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Trailer: Undeniablly Insane & Infectious New Gondry Film Trailer

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11 Responses to “Trailer: Undeniablly Insane & Infectious New Gondry Film Trailer”

  1. PcChongor says:

    And to think, we could’ve had 1/10th more of a “Green Hornet” sequel to look forward to instead…

  2. samlowry says:

    “Okay, since you’ve had eleven years now to come up with a decent script but keep handing us nothing but shit, we went behind your back and decided to go high concept:

    “Amelie 2: Amelie Drops Acid.

    “Whaddya think?”

  3. The Pope says:

    I dunno. I think this is something I would prefer a lot more than Amelie. The images, sounds and moods Gondry present always feel a lot more spontaneous and freer than Jeunet’s. With him, I feel I’m in a headlock.

  4. hcat says:

    I remember looking forward to Science of Sleep and then not being able to get through it on multiple tries, still Gondry is interesting enough to follow when he goes down the rabbit hole so I am quite excited by this, when is SPC or Weinstein purchasing it?

    And I am always willing to fall in love with Tautou again, if you’ve never seen Priceless I would strongly recommend it, best romantic comedy since..well Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine.

  5. arisp says:

    I didn’t know Nick Stahl spoke french.

    Also, that Hey Ho song needs to die already.

    Amelie is one of the best films of the 2000s, fact, any way you look at it.

  6. actionman says:


  7. SamLowry says:

    Even though I recorded Eternal Sunshine back when I still had cable and then bought the DVD for cheap, I’ve never watched either because a) the relationship plot was too painful and b) the technicians’ subplot was so asinine. It felt like Gondry realized too late that he didn’t have enough story to justify a feature length and threw in the slapstick to stretch out the running time, or he couldn’t settle on the right tone, or he just had no idea what he was doing.

    I can only hope that someday there’s a phantom edit that cuts out everything but Carrey and Winslet.

  8. Dberg says:

    So is every one going to use that song in their trailer now?

  9. SamLowry says:

    “Take the A-Train”?

    And I have no idea how I managed to pull that out of my head since I don’t listen to jazz–guess I must be getting old.

  10. Edward Havens says:

    I’ve never understood why Duris never got the Hollywood play other French actors like Depardieu, Tatou and Cotillard received. One view of The Beat That My Heart Skipped showed he has everything needed to cross over.

  11. SamLowry says:

    Okay, so the trailer is half daydream and half LSD, so we’re not really supposed to take anything here seriously…until all that weeping makes it obvious that the relationship is doomed because something unavoidable has befallen our lovers like, say, an incurable illness, which is what the film’s wiki page gives away.

    And yet….

    After going through a real medical emergency with a family member since my last comments on this piece, my discovery of what that mystery illness is last weekend shifted from WTF confusion to hope-all-the-prints-burn anger because Gondry paid actors to weep and gnash their teeth and beat their breasts because Tautou’s character just may die because…a water lily is growing in her lung.


    And the only treatment is surrounding her with fresh flowers.


    Okay, so the idea came from Boris Vian’s novel, but still…WTF?!?

    And just for the record–I liked Baron Munchausen, I understood Baron Munchausen, but this is crap.

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