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Weekend Estimates by Super Bowl Klady

10 Responses to “Weekend Estimates by Super Bowl Klady”

  1. etguild2 says:

    Remember when Hot Bloggers were freaking out over TWC’s SILVER LININGS release strategy? That was fun. I think this proves that Harvey and co. have mastered the slow-burn, word-of-mouth release in this opening weekend age. They used a very similar strategy with INTOUCHABLES and mastered it with SILVER LININGS.

  2. antho42 says:

    Skyfall has officially outgrossed The Dark Knight Rises.

  3. Joe Leydon says:

    Etguild2: Yeah, but I will bet that there still are some diehards who’ll insist Harvey left money on the table by waiting this long. They’re also still arguing that Borat should have opened wider on its first weekend.

  4. etguild2 says:

    Haha passing Cooper/DeNiro’s “Limitless” is probably inconsequential to some. I’m still mystified that a romantic dramedy about mental illness could ever make it to 80 mil. (then again I’m SHOCKED by Flight’s 94 million bucks so what do I know period)

    On the other hand, I have a model friend who I’ve known since First Grade, who says that it’s her favorite film since Good Will Hunting. So there will be people saying $150 mil was in the bag.

  5. Joshua says:

    The title of the First Run Features film about the murderer who killed a policeman is misprinted here. The full title is “Long Distance Revolutionary: A Journey with Mumia Abu-Jamal.”

  6. cadavra says:

    Did you inadvertently leave off THE LAST STAND or have they really stopped tracking it after only two weeks?

  7. Joshua says:

    cadavra: Estimates at Box Office Mojo list THE LAST STAND at $265,000 for the weekend.

  8. spacesheik says:

    I’m surprised ‘Quartet’ didn’t manage to bag more of the ‘Hotel Marigold’ audience.

    ‘This is 40′ quietly sputtering to $70 million, not bad.

    ‘The Impossible’ was an excellent survival drama, should be doing better than it is.

  9. Pete B. says:

    The Last Stand is already playing in our 2nd run, $3 a ticket theater. I expect Parker and Bullet to be joining it soon. Msybe I’ll make it a triple feature.

  10. cadavra says:

    Yikes, thanks.

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Friday Screens % Chg Cume
THG: Mockingjay - Part 1 Lionsgate 6.6 4054 -73%
Horrible Bosses 2 WB 2.7 3400 -57%
Penguins of Madagascar Fox 2.4 3775 -77%
Interstellar Par 2.1 3028 -67%
Big Hero 6 BV 1.8 3168 -77%
Dumb and Dumber To Uni 1.2 3088 -63%
The Theory of Everything Focus 0.75 826 -61%
The Pyramid Fox 0.45 589 NEW
Gone Girl Fox 0.4 1205 -57%
St. Vincent Weinstein Co. 0.3 1432 -56%
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Dying of the Light Lionsgate 3,700 10
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She's Beautiful When She's Angry Intl Film Circuit 3,100 1
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The Passionate Thief (reissue) Rialto 2,200 1
Zero Motivation Zeitgeist 1,850 1
Concerning Violence Kino 1,050 1
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