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Robert Reich And Bill Moyers Talk INEQUALITY FOR ALL (56’46”)

Robert Reich on ‘Inequality for All’ from on Vimeo.

One Response to “Robert Reich And Bill Moyers Talk INEQUALITY FOR ALL (56’46”)”

  1. Ellen Kagan says:

    A fantastic interview. Mr. Reich is terrific. A young friend of mine at Berkeley will be taking his course next semester and I am so jealous. I shall definitely see Inequality for All. FYI: Boston just had a primary for the next Boston mayor and only 30% of the voters showed up. Most in Boston feel so unempowered and cynical. Hopefully that will change in the general election on November 5. And I contribute through being involved in health reform and working for Single Payer. My book, Ellen In Medicaland, is on Kindle and I have written my one-woman show based on the book, which I hope to perform in 2014. It is about my wild and woolly experiences at a Harvard-teaching hospital.

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