,400 33
Project Gutenberg 36,000 17
Love Yatri 22,300 41
Hello, Mrs. Money 22,200 37
Studio 54 5,300 1
Loving Pablo 4,200 15
3-Day Estimates Weekend % Chg Cume
No Good Dead 24.4 (11,230) NEW 24.4
Dolphin Tale 2 16.6 (4,540) NEW 16.6
Guardians of the Galaxy 7.9 (2,550) -23% 305.8
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4.8 (1,630) -26% 181.1
The Drop 4.4 (5,480) NEW 4.4
Let's Be Cops 4.3 (1,570) -22% 73
If I Stay 4.0 (1,320) -28% 44.9
The November Man 2.8 (1,030) -36% 22.5
The Giver 2.5 (1,120) -26% 41.2
The Hundred-Foot Journey 2.5 (1,270) -21% 49.4