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Weekend Estimates by Lenoah Klady

Wknd Estimates 2014-03-30 at 9.02.57 AM

4 Responses to “Weekend Estimates by Lenoah Klady”

  1. leahnz says:

    from ‘the great white hope’ files: why do the people in ‘noah’ look like they were approved by the local chapter of the Aryan Nation? keepin’ it real, noah of northern england (hey, if you’re going to make serious feature films out of silly little stories made up long ago by extremely ignorant men, why NOT make it lily white, right? know your audience)

  2. poet67 says:

    You can’t call it fantasy and attack it’s historical accuracy at the same time.

  3. leahnz says:

    uh, i’m pretty sure i can, as a device to convey sarcasm (which admittedly doesn’t always translate well in blog posts, and the effectiveness of which is debateable in this case) re a silly fable taken frighteningly seriously by a large number of brainwashed literalists, who would ALSO believe people in that part of the ancient world were pale-eyed white caucasians… ‘noah’ is an english-accented caucasiod feverdream, panderingly perfect for the nonsensical, often embarrassing clusterfuck that it is

  4. pat says:

    Any fable that people have taken the trouble to pass down orally for thousands of years should be taken seriously (including versions outside of the Judean-Christian tradition). That’s what gives the story historical importance, not whether or not a great flood ever actually happened.
    As for the racial make-up of the cast; I would have been more skeptical if Aronofsky had introduced more diversity to Noah’s family. It would have implied that he was creating some kind of scientific veracity to the story to explain the existence of different races. Frankly, that’s the sort of thing I would expect from a Fundamentalist dramatization of the story. I’ve seen church-produced cartoon versions for kids where Noah’s daughters-in-law come in all different colors, just so kids won’t be troubled by the dilemma of “where did Indians/Asians/Africans come from?”
    Finally, the vast majority of “brainwashed literalists” in this world are not northern European. We have yet to see how they receive the movie. It’s true that the Persian gulf states are unhappy, but Mexico and Korea seemed to have embraced it.

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