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BYOB 113013: Heading To The Marrakech International Film Festival

13 Responses to “BYOB 113013: Heading To The Marrakech International Film Festival”

  1. The Pope says:


  2. berg says:

    there’s a reefer reference in Going to Morocco .. watch the film, there are cannabis inferences … Bing was a spy during WWII … Bing was entertaining troops behind enemy lines during the duration and as such he was privy to information that was passed from the officials in the free zone to the commanders in the occupied zone … therefore he was a spy …if caught he would be ……

  3. Joe Leydon says:

    The funny thing is, I just recently heard this Hope and Crosby number under the opening credits for “Rock the Casbah,” a French-Moroccan comedy-drama shown in September at the Toronto Film Festival.

  4. Sam says:

    Love those Road movies (well, except the last one), which were non-stop anarchic comedy yet overflowing with charisma and charm. You knew these guys were having a blast making them, too.

  5. Bitplayer says:

    How has Dave not reacted to the Finke Funny or Die video? In fact why hasn’t he been cackling like a witch over a pot since her whole situation blew up? We might be due for a screed about how badly run Netflix is and about how bad a journalist Finke is.

  6. EtGuild2 says:

    Great performances this year that for whatever reason have been passed over for consideration by about everyone:

    Jack Reynor’s breakout role in “What Richard Did.”

    Barbara Sukowa, who whips through “Hannah Arendt” like a hurricane.

    Amin Jaafari anchoring “The Attack,” banned in several Mid-Eastern countries.

    Elle Fanning in “Ginger and Rosa”

  7. cadavra says:

    Don’t forget Eddie Olmos in GO FOR SISTERS.

  8. Ryan says:

    Completely off topic, but I love David Mamet. American Buffalo, GGGR and Oleanna started an entire new conversation in theater that didn’t exist again until AIA. But for someone who has always been extremely particular about words and how they’re said/used-it’s shocking to see him spout right wing propaganda so blatantly. And judging by the many books he has written on acting, writing and the film industry, he shows a shocking level of no perception and a high respect for his particular opinions.

    I’m just shaking my head. It’s fine if he wants to be right wing-it’s not my cup of team, but he makes stupid arguments that are not worthy of his intellect. Ironic that Kushner has positioned himself as the spokesman for the Dems and makes the same random selection of intellectual choices. End rant…

  9. EtGuild2 says:

    After hearing stuff like “Nelson Mandela should have been left to rot in prison” and “the fight against apartheid is similar to the fight against Obamacare” on national networks, and seeing comments regarding how George W. Bush is a closet communist who has been turned by Beyonce and Jay-Z among the most popular on “legitimate” right-wing sites in the last day, nothing surprises me anymore.

  10. Jack1137 says:

    BTW:If you guys want to discuss Friday estimtes since DP seems to be out they are here

  11. EtGuild2 says:

    It’s important to keep this weekend in context. “Skyfall” led with $10.7 million last year, but ended up doing an additional $43 million in its run. And there’s an argument to be made that this weekend should be worse than last year given it’s one of those rare years with 3 post-Thanksgiving/pre Xmas weekends instead of four.

    Meaning HUNGER GAMES should still eclipse the first movie, and FROZEN should still top $250 million. They have no competition save “Walking for Dinosaurs” which alarmingly (for box office), looks more like a Disney Nature Documentary than a movie.

    The only numbers of major interest this weekend are “Lleywn Davis” and whether CATCHING FIRE can break the original worldwide or maybe even break $700 million in just 3 weeks.

  12. Breedlove says:

    Ryan, interesting post but you lost me when you got to Kushner. You’re anti-Kushner as well? You think both guys should remain above the fray, so to speak?

  13. berg says:

    Mamet’s Sexual Perversity in Chicago streets in cinemas this Feb. as the aptly titled About Last Night starring Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, andJoy Bryant

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