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BYOB 711


5 Responses to “BYOB 711”

  1. Stella's Boy says:

    Anyone going to see Boyhood this weekend? Man am I dying to see it. Not sure when it will hit Milwaukee (if it does; with Landmark here you never know).

  2. berg says:

    Dawn was good for what it was, especially like the Gun Crazy shot with Koba at the helm of the tank …. but why does [EDITED] blow himself up and how does Caesar get operated on for his bullet wound and then in the next scene he’s leaping around like an ape

  3. Stella's Boy says:

    Is that a spoiler?

  4. sanj says:

    one of my favorite dp30’s recently – Elliott Lester tells some great stories about working with actors and does cool voices. if you have the time watch the whole thing.

    i had no idea who this guy was and now i’m a fan… somehow DP didn’t screw up this interview up.

    DP/30 @ LAFF: Elliott Lester, Nightingale

  5. SamLowry says:

    This Guardian article was amazing even before I reached the following:

    “Dinesh D’Souza, the Oliver Stone of the Tea Party, has now made two movies about the meaning of Obama’s presidency. The first, 2016: Obama’s America, garnered an astounding $33m at the box office, and his lawyers blamed disappointing returns from this summer’s America on a Google conspiracy to confuse moviegoers about its showtimes. (Of course.)”

    (The gist of the article is that the Right is doomed because a majority of Millennials are flaming liberals. One caveat is that the phrase “under-30″ comes up frequently, bringing to mind the Guizot quote “Not to be a republican at 20 is proof of want of heart; to be one at 30 is proof of want of head.” Of course the French meaning of “republican” in the early 1800s is the reverse of the current American meaning.)

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