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Dr. Uwe Boll Goes-a-Crowdfunding


From: uwe boll
Subject: Re: Uwe Boll starts INDIEGOGO campaign for RAMPAGE 3 ….. 
Date: November 25, 2014 at 1:23:01 PM PST

Behind this campaign!

Hello, my name is Uwe Boll and I directed , wrote and produced over 30 movies with stars like Ben Kingsley, Jason Statham, Ray Liotta and Ron Perlman.

The RAMPAGE series is really close to my heart. RAMPAGE 1 and 2  together with my movies DARFUR, AUSCHWITZ, ASSAULT ON WALLSTREET, STOIC and POSTAL are the most important movies of my career.  RAMPAGE nails the cynical world we are living in and now I need your help to finance RAMPAGE 3. Although Rampage 2 has been a huge success it did not make enough to get the financing of RAMPAGE 3.

Why I need your support!

The movie distribution world is changing in a bad way. Many countries are pirated and movies are just getting free downloaded on the internet. In other countries TV is not showing movies anymore because they are busy showing cooking shows, Real Housewives and other Reality TV shit. As a result the producers cannot make good movies with okay budgets anymore. What is left are big Comic Book studio movies and super small mostly really bad independent movies. I need to finish the saga about Bill Williamson the biggest mass murderer in US history. RAMPAGE is my “Breaking Bad“  its dark, consequent, merciless, logic and necessary.  RAMPAGE 3 will be the final and the end of the story.  Without you it will not happen.

We almost have the financing together but we need your $ 100.000 to go out with a bang. Before I make the final movie I need to be sure that the production value is the same as RAMPAGE 1 and 2. Actually RAMPAGE 3 will have way more action then Rampage 2.

If we getting over 50.000 $ together then I guarantee that the movie will get made.  And that should be a goal for all of us what is doable.   

Share this!

Contributing money will help get this made but I also need help to share this campaign. Advertise it to everybody you know!!  Be our ambassador and post it on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE etc….don’t stop till we have our goal reached.  A lot of you loved RAMPAGE and the content. Bill Williamson nailed the political situation we are living in and NOBODY else is political so radical and so on the point as RAMPAGE.

I have never used crowd funding money before and from my track record you all can see that I get movies made.

I promise you a great movie and you will be proud that you were a part of it.

Best Regards,

Dr. Uwe Boll

Event Film
1746 Collingwood Street
Vancouver BC, V6R 3K3

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