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BYOB Oscar Night

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40 Responses to “BYOB Oscar Night”

  1. Brady says:

    Since most of my favorite movies this year aren’t being recognized, by default — Go Zero Dark Thirty!

  2. anghus says:

    i realize the internet is not an original place, but high holy hell i’m seen ten thousand ‘Ryan Seacrest’ is short tweets.

  3. Brady says:

    Also — I’m tired of arguing with my girlfriend about how wrong she is for believing Silver Linings Playbook deserves best picture. We aren’t breaking up because she at least agrees Les Miserables is an ineffable inclusion on the list.

    We can at least both agree the only reason we’re watching tonight is for Seth MacFarlane.

  4. Brady says:

    Anghus, isn’t it kind of fun how most people imagine celebrities as these Towering Beings? I think the average height is around 5’9″. My girlfriend is angry right now, but I brought your Seacrest comment to her attention, and she said “OMG he’s INCREDIBLY short. He’s a midget.”

  5. Hallick says:

    Is this the first year that the orchestra got streamed in from a building somewhere down the street? What a not very exciting night for them all.

    Wouldn’t have minded seeing that jackhole that was physically pulling winners away from the stage sent to another building down the street…

  6. sanj says:

    did they show a 5 second dp/30 clip of Tony Scott ?

    1000’s of twitter messages about how bad K-Stew looks – probably doesn’t matter to LexG .

  7. Hallick says:

    Wow. Only 365 days til the cast from “Rock of Ages” reunites on stage next year.

  8. Hallick says:

    They piped in Mrs. Obama just like the orchestra. Those guys don’t even have the honor of being in the nicest remote location now…

  9. Hallick says:

    How many weeks ago did the crew from Argo promise each other that “we will not spend ONE SECOND shaving until our movie wins an Academy Award!”?

  10. sanj says:

    millions are now watching all the dp/30 with the actors ..

    DP hit the jackpot on predicting the rise of Jen Lawrence in the first dp/30 . more people need to give credit .

    DP really didn’t like Life of Pi – guess who wins best director ? Ang Lee who didn’t even get a dp/30

    DP spent way more time with ZDT dp/30s – will be worth it when it hits bluray

    all the musical numbers – okay fine – but couldn’t they pick musicals nobody really knows ?

    most of the actors had way more fun at the indie spirit awards…that nobody watched .

    who’s the biggest loser this year ?

    my pick – Roger Deakins … Skyfall .

  11. Theschu says:

    Who knew Chicago was so well loved?

  12. Js Partisan says:

    Okay, this place has officially been killed by the TWITTER MASTER GENERAL! Of course, he could always link his tweets here, because his pissiness about ZDT not winning is absolutely hilarious.

    Or, he could figure out that TUMBLR IS PRETTY BIG RIGHT NOW! Who knows? I enjoyed the night. All of it worked for me.

  13. sanj says:

    Ben Affleck won – but what does that mean for the movie to the wonder ? DP go for the impossible and get a dp30 with Terrence Malick …

    right now the top 50 dvds on amazon are all the oscar nominated / winners .

    also they should get Zeta-Jones to sing that song from Chicago every year. people never ever get bored of musicals..

  14. sanj says:

    this dude really wanted the master and beasts of the southern wild to win – he made this very clear.

    Oscar Predictions: Safe Picks and Risky Choices

  15. LYT says:

    52 Weeks to Oscar!!!

  16. sanj says:

    i pick Darren Aronofsky for Noah 2014 for oscar nomination …tons of stars – epic tale –

    also Jen Lawrence fall ends up as real news story.

  17. etguild2 says:

    Yeah Deakins was a big loser. Also Spielberg. It’s insane that he has won only twice given his body of work.

  18. sanj says:

    Roger Deakins got nominated 10 times and lost – the Skyfall stuff was way more practical than the Life of Pi .. at least he got a dp/30 ..i had no idea who this guy was before.

    a lot of the tech / sound guys keep getting nominated several times but most people still don’t know who they are.

    Jen answering questions about her fall and her dress and peaking too soon.

    silly questions get silly answers at least she’s having fun …

    Jennifer Lawrence wins best actress Oscars 2013

  19. brack says:

    Argo certainly deserved to win as much as any film nominated. David is just salty his love for ZD30 didn’t get any love. But seriously, what is to love about that film?

  20. sanj says:

    guys from slashfilm spend 1 hour talking about oscars –
    audio podcast . they go into details about what worked and what didn’t .

    if you have an hour to kill – check this out

    slashfilm oscar podcast

  21. anghus says:

    I read some of Finke’s Oscar stuff. It’s so embarrassing. How did Hollywood allow someone who hates the entertainment industry to become it’s number one purveyor of entertainment industry news?

  22. movielocke says:

    Thats been true for a long long time anghus, just check out the guy swet smell of success was based on. Exact same as finke.

  23. hcat says:

    Boy they need to change the lighting or not telecast in HD next year or something because last night just sucked the glamour out of Hollywood. Everyone (save for Theron) looked goblinish last night. The younger crowd looked emaciated and you saw every wrinkle on the face of anyone over 35. These are supposed to be the dream people and half of them looked like they sleeped in a ditch the night before.

  24. sanj says:

    Adele singing skyfall theme song without having the movie in the background – not good.

    spending 100 million bucks on a movie but not showing it just doesn’t make sense.

    if they didn’t want to spoil it – they could have shown the opening credits at least.

    also millions of people probably can’t get the whole plot of argo so they go back and watch 2 broke girls.

  25. Double D says:

    The Sound Editor from Zero Dark Thirty gave the best acceptance speech handsdown.

  26. Sideshow Bill says:

    I think I have the host problem solved: Galagher.

    Hear me out. He reads the nominees, then has to smash open a watermelon for the winner’s name.

    “And the Oscar for Best Actor goes to…” SMASH!!! “…Robert Downy Jr.!”

    That wouldn’t get old over a 3 hour broadcast. Not at all…

  27. sanj says:

    i wanted to see a 5 minute montage of the world is screwed …lots of documentaries deal with crazy stuff that happens to people and places – couple of years ago every single actor went crazy about the bp oil spill…now nothing.

    oscars really need to shock people once in awhile. instead we get more musicals.

    its one of the times millions are actually watching so maybe people could do something about it ….
    oil / gas / water pollution is going to have major impact ..

  28. hcat says:

    Of all the things that promoted the stature of the film industry last night, nothing was more effective than the commercials for the ABC television lineup. The channel looks like a marathon of late 90’s Ashley Judd movies.

  29. sanj says:

    pictures of the vanity fair oscar party – over 100 pictures . lots of clicking . this is where all the super famous people hang out . DP should have been there doing dp/30’s all night long. he missed out . lots of big name people. plus all the guests probably got free subscriptions to vanity fair . so thats worth the 12 bucks.

    only 25 pictures are really great. the rest are just okay.
    they need better photographers – somebody keeps taking black and white shots . pretty people need to be in color.

    vanity fair oscar party photos.

  30. Sam says:

    hcat: You mean they looked like real people? Gasp!

  31. hcat says:

    Sam, exactly.

    Well not exactly, my complaint is not that the pretty people are not perfect or forever young, just that they were flooded with klieg lights that accentuated every flaw instead of something more flattering.

    I am surrounded by real people everyday, I turn to hollywood for some escapism and beauty, but instead because someone can’t light a stage correctly I am sitting there worried about their collective health.

    Don’t you think on Oscar night they want to look good in front of the billion people who turned in to see them? Isn’t that the point behind the jewelry and the tuxes and couture? Zeta Jones looked fantastic doing the Chicago number, but looked as haggard as the rest of them when she came out to present, so to me that would suggest an issue with how the stage is lit.

  32. Joe Leydon says:

    Ratings way up for last night’s Oscarcast. Was it the competitiveness of the key races? Or Seth MacFarlane as host? Or both?

  33. Sam says:

    hcat: Ok, makes sense. I didn’t really think it was that bad myself, but maybe you have a keener eye. I did notice all kinds of poor work with the editing and camerawork (the Les Mis number was awfully shot, and audience reaction shots were frequently AWOL or just inexplicable, like cutting to Jack Nicholson at the moment when a totally different person was being spoken of) and the sound mixing (Adele drowned out by her orchestra). From a technical perspective, the telecast was uncommonly deficient.

  34. hcat says:

    Or when they were introducing Beasts of the Southern Wild and the camera was on the cast of SLP. They didn’t realize the mistake until they were described as an African American family living in the bathtub.

  35. sanj says:

    social media site finally found Jen Lawerence – every picture gets like 1000 comments but Anna Kendrick was there first which also got 1000’s of comments …

    now there seems to be a comment fight on how is hotter.
    and yet there is lots of movie talk going on.

    yeah getting noticed by social media sites is a big thing.
    not sure why DP isn’t out there promoting the dp/30’s …
    like “OMG- you guys i actually interviewed both of them – check out my youtube page ” DP get on this – every hour your can get 1000’s of views …

    reddit – who’s hottest actreess…

  36. hendhogan says:

    I take issue with the Deakins snub. The entire Hong Kong sequence was shot in London with Deakins creating the feel of a foreign location with lights. Life of Pi is all green screen and mostly SFX (which it more than deserved the award for). Deakins should have won just for the fight in the building alone.

  37. sanj says:

    watched warm bodies 2013 – the movie experience was super awesome with the 8 people there that were 98% silent.

    movie itself – lets say this was a tv movie with zombies.
    super easy to understand.

    30 minutes into this – i wished i picked side effects.

  38. sanj says:

    this is interesting – DP got any comments ?

    ” target=”_blank”>Cablevision sues Viacom for forcing it to pay for channels no one wants

  39. sanj says:

    i’m watching daily show and there is a documentary about food and 2 minutes later DP adds the dp/30 out of it .

    DP you got beat out by daily show. Jon did 5 minute dp30.
    you can’t beat Jon cause like 50 million people watch that show. you could have easily put up the dp/30 weeks before.

    nice to see more women making documentaries but one of my all time favorites Lucy Walker hasn’t been back for a long time.

    plus extra super famous person – Robert Kennedy, Jr hasn’t come back either for his doc. i guess the mountains are fine now.

    also wasn’t there some documentaries about how screwed up high school systems are and how important that was and now nobody cares ?

    DP – does it ever bug you that late night comics do a better job at doing interviews with super serious topics better than you in 5 minutes or less ? is the only late night comic you want to be compared to is that Johnny Carson guy ?

  40. sanj says:

    4 minute music video – amazing visuals …

    MFBTY – Sweet Dream

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