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  1. Rashad says:

    Not a bad show. Wiig and Ferrell were by far the funniest of the night.

    I wonder if Argo is gonna be a spoiler. The room seemed really behind Affleck. Plus Clooney is as much of a politicking luminary as Harvey is.

  2. Hallick says:

    Fey’s faux-bitter line about being thrilled to have helped Lena Dunham get through “middle school” was pretty damn funny too. And who didn’t love watching Salma Hayek try to figure out what the hell second category she was presenting with Paul Rudd after the prompter took a poop?

  3. Joe Leydon says:

    Could Argo wind up being a kinda-sorta consensus or compromise Best Picture winner?

  4. cadavra says:

    Wiig and Ferrell may have been the unfunniest three minutes in the history of show business. How could anyone find their verbal diarrhea even the least bit amusing? I wanted to disembowel myself.

  5. Joe Leydon says:

    Cadavra: I think you may be in a minority on that one.

  6. sanj says:

    watched Our Man Flint (1966) – crazy bond like story with austin powers. i really like that old time phone ringtone they got . James Coburn needs a dp/30 – DP should get on that.

  7. Joe Leydon says:

    Sanj: James Coburn was a very nice man who knew Bruce Lee personally, and won an Academy Award. But he went to go live with Jesus in 2002.

  8. anghus says:

    Good for Affleck and Argo. Sure, the Golden Globes are the Shemp of Award shows, but i loved Argo. It was my favorite film of the year and deserves consideration. Affleck still comes across like a guy who is just pleased as punch to be in the mix and making interesting films. It’s hard not to root for a guy who seems to genuinely humble about his place in the film world.

    I also liked Tarantino shouting out to the other writers at the end of his speech.

    I liked Fey and Pohler hosting. The opening monologue was great and the Jim Cameron/Torture joke to Bigelow may have been the funniest thing i’ve ever heard uttered on the Globes. Sure, not every gag worked. I did like Pohler sitting on Clooney’s lap and the fake nominees in some categories. Not perfect, but good enough.

    I do agree with Finke on one thing. The Jodi Foster speech read like one long inside conversation with show business people. It was like an uncomfortable speech a family member makes at someone else’s wedding. Everyone’s just looking at each other going “oh god, she’s not doing this here, is she?”

  9. Krillian says:

    Best surprise of the night: Ben Affleck’s win

    Worst surprise: Brave winning Best Animated Film

    Plenty of wins I disagreed with but weren’t surprising (anything for Girls) but plenty of deserving winners and wealth-spreading too. Was a single one of the big movies shut out? Lincoln, ZDT, SLP, Argo, Les Miz, Amour, Django, even Life of Pi won something.

  10. Js Partisan says:

    Damn it anghus, don’t throw Shemp under the bus! If anything, this award is the Curly Joe Howard of awards. It would be cool though if Argo won BP. I really dig the hell out of that movie. Everyone in it is tremendous and Affleck and Co. really do ramp up the tension during the last act.

  11. anghus says:

    krillian, this seems to be the award pattern on years without a standout ‘great’ movie stealing all the thunder. i would expect the academy awards to go the same way with maybe Argo being left out. If i was picking today…

    Best Picture: Lincoln
    Actor: D. D. Lewis
    Actress: Chastain
    Sup. Actor: ?????????
    Sup. Actress: Hathaway
    Director: ????????

    The Directing one is a head scratcher. Mainly because Affleck and Bigelow aren’t there which seems to leave the lane wide open for Spielberg.

    The supporting actor one is tough. Right now, from the Globes you’d think Waltz. But i have a hard time betting against Jones or Arkin.

    Based on the ‘spreading the love’ theory, supporting for Waltz would give Django some love and Director could do to O’Russell for some SLP affection.

  12. hcat says:

    “Cadavra: I think you may be in a minority on that one”

    Well Tommy Lee Jones sure agreed with him.

    And if I ever needed further confirmation that I am a grumpy old man, everything about Lena Dunham irritated me last night, from her tats to her loose leaf acceptence speech to her not being able to walk down to get the award. How is it someone this accomplished at this young of an age doesn’t have her shit together enough to find a decent dress and memorize who to thank?

  13. sanj says:

    Ian Clemmer does high end graphics for tv and movies …

    hbo – avengers – girl with dragon tattoo …

    have a quick look

  14. movieman says:

    “Argo” seems to have become the “consensus movie.”
    It lacks the negative controversy attached to “ZDT” (or–how did this happen?–“Lincoln”). And because it’s based on a true-story, it seems more “important” than a “SLP,” “Pi” or “Miz.”
    Weird how these things play out.
    Best director and supporting actor are shaping up to be the “anybody’s guess” categories. And since “Argo” is looking more and more like a (potential) best picture winner, a director trophy for anybody besides Affleck almost seems meaningless at this point.
    Is there even a front-runner in the animated feature category?
    “W-I-R” won the BFCA award and “Brave” (huh?) got the GG.
    And to think I actually thought “Frankenweenie” was the favorite two months ago.
    Loved how Clooney seemed to play the consigliere role last nite. I got a kick out of watching everyone and anyone come over to pay their respects. Wondering just how much of the “Argo” (and Affleck) love can be attributed to the “Clooney Factor.”
    Huge props to Foster for that electrifying speech–and for playing a role in Mel Gibson’s career rehab. A classy move from a classy lady.
    Spielberg & Co. must be really hurting this morning. Not even Bill Clinton’s (delightful) surprise appearance could push “Lincoln” (and Spielberg) over the top. Could DreamWorks and Disney’s overly aggressive campaigning for golden statuettes have bitten them on the ass?

  15. movielocke says:

    I love how this will probably make the media take Argo as a serious contender, rather than simplifying it to a two film race between Lincoln and SLP.

    I still think Harvey will whore his way into securing Russell the director prize, but maybe Argo can take picture.

  16. David Poland says:

    The problem I have, Movieman, with all of this, is this notion that something has changed.

    You speak to it, unintentionally, with the Clinton reference. It’s not like the votes that had been counted for HFPA were going to change last night during the ceremony. That stunt – and it was X-Games worthy – was about Oscar voters. And none of us have any idea of whether it had an impact. The value was dampened, no doubt, by not winning.

    To whom has Argo become a “consensus” movie?

    Oscar talkers. Period.

    There are no clear frontrunners today. In 2 or 3 weeks, they will emerge… because it’s not up to those of us who write about it, changing our minds weekly/daily/hourly as though it matters. It is up to 5800 real people who are all strong-willed and will decide once they have a minute to breathe… which hasn’t happened yet.

  17. Rashad says:

    I really hope Hathaway loses the Oscar. Never seen someone so fake and desperate.

  18. hcat says:

    Of Course Clinton was the right choice to introduce Lincoln and add it a sense of gravitas to it with Oscar voters, but all I could think about while watching him was that here was the grand old man of the Democratic party introducing a movie about the first Republican while there is nobody on their side that would be as impressive doing it. Even discounting the chilly reception inside the hall if a Gingrich or Bush had stepped out on the stage, its doubtful the more middle of the road home audience would have had the WOW moment they did when Clinton strolled out onto the stage.

  19. Rashad says:

    No one said “wow” when Clinton came on. He’s too ubiquitous. Plus most “middle of the road” people, don’t give a shit about Clinton.

  20. hcat says:

    Rashad, I’m fine if she wins, will go see her in nearly anything, but agree that all future speeches will be time to flip through the channels. I do enjoy it when people thank the legends they are nominated with, but the whole Sally Field thing seemed inauthentic, like something she picked up at that HR roundtable interview they had a month ago.

    And don’t think there are many people without feelings one way or the other about Clinton. Whether its positive or a sigh of disgust and an eyeroll, his name gets a reaction. He more than proved during the campaign last year he is still very relevant and certainly provided more weight than if Hanks or Ford had given the intro.

  21. Glamourboy says:

    Did the Bill Clinton appearance bother anyone else? It is well known that Speilberg is close friends with the Clintons (as he has reminded people over and over again)….and it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that other presenters introducing Best Movie nominated films were of MUCH lower star wattage. Clinton’s appearance was obviously arranged by Speilberg to make his film seem more important than anyone else’s. It was kind of like when the rich kid in class brought in the most expensive item for show and tell day.

  22. Don R. Lewis says:

    I thought the show was a blast and I was happy with pretty much everyone who won. Well, the Cheadle thing surprised me. That’s show’s o.k. and he’s good in it, but it doesn’t scream ACTING EXCELLENCE!

    I was really happy for QT and all the ARGO wins. I saw ZERO DARK THIRTY yesterday finally and was shocked at how much I didn’t really care about it. I honestly can say, I don’t get what all the love and attention is about. It’s a very good movie…but I wasn’t particularly drawn in.

    I’ve been harassing DP on Twitter for weeks about this but I still think LES MIS wins Best Picture. Simply for the fact it’s a beloved story and it engenders so much hate amongst critics and talkbackers. It’s an ideal Best Picture winner in that sense.

  23. Joe Leydon says:

    “No one said ‘wow’ when Clinton came on. He’s too ubiquitous. Plus most ‘middle of the road’ people, don’t give a shit about Clinton.”

    Rashad, you do realize that this makes you sound as willfully ignorant as my Leftie friends who never acknowledged Reagan’s popularity, right?

  24. christian says:

    I miss the days when everybody knew the GG were the punchline to a Pia Zadora joke.

  25. Don R. Lewis says:

    I actually uttered aloud during Clinton’s 90 second standing ovation “O.K. people, settle down….let’s go.” He’s beloved….dunno why, but he is.

  26. Joe Leydon says:

    Hell, I can remember when the Globes were presented one year as a very special episode of the Andy Williams variety show. No joke.

    But today? There’s a part of me that views the Golden Globes as David Letterman to the Oscars as Jay Leno. See, one of the many things I’ve always liked about Letterman is, he gives off the vibe that he’s actually “playing” a talk-show host, and knows that you know he’s just “playing” a talk-show host. The Golden Globe people know that people are laughing at them — and they laugh all the way to the bank. And the celebs show up because it’s a pretend event where they can get smashed and have a good time. Well, unless you’re Tommy Lee Jones.

  27. hcat says:

    Haven’t they become a little more than that Christian? Sure they can get a little starstruck, and with the small voting pool end up giving it away to the same favorites often (Danes, Hunt, Carrey). But just the fact that they have a category for comedy and they have a tendency to award more obscure television than others give them at least a shred of credibility right?

  28. Joe Leydon says:

    Don: I think Reagan and Clinton are the only 2 presidents of the past half-century (maybe longer) who actually came across like they thought being President was fun. Not always, to be sure. But often enough.

  29. christian says:

    Rewarding “obscure television” isnt enough unless its great obscure television. Didnt know that Don Cheadle was that niche. And Lena DUnham….please…stop…The syncophantry of the GG makes Sammy Maudlin look humble….

  30. hcat says:

    Obscure might not be the right word, but it always felt to me that the globes were much quicker than the emmys to recognize the massive shift of quality to the cable channels that happened a decade ago.

    They are giving awards to famous pretty people, of course its syncophantic.

    And Cheadle is certainly niche. As is Girls and the whole best television drama category, Breaking Bad probably has the biggest audience and that maybe clears 4 million total viewers a broadcast?

  31. movieman says:

    I hate to say this because I’m a huge fan of the movie, but does anyone else foresee a potential Oscarcast where “SLP” leaves completely empty-handed?
    Chastain seems to have the edge over Lawrence at this point, and Lawrence was their (relatively) “easy” win.

    ****Who wants to make a bet that if Oscar voters were polled today, a majority of them would agree to a do-over in the directing category so that Ben Affleck gets his nomination, lol?***

  32. movieman says:

    Love-love-love Dunham, but I really, really hate her tattoos.
    Almost makes her look like a Tijuana hooker.
    (Just finished watching “Whores’ Glory,” so I’d pretty up on Mexican prostitutes right now, lol.)

  33. Krillian says:

    Yeah, Cheadle’s good in House of Lies (which is a mediocre show) but he’s not my first choice. Sometimes I think the pendulum’s swung too far in pay-cable’s direction when it comes to awards. I like Homeland, but season 2 wouldn’t make my top ten list. And I view Girls as an even-less-appealing version of Shameless.

    Finally seeing SLP tonight. I hope I walk out of there in favor of David O. Russell winning the Oscar, since Affleck and Bigelow can’t.

  34. Joe Leydon says:

    Speaking of Globes and cable: I was a little surprised that the Dallas reboot received no nominations — not even a posthumous one for Larry Hagman. There was a time when the original Dallas was the most popular TV show in the world.

  35. sanj says:

    The Carrie Diaries is on tonight – the teen version of Sex and the City – i’ve seen dozen tv promos for this …
    it’s on the CW so there won’t take any big risks … it’ll turn into the usual teen drama .. . maybe a few people from the show will get famous and do real movies..which means
    somebody might end up in a dp/30.

  36. hcat says:

    Sure Joe, but look at the competition it had at the time. Hill Street Blues hadn’t even premiered yet.

    But I am sure at the time people were giddy and enthralled like we are at the prospect of new Mad Men or Breaking Bad episodes. I often hear people claim that television has never been better, but hasn’t this always been the case? Isn’t television always the best and worst (TLC etc) its ever been?

  37. palmtree says:

    Wreck It Ralph deserves to win animated…granted I didn’t see most of the other nominees, but still, Brave was NOT good.

  38. Joe Leydon says:

    Hcat: Actually, Hill Street Blues (1981-87) and Dallas (1978-91) overlapped back in the day. Not going to argue over which was the better or more influential show. But I was just mildly surprised that the Hollywood Foreign Press ignored the reboot. I figured that just for sentimental reasons alone, they’d jump at the chance to honor Larry Hagman one more time.

  39. Bulldog68 says:

    Pirates of the Caribbean 5 set for July 2015. WHEN WILL IT END? WHEN WILL IT END?

  40. palmtree says:

    Yeah, and Little Mermaid 3D has been shelved. Honestly, of the recent Disney movies, Little Mermaid was the ONLY one I really wanted to see in 3D. Way to blow that one Disney…

  41. anghus says:

    “when will it end?”

    When they stop making a billion dollars each.

  42. sanj says:

    hmv is in trouble… might go bankrupt and might like shut down. anybody care ? i always liked the logo.
    i think i bought a video game from them in 2009 .

    DP should really get a dp/30 inside blockbuster before that shuts down.

  43. Joe Straatmann says:

    “Wreck It Ralph deserves to win animated…granted I didn’t see most of the other nominees, but still, Brave was NOT good.”

    It felt more like the Pixar movie than the Pixar movie. I liked Brave well enough, but I was waiting for it to go into that extra gear Pixar movies shift into when they go from good to great and it never quite makes that shift. It’s fine with being a good fairy tale, and granted, Brave does something different by having a typical Disney hero deal with actually having parents in a meaningful way, but I never got too involved with it.

    Ralph may not reach the highs of Pixar, but there certainly was a lot of thought, care, and love put into it. Just given that the after credit moment is a giant visual in-joke I doubt most general audiences would even get shows how much they weren’t just making another Disney movie to act as an electric babysitter.

    I would’ve put Arrietty in over Pirates myself, but I can understand people being really “meh” on it. The movie’s more like taking a relaxing walk than going on an adventure.

  44. bulldog68 says:

    Sadly Anghus, you are absolutely correct.

  45. cadavra says:

    Can’t understand the big love for RALPH. It’s the most unoriginal non-sequel animated movie in ages. Take TOY STORY (toys/games come to life when humans aren’t around; older characters have AA-like meetings), stir in some MONSTERS, INC. (villain with soft heart, precocious little girl who almost screws everything up), add a dollop of CARS 2 (climactic auto race which has been rigged by the bad guy), and Voila! Instant hit! There’s a reason they thanked “The Pixar Brain Trust” in the end credits, since virtually the entire script was recycled. The only things missing were a French rat and some fish.

  46. sanj says:

    watched the carrie diaries tv show – i didn’t like it –
    not a comedy or drama – way too many songs – acting was average –

    the pg version of the sex and the city just ruins it .

    so pretty good job Candace Bushnell for selling out and
    getting teens hooked on this .

    also Ellen Wong – who is 28 plays a teenager.

    overall – hard to get hooked on to any of the characters.

  47. Joe Straatmann says:

    cadavra, I can’t really disagree with you. What I would say made a major difference is the effort that a lot of the cast and crew did in making the elements, as familiar as they are, the best they could be and adding its own flavor here and there. John C. Reily makes a sympathetic and enjoyable main character and a lot of people I know were really down on Sarah Silverman, especially when they found out so much of the movie is centered around her that it’s marketed as an entirely different movie in Japan, but they came out really liking the character. Yeah, Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch essentially play variations on the same characters they play on TV, but they have moments (Lynch’s flashback got the biggest laugh in the theater I was at).

    There are also a lot of little things. Yeah, a lot of animated movies make culture references to things to bring in an audience, but a lot of the references here show genuine warmth to the subject matter. Yeah, there are the obvious cameos and the like and they do some very clever and entertaining things with them (Sonic spewing rings when he gets pegged by the escape pod), but there’re also a lot of things they wouldn’t bother with if they didn’t care about this stuff as much as a long-time gamer like myself. They don’t need to make a reference to Walter Day or use the Konami code or thing slike that, but they did. They even found a way to make the product placement they were saddled with integral to the plot (Though Nestle Quiksand is still a groaner). I can understand it not working for a lot of people, but in a year where I admired a bunch of movies well more than I enjoyed them, it’s nice to have something I was genuinely entertained by.

  48. Krillian says:

    If Brave had been released as Disney and Wreck-It-Ralph as Pixar, no one would have known the difference.

  49. etguild2 says:

    The most original animated film last year…”It’s Such a Beautiful Day.” Easily.

  50. sanj says:

    a monster in paris – i really liked this animated film.
    really good animation and songs …this needs a dp/30 …

    a monster in paris trailer

  51. sanj says:

    watched – DP/30: Skyfall, sound re-recording mixer Greg Russell

    standard dp/30 – there was no mention of Adele at all .

    how does DP forget to mention some of the biggest things in the movie that involve sound ? plus this dude got an extra 7 minutes.

  52. tbunny says:

    Tommy Lee Jones and Will Ferrell need to do a movie together immediately.

  53. palmtree says:

    Cadavra, Yeah, you could break it down into x plus y plus z, but that equation still doesn’t get you a good movie. WIC is made with undeniable care and passion and talent.

    If you want to talk originality though, how about the creativity it took to come up with [spoilers] how these video game characters could also be “real” people and travel through a power strip? And how they could look out at the players and see the “out of order” sign? And the Grand Central station idea? And all the rules for how characters can leave their game but risk dying outside them? It might have been overly convoluted, but it worked perfectly. I mean, it easily outdoes what Tron tried to do with more fun AND plausibility. [end spoilers]

    Also, I was moved far more moved by WIC than Brave and other supposedly emotional films (ahem *Les Miz* cough).

  54. Not David Bordwell says:

    WAY late to this thread, but just want to add concerning Larry Hagman’s worldwide celebrity: When I lived in Germany in the 90’s, I was surprised how often I saw Larry Hagman on German talk shows — DALLAS was still on TV there, at least in syndication, and earning huge ratings.

    What’s truly bizarre is that the end of DALLAS overlapped with TWIN PEAKS, so my high school class became aware of primetime television wondering who shot J.R., and graduated wondering who killed Laura Palmer.

    Actually, we were too fixated on Catherine Bach’s navel to care much about J.R.

  55. sanj says:

    how come i’m the only one who reviewed the carrie diaries …i figured LexG would at least watch it and give a
    AnnaSophia Robb LOOK AT HER!!! …

    doing a safe teen comedy gets you nowhere with super important critics.

    the most interesting casting is Ellen Wong who is like 28 years old playing a teenager.

    on tv shows – 90210 and the rest – you have to be like an adult to play a teen . something not right about that.

    also since Rob Corddry left the daily show my favorite things he`s done is Childrens Hospital and Hot Tub Time Machine … he`s quite funny in interviews. one day DP will find out about him and give him a dp30 ..he`ll have to do a serious drama first… i think he`s got a film in sundance so he might get lucky and get a dp30.

    meanwhile i`m still waiting for 3 hot blonds to show up for dp30 – Anna Faris – Amber Heard – Elisha Cuthbert

    DP got lucky and got hot blond Kate Bosworth lat year
    but she never did come back …

    i figured Brit Marling and Greta Gerwig would have done another dp30 by now . cause they are writers. DP likes writers.

    also my favorite Carey Mulligan didn`t come back .

    Jessica Beil came back was boring .

    Keira Knightley came back was charming.

    as for oscars – DP has like 40 dp30`s with actors and the
    only ones who matter are Jennifer Lawerence and Jessica Chastain of them will win and DP will get a huge boost…

    way more people should request dp30`s with actors – somebody from the huge dp30 factory might see it and DP might notice. i figure the dp30 factory is half the size of that lucas skywalker ranch …DP has like 50 camera guys standing by to zoom in and out of interviews .

    meanwhile Oprah and Armstrong are doing interview
    nobody cares about and are getting crazy media coverage DP works harder than Oprah and DP doesn`t get on CNN. DP Should ask every actor about drugs.

    also DP still bans every reality tv star from doing a dp30. so thats good i guess. your fake reality tv is no match for real actors.

  56. cadavra says:

    Well, I didn’t hate RALPH. I thought it was okay. I was just expressing mystification at what I thought was an outsized reaction, both critically and at the box office–especially in a year that gave us such genuinely fine films as FRANKENWEENIE, BRAVE, PARANORMAN, ARRIETTY and THE PIRATES; hell, even RISE OF THE GUARDIANS was a more interesting picture, IMHO. (The fact that two of those films are remakes of live-action movies simply adds to the irony.) But RALPH’s certainly better than MADAGASCAR 3 and (I assume) ICE AGE 4, which really are soulless money machines beating the same bankrupt set-up to death over and over again.

    ETA: And it should be noted that except for BRAVE, none of those five cited films grossed even $50 million; nor did last year’s ARTHUR CHRISTMAS, which is, again IMHO, the best animated Christmas feature ever.

  57. anghus says:

    I swear to god if i read one more tweet from somebody complaining about the weather in Utah for Sundance i’m going to shove an icicle up their ass.

    It’s sooooo cold!

    Shut the fuck up already.

  58. christian says:

    I find that also hilarious – dude, stuck at Sundance instead of kickin’ it at Pinks…..

  59. sanj says:

    chances are high that DP won’t like Man of Steel 2013

    he’ll say that the cast is great but Zack Snyder sucks …

    – so there’s like 4-5 real comic book geeks on here – why not try to take down the movie now before you even see it and beat DP to his review…..there’s a dozen people on imdb message boards already doing this .

  60. cadavra says:

    Because those of us who are grown-ups try not to judge a film before we actually see it.

  61. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Wait… there are grown-ups here?!?!?


    cadavra says:
    January 16, 2013 at 2:44 pm
    But RALPH’s certainly better than MADAGASCAR 3 and (I assume) ICE AGE 4, which really are soulless money machines beating the same bankrupt set-up to death over and over again.


  62. sanj says:

    when man of steel finally comes – there will be at least 100 posts on the forums … half will probably do with reviews and half will debate the money side . Zac and Henry won’t do dp/30’s – so DP will grab Adams and Shannon …
    6 months the bluray comes out and there will be more discussion and then it will slowly disappear.
    the trailer has 26 million views … its just gonna go higher. way too many people to please.

    general zod is not going to bappy with DP’s review. DP should hide now but zod will find him.

  63. Thad Achesonbunny says:

    Looper was dang good. A little slow and depressing in the second act but a good payoff. I sense the next Kal El of Kryton probably won’t be as interesting. Although maybe the origin story is a minor point in the movie (unlikely).

  64. sanj says:

    every few weeks Lindsay Lohan continues to entertain me just through google news .

    real headlines –

    Lindsay Lohan owes $50000 for trashed hotel room

    Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Denies Calling Her A Prostitution Whore

    Jennifer Lawrence pretty much calls Lindsay Lohan an idiot

    Megan Fox Apologizes to Lindsay Lohan: I Didn’t “Degrade”

  65. sanj says:

    DP – did you watch the Oprah / Armstrong interview ?

    how come none of your interviews end up as breaking news on cnn ?

    you should put the dp/30 – the house i live in doc on the front page.

    those people in the doc have real problems that Lance won’t have……mostly going to jail for like life for doing drugs….Lance will still be rich ..

    when Anderson Cooper turns into tabloid star how come nobody notices ?

  66. sanj says:

    34 new pictures of movie stars from w magazine

    – Amy Adams is my favorite

    – takes 2 minutes to check them all out

    w magazine – movie stars

  67. sanj says:

    4 minute comedy – Nick Kroll makes fun of schools in Canada …funny story with tons of new actors .

    Kroll Show: Wheels Ontario – Roll With It

  68. cadavra says:

    Foamy, not sure what your point is. That grown-ups shouldn’t be watching animation?

  69. Foamy Squirrel says:

    My point is that you’re running down Ice Age 4 and by adding “(I assume)” it reads like you haven’t seen it. Soooo…

  70. cadavra says:

    No, I haven’t. I suffered through the first three, and based on the trailer and clips there seemed to be no evidence that this would be any different. That it has an RT score of 37–by far the lowest of the series–seems to confirm that I made the right decision.

    ETA: I did see MADAGASCAR 3 based on reviews saying it was “by far” the best of the three. It wasn’t. So another celebrity-voice, wise-cracking-animals picture barely a month later that didn’t even get those kind of reviews was not in the cards.

  71. leahnz says:

    the original ‘ice age’ is one of my fave comedies ever, i find it hilarious and heart-warming – Romano, leary, leguizamo, jack black and co are in fine form.

  72. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Well, I guess you did say “try”. 😉

  73. etguild2 says:

    My god this was a phenomenal year for docs. Stuff like “The Island President,” “Indie Game: The Movie,” “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” “Last Call at the Oasis,” “First Position” and “Bully” have gotten practically no awards love. All fantastic.

  74. sanj says:

    subway footlong subs are no longer footlongs and no more 5 dollar footlongs – tons of people on social media are upset about this . i wanna see DP do a dp/30 on subway . DP can ask tons of questions about food and business.
    it’ll be high rated …DP get on this .

    Indie Game the Movie is one of my favorites – real drama – real business. the people profiled in this documentary are
    way more interesting than other docs . it’s not boring – its not for gamers either …i did ask for dp/30 but nothing.

    indie game the movie – trailer

  75. cadavra says:

    Foamy: 😀

  76. sanj says:

    watched Paranormal Activity 4 – not scary and ending sucked. these movies are cheap to make so they’ll keep making them … i just want something scary. hard to ask for in a horror movie ?

    DP/30: Paranormal Activity 3 Directors Talk Catfish

  77. sanj says:

    i checked out some of the sundance videos on hollywood reporter – they’ve got 20 videos x 3 minutes each ..

    this is the time when dp/30 actually seem important.

    hey DP – you’ve got 100’s of people working inside the
    massive dp/30 factory – can you get them to add like 4 new videos .

    i’m pretty sure Mark Duplass has like 8 movies in sundance so if you put up his video it doesn’t count.

  78. etguild2 says:

    God I dislike Mark Duplass. I don’t understand his appeal, and why twee/precious movies that feature him like SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED and YOUR SISTER’S SISTER receive so much acclaim. The latter film was EXCRUCIATING, another exercise in Hollywood’s desperate lesbian fetish…only this time the desperate lesbian is sisters with a variation of the manic pixie dream girl.

  79. sanj says:

    well i don’t hate Mark Dupass as much – he’s always doing 8 different projects at once – his movies don’t cost a lot of money … ain’t nobody asking him to write the next big superhero movie .. most people know him from the league tv
    show which i haven’t seen …

    i think he got lucky with DP and got all of his films into dp/30 … he shows up and talks about his movies.

    he also married Katie Aselton – LOOK AT HER!!!

    maybe Mark will get lucky in the next 5 years and make an oscar winner …

    also i did watch the puffy chair movie he made but i
    don’t remember any of it .

    i wonder how many movie critics actually remember his early movies with like no budget …compared with a Kevin Smith and his early movies with like no budget …

  80. etguild2 says:

    I forgot PUFFY CHAIR even existed, even though I saw it.

    Mark Duplass is the unthreatening version of Luke Kirby or Chris Messina, always appearing in the same type of movie, in the same kind of “adorable, dorky, slightly off” role. This makes him extremely strangleable.

  81. sanj says:

    Mark Duplass doesn’t do much to change his appearance in his movies – i think its mostly his hair … he could win movie award for playing creepy / evil guy in movie .

    i figure most of his films where he’s a major character will end up doing 10 million or so …..that’s no so bad.

    he got a bit part in zero dark thrity – so he can probably show up to the oscars now …

    i really want to see Katie Aselton break out and do something big .. she got into a horror film called
    black rock which should have made like 20 million of they really pushed it ..compared with the other cheap horror films out there…it got a dp/30 but still not in theatres or dvd / vod ….Mark Duplass even wrote that.

    Mark Dupass gets so many dp/30’s and yet DP doesn’t go out and review his films ..and that’s not fair …

  82. sanj says:

    big discussion going on about wall street bankers not going to jail …for a pbs frontline show . this doesn’t happen to often

    pbs frontline discussion

  83. sanj says:

    if Lincoln wins best picture oscar – Obama should accept the award – “I made presidents cool again…even old ones with beards”

    Steven Spielberg needs like 8 dp/30’s …the biggest director that got away from DP . maybe DP can get an autographed dvd or something .

    Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen should have 6 dp/30’s by now.

    funny thing – all 3 directors can talk about movies alone and not any tabloid stuff but if they don’t show up then
    DP might have to deal with getting Kardashians . they don’t have to do anything as hard as those directors do – instead they get get their own tv channel.

    Woody Allen / Martin Scorsese / Kim Kardashian dp/30 all at one time would be amazing to see.

  84. etguild2 says:

    ok sanj, time for your own blog.

  85. christian says:

    I think we know who DP is going to pick to take over…

  86. sanj says:

    nah – if this were some reality show where DP picks a user from these forums to take over i’d be like # 25 ..

    DP first picks would be the writers on here –

    there’s th tech side of the blog which does seem simple but i’ve seen other movie blogs which are actually simple …

    also new cop / fbi show is on – the following with Kevin Bacon – i hope its easy to understand cause these types of show can get super complicated with tons of bad guys and people quit watching …

    Woody Allen and Kim Kardashian talking about their marriages and how crazy they are in a dp/30 would hit a few million views.

  87. sanj says:

    ” target=”_blank”>the sync blog shut down – they did technology reviews –
    4000 articles – dozen writers …

    DP should look around that place before he starts figuring out what to do with mcn .

    sync blog shuts down

  88. sanj says:

    tv news

    i liked this show – Dreama Walker and Krysten Ritter got dp/30 for movies they did

    “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23,” ABC – which has been pulled off the schedule, effective immediately – – it’s cancelled – more episodes of Happy Endings takes it place

  89. sanj says:

    watched – DP/30 @ Sundance ’13: James Franco

    i liked this interview .. huge problem with the background noise which i mentioned last year …
    DP couldn’t you find one empty room anywhere ?

    Kathryn Bigelow did Colbert Report…. Colbert did a dp/30 in 5 minutes. Colbert beat DP.

  90. Lex says:

    Sanj, Dreama and Krysten DEFINITELY have the LOOK AT HER factor, big fan of both. And Rachael Taylor’s show got canceled too a while back, so the three most beautiful women on the alphabet network are all out of a job.

  91. sanj says:

    LexG – are you going to watch Movie 43 ? i mean you watch everything … you should put up a real review and maybe it’ll get on the front page of mcn or something ..
    i don’t see a lot of real movie critics watching this and liking it … with all the crazy amount of actors it should get a dp/30 . DP doesn’t do enough dp/30s with silly movies .. that Hansel and Gretal movie should also get a dp/30 …

  92. sanj says:

    watched – DP/30 @ Sundance ’13: Prince Avalanche, writer/director David Gordon Green, actor Emile Hirsch

    – it took me 5 minutes to figure out that was DGG …he looks different …

    – interview went by fast

    – overall i liked this interview – 8.5/10

    so far the sundance interviews have been good …just like last year. its like the only thing DP can’t screw up.. and i’m trying to be objective here.

  93. sanj says:

    Sally Field on Colbert Report – once again Colbert beats DP in doing a dp/30 in 5 minutes. Colbert makes serious topics fun and interesting.

    DP should go down to Colbert report and tell Colbert to stop
    stealing big movie stars and making great interviews….then DP should be outside Letterman and Conan and do the same thing. wave some fists and tell them to stop getting all the good actors …

  94. sanj says:

    everytime LexG goes off on his insane rant posts – most people find it annoying but i find it amusing.

    how many times can he say the same thing over and over again ..when real comics do this – they get paid …

    LexG is different – so let’s turn this into a 1 man play and get some high quality rants.. LexG – i want women the play … would you pay money to see that

  95. etguild2 says:

    Most surprising genre movie of 2012: THE TALL MAN with Jessica Biel, Pascal Laugier’s follow up to MARTYRS, the final say on torture porn.

    Biel is fantastic in it, the film is actually thought-provoking in a strange way, and the twists just kept coming. Perhaps Mrs. Timblerlake’s career isn’t over just yet.

  96. sanj says:

    any dp/30 for side effects ? Steven Soderbergh – Scott Z. Burns seem easy to get . Soderbergh really likes to hide in the dp/30’s.. Channing Tatum is too famous for a dp/30

    i expect a few new sundance dp/30 on the weekend….the dialup internet at sundance must suck.

    DP/30 @ Slamdance ’13: Diamond on Vinyl – this sucks. i blame DP for this one.

    also 30 rock is ending. DP does the dp/30 emmy awards and guess who didn’t get one . 30 rock. Alec Baldwin dp30 would be great cause he’d yell at DP the entire time.

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