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BYOB Aloha, San Andreas!


12 Responses to “BYOB Aloha, San Andreas!”

  1. Ray Pride says:

    Think of it: Stone and Rock, both lighter than air!

  2. PcChongor says:

    Any film based on the premise of someone actively trying to get away from Emma Stone seems to be flawed from its very conception

  3. brack says:

    Except there was that hit movie where someone actively tries to get away from Jennifer Lawrence; same lead actor. Doubt a hit is happening this go-around.

  4. Kevin says:

    I loved ALOHA. It’s a bit of mess, plot-wise, but it’s also funny, sweet, quirky, bright and colorful… Pure Cameron Crowe.

  5. movieman says:

    I agree w/ Kevin.
    Loved it!
    The messiness stems from the (apparently) Sony-mandated re-edit to try and whip it into conventional rom-com form. Cut to the bone at 104 minutes, it felt like there was a bigger, longer, more leisurely and (even more) digressive movie struggling to break out.
    But what remains is actually kind of marvelous.
    It’s wonderfully idiosyncratic in a ’70s (movie) kind of way, and effortlessly , irrepressibly charming from start to finish.
    I had a terrific time just basking in the glow of that radiant cast, all of whom are first-rate even when their roles appear to have been cobbled a bit (or more) in the editing.
    I’m gobsmacked that so many “critics” have complained they couldn’t follow the plot.
    Also stunned that somebody claimed they weren’t sure whether Krasinski’s character was a deaf mute or not.
    What movie were they watching?

  6. Stella's Boy says:

    Wow Crowe fanatics sure are loyal. To be fair I haven’t seen Aloha. Maybe it really isn’t an atrocious trainwreck. That’s hard to believe though.

  7. Pete B says:

    Since there’s now an actual review space for Aloha, and this is a BYOB heading, just wanted to share…

    Turner Classic Movies is showing Film Noir movies on Fridays in June & July, and is having a free online class on the subject in conjunction with Ball State University. If anyone is interested:

    Even if you don’t get TCM, they will be also providing links to Film Noir in the public domain.

  8. Stella's Boy says:

    I was all psyched to see San Andreas, but then I read that a seismologist says it’s not realistic. I will not spend my hard-earned money to see an unrealistic disaster movie. For shame Hollywood.

  9. EtGuild2 says:

    I’m not sure if it was the editing or what, but it wasn’t for me. What does Bradley Cooper actually DO? I understand contracting and lobbying work, and jobs like this simply don’t exist. The characters mostly are put in some existential place like “Friends,” or “It’s Complicated,” where you’re constantly made to question their being. “We have a Central Park West overlook…because we’re baristas!” It just screams lazy/insincere plotting.

    And movieman, you’re really blaming the critics when this was the tightest embargo I’ve ever seen laid down by a studio short of torture porn/Tyler Perry? Sony, despite its protestations about Pascal’s emails, obviously felt the same way she did and hated the movie way more than I. Seriously…I can’t remember a tighter embargo for a non-horror/urban/unpretensiously garbage movie than ALOHA. To be fair, maybe the fact I was worried about going to prison for expressing my views on this movie killed any good-will I had towards it.

  10. movieman says:

    There weren’t any pre-release screenings for the Cleveland market, Et.
    I saw “Aloha” last night at its first public performance.
    Went in expecting a trainwreck (the few reviews that filtered in yesterday afternoon were nearly unanimous in their sheer and utter contempt for the film), but left applauding a fatally flawed but enormously appealing movie that seemed to have the makings of a humanist masterpiece before Sony’s heavy hands intervened.
    I can’t believe that many of the same critics trashing “Aloha” gave “San Andreas” a pat-on-the-back pass.
    One (favorably) recalls the halcyon days of the New Hollywood era while the other symbolizes everything that’s wrong with 21st century Hollywood.

  11. Hallick says:

    “I loved ALOHA. It’s a bit of mess, plot-wise, but it’s also funny, sweet, quirky, bright and colorful… Pure Cameron Crowe.”

    This is a reality that gets missed in the reviews for “Aloha” and “San Andreas”. A movie can be a hot mess conceptually but still make you glad you went to see it.

  12. Hallick says:

    “Also stunned that somebody claimed they weren’t sure whether Krasinski’s character was a deaf mute or not.

    I thought he was mute in the movie because the Coke machine was out of order and Pam enforced the jinx rule on him again.

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