By Ray Pride

The 71st Golden Globes Awards Nominees

Best Drama12 YearsCaptain PhillipsGravityPhilomenaRush
Best Comedy/MusicalAmerican HustleHerLlewyn DavisNebraskaWolf
Best Director: Cuarón, Greengrass, McQueen, Payne, Russell
Best Actress, Drama: Blanchett, Bullock, Dench, Thompson, Winslet (Labor Day)
Best Actress, Comedy: Adams, Delpy, Gerwig, Louis-Dreyfus, Streep
Best Actor, Drama: Eijifor, Elba, Hanks, McConaughey, Redford
Best Actor, Comedy/Musical:  Bale, Dern, DiCaprio, Isaac, Phoenix
Best Supporting Actress: Hawkins, Lawrence, Nyong’o, Roberts, Squibb
Best Supporting Actor: Abdi, Brühl, Cooper, Fassbender, Leto
Best ForeignBlueHuntPastGreat BeautyWind Rises
Best AnimatedCroodsDM2Frozen
Best Screenplay: HerNebraskaPhilomena12 YearsAmerican Hustle
Original ScoreAll Is LostMandelaGravityBook Thief12 Years
SongHunger GamesFrozenMandelaLlewyn DavisOne Chance

4 Responses to “The 71st Golden Globes Awards Nominees”

  1. Keil S. says:

    If Before Midnight had been put in the correct category, it might have actually been nominated for Best Drama (considering that Rush and Philomena made the cut).

  2. Doug Pratt says:

    What about the TV nominations?

  3. Ray Pride says:

    What is this “TV” you speak of?

  4. Doug Pratt says:

    It’s what the movies were in the Sixties and early Seventies.

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