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Weekend Estimates by Klady

44 Responses to “Weekend Estimates by Klady”

  1. The Pope says:

    I missed the opening numbers for Life of Pi. I’m absolutely stunned to see it doing so well (which is in no way a reflection on my opinion of it). Incredible numbers. I really thought it was going to go the same as Cloud Atlas.

  2. chris says:

    “Skyfall” almost creeping back up on “Breaking Dawn?” Intriguing.

  3. Proman says:

    Lincoln should be playing on more screens.

    Also, what happened to The Bay? Good, especially for the genre, reviews, major Academy Award winning director and not even a dozen screens? Weird.

  4. Joe Leydon says:

    Just to keep things in perspective: The “flop” Killing Them Softly has already topped the domestic gross of Winter’s Bone, and likely will top In Bruges by tomorrow. I don’t mean this as a comment on the quality of any of these films. And I realize one is a major studio release, while the other two were indies. But still…

  5. Agreed, Joe. Scheduling and studio priorities aside, Weinstein deserves credit for releasing the film wide and getting what money it could. Come what may, the audience that wanted to see it got to see it. $7 million isn’t a hit, but death-by-platform would have seen it lucky to reach $7 million total.

  6. Joe Leydon says:

    It’s truly shocking when you go back and see how much some excellent, well-respected and even Oscar-nominated movies actually grossed in their time. I realize that home video vastly increased their exposure after the fact. But, hell, even “Fargo” grossed only $24.6 million back in the day.

  7. bulldog68 says:

    Not a fair comparison Joe. Winter’s Bone had a pre Hunger Games J.Lawrence and In Bruges had Colin Farrell, while Killing Them Softly has Brad Pitt and the Weinsteins.

    Interestingly I think the two low rent henchmen had more screen time than BP, who appears in the film after the the 25 minute mark. His role is on the border of a really extended cameo in this, and I got the feeling while watching it that BP agreed to “star” in it to get a few extra tickets sold. It really wasn’t his story.

    The audience reaction with an F score is harsh though, but it’s not exactly a crowd pleaser, and coming on the heels of Argo, Lincoln, and Life of Pi, it got lost behind better adult fare with a bigger payoff.

    I’m sorry for Guardians however, as I think it deserves better. It’s too little too late despite having the lowest drop in the top 10 this weekend. Maybe it can hope to equal The Muppets $88m from last year, which dropped much more substantially after opening bigger, but with The Hobbit opening in two weeks and being more family friendly than LotR, any legs it hopes to have may get clobbered. I actually enjoyed it more that Wreck it Ralph and even Brave.

    Skyfall is $130M shy of $1B worldwide. WOW. It could even threaten Batman for 2nd place bragging rights. I don’t know where else it has to open, but damn that’s an all out home run.

    Lastly, where have all the doom and gloomers gone that were predicting the demise of theatrical box office this year? According to Mojo, we are at $9.94B as of Dec 2nd. For perspective, all of 2011 was $10.17b. Basically, we would have to have the worst December in decades to not have the biggest year at the box office ever. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Nikki.

  8. Geoff says:

    I gotta think that MGM is gonna find a way to try to squeak Skyfall over $300 million domestic which is AMAZING – the lack of direct competition until Jack Reacher is only going to help over the next three weeks.

    And I’m hoping this thing surpasses Twilight which is looking very possible – after this weekend, they should be less than $10 million apart and that film’s audience is definitely burning off faster.

  9. Geoff says:

    Why isn’t Skyfall getting much Oscar talk?? I guess the obvious reason is that it’s a James Bond movie but…..I gotta think that Judi Dench and Roger Deakins have pretty good shots right?

  10. movieman says:

    ….Bardem, too, Bulldog.
    I think it’s an even richer, more variegated performance than his Oscar-winning turn in “No Country.”
    And I’m with you in preferring “Rise” to “Ralph” and (holy cow Pixar’s) “Brave.”
    Along w/ “Madagascar 3″ and “Frankenweenie,” it’s probably my favorite animated movie of the year.
    Scott has a point about the perverse wisdom of Weinstein dumping “KTS” into one of the worst weekends of the year..and still earning some bucks. Platforming it to death might have cost them more in the long run, and they still might not have seen a $7-million cume.

  11. StellaPD says:

    People really believe Skyfall is an Oscar worthy film? The first half is entertaining, but the second bored me to tears. It’s a pretty paint-by-numbers action flick in the home stretch and nothing special. Bardem also did nothing for me. It’s nowhere near his best work and not a memorable villain. Overall Casino Royale is a vastly superior Craig Bond movie. Hell I finally caught up with Safe House on HBO and enjoyed that more. Skyfall is absurdly overrated.

  12. Js Partisan says:

    “Skyfall” is a brilliant film and a giant fat raspberry to your shitting on it. If TDK-R is supposedly going after Oscars then MGM/SONY need to put “Skyfall” up for contention. because it’s a better movie than TDK-R in a myriad of ways.

  13. pj says:

    Skyfall is a batman movie for people who don’t like batman.

  14. eric mayher says:

    Skyfall and DKR are both great movies. God I am sick of the movie wars. You can like more than one movie equally. Enjoying movies should not be like politics. In fact politics should not be like politics and that is the problem in both cases.

  15. Think says:

    SKYFALL is just okay. DARK KNIGHT RISES is Nolan’s first bad movie. Just wait until you watch it again. It’s way worse than you realized. But his heart wasn’t in it and it made a ton of money so he can move on from Batman stuff and do more Nolan movies. Everybody wins.

  16. Think says:

    Anne Hathaway is the only good thing in TDKR and LES MIS.

  17. Botner says:

    Anybody know how Cloud Atlas is doing overseas? Curious to see if it can break even, or at least come close.

  18. Js Partisan says:

    Mayher, what are you on about? It’s not about a “war.” It’s about Warners putting up TDK-R for award contention, so MGM/SONY should do the same with “Skyfall.” That’s just an opinion and not a war. Please note the difference.

    Oh yeah Pj, all of the Nolan films are Batman movies by a guy who hates Batman :P!

  19. bulldog68 says:

    Skyfall was a disappointment for me. Too many huge plot holes I couldn’t ignore, an underused bad guy with a too elaborate plot for what he wanted to accomplish, an entirely dropped significant storyline, a mishandling of a major character, a Bond that failed on every one of his stated missions, a mistreatment of its female characters, and it actually kind of crawled along for the first two acts. I was checking my watch.

    That being said, it looked beautiful, the opening action piece was well done, good performances all around, and it had a wicked song track.

  20. eric mayher says:

    Js I was not really responding directly to your op. I respect your opinion and recognize the difference between what you said and what too many other people on in social media do now. You could use any two popular movies and have this argument that goes nowhere now. As for Think I have seen DKR and Skyfall both twice now and disagree with your opinion on both. If anything they both got better. The end.

  21. sdp says:

    Killing Them Softly has already nearly doubled the final gross of the last Pitt/Dominik, so they probably made the right call by opening wide.

  22. anghus says:

    Cloud Atlas is around $50 million worldwide but has not opened up in many markets. UK, Japan, etc.

    Im betting $100 million global total i.e. tank time.

  23. Actionman says:

    Killing them Softly is EASILY the best movie of the year, followed closely by Cloud Atlas. KTS is an instant classic.

  24. bulldog68 says:

    I got way more out of Cloud Atlas than I did KTS, Actionman. And even among crime thrillers this year, I had a more positive reaction to End of Watch and Savages.

    I think it’s a shame that you are not hearing more Oscar buzz for Ben Wishaw and Jim Broadbent from CA, Michael Pena from EoW, and while I’m at, Benecio Del Toro, Salma Hayek and extremely wishful thinking I know but I think Travolta’s turn in Savages was his best performances in years.

    End of Watch is my best movie of the year thus far.

  25. Monco says:

    Anyone who says the TDKR is “Nolan’s first bad movie” is wrong on every level. First it’s not a bad movie at all. Also it’s better than Inception and Insomnia. Dont even have to mention Following but i will. Now The Prestige or Memento we can have debates about. I think The Prestige is a very underrated movie, maybe his best although I give that to Batman Begins. The ambition that he shows with TDKR is something to behold. Don’t give me this shit about his heart not being in it. I have seen it three times and it has only gotten better on each viewing. Right now I like it more than The Dark Knight.

    Now, Skyfall is also very good. I do like Bond well enough but don’t have any attachments to the character or previous movies. I hated Casino Royale and was expecting to not like Skyfall but I was just blown away. For me the level of subtext that runs through the movie, especially the finale brought it to a whole new level. It’s the only Bond movie that says something that appeals to me on an artistic level rather than just a sheer visceral, fun action movie level. Brilliant movie.

  26. YancySkancy says:

    “First, it’s not a bad movie at all.”


  27. Js Partisan says:


  28. spassky says:

    Oh man, ‘Following’ and ‘Insomnia’ are super underrated, IMHO. I still need to rewatch ‘Dark Knight Rises’ but I have to say, a lot of people who are saying it’s not as good as the rest of the batmans seem to be turned off by it’s inexplicable goofiness. I kind of liked said goofiness, so I’ll hold my tongue for now in terms of an opinion on TDKR.

    What’s next for Nolan? What would all of you like to see?

  29. Sam says:

    “People really believe Skyfall is an Oscar worthy film? The first half is entertaining, but the second bored me to tears.”

    But that’s not nothing to do with whether Deakins is worthy of a nomination for cinematography (he is), or Dench for supporting actress (she probably is). I’d welcome sound nominations, too.

    It’s true that the acting and tech awards cluster around the Best Picture contenders, but they shouldn’t. And you do still get movies with tons of tech nominations while missing the top 8. And you also get nominations like Best Actress for Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth: The Golden Age, a movie nobody liked.

    Skyfall may or may not warrant a Best Picture nomination (I loved it, but I can probably think of enough more deserving films), but it 100% deserves a win, never mind a nomination, for Deakins. It probably won’t get it, because it’s Bond, but it darn well should.

  30. Sam says:

    Second the props for Following and Insomnia. Nolan has yet to make a bad movie. I’d argue he has yet to make a merely good movie. The guy does psychological thrillers like nobody. I think the reason his Batman films were so good and so successful is because he treated them like psychological thrillers rather than superhero movies.

  31. storymark says:

    I liked The Dark Knight Rises well enough, and wouldn’t go so far as to call it his first “bad” film – but I think it is his worst film so far. Lots of really great stuff, and quite a bit which really just makes no sense if you think about it for more than a minute.

    And, as much as I really enjoyted it – I don’t personally feel Skyfall should be a part of the Oscar conversation – with the exception of Deakins, who shot one of the prettiest action flicks in ages.

  32. StellaPD says:

    Sam I was referring to the film and not its performances or cinematography. I agree that Dench and the cinematography are very good. The movie itself is another matter. I’m really surprised by all the love Skyfall has received. Based on reaction here and elsewhere, I expected it to be significantly better than it is. I found it to be a competent but unremarkable action movie with serious flaws. I don’t get the raves at all.

  33. hcat says:

    Haven’t seen Rises yet so I can’t speak to its quality, but one of the things that has bugged me about Nolan’s (and when I thought back, Burton’s and Schumacher’s) Batman films is the villian’s lack of focus.

    In Bond movies the plot is usually already underway when Bond enters into the middle to stop it, providing the forward momentum for the narrative. But with all the Batman’s we have to wait for the villian to come into existance, they try a few dastardly plots first and then just throw up their hands and try to poison, freeze, blow up Gotham etc..etc.. in the last fifteen minutes.

    Perhaps it is intentional to structure these movies like a compelation of different issues of a comic book, but I find the episodic nature of the films distracting.

  34. PcChongor says:

    I think that’s why “Dark Knight” worked so well. It started off with an amazing villain and worked its way up from there.

  35. hcat says:

    Not that the Joker wasn’t a great villian but his grand scheme of general chaos doesn’t create the focused narrative of say using cerebro to kill all the mutants or hijacking a missle test to cause California to fall into the ocean.

    Dark Knight used this to much better effect than the other Batmans since it was able to create a sense of dread about what new task he was going to throw in front of Batman, but its just something about not having an identifiable endgame and the distinct setpieces (you could pratically have titles stating Round 1, Round 2 throughout the film) that aren’t my cup of tea.

  36. Triple Option says:

    I’m in total agreement w/Stella re: Skyfall. What an uninspired villain! I have to deduct points for that performance. It was kind of a collection of elements. I didn’t hate it but I found myself let down after the mystery of what was going on was set up. I should probably say I’m not the biggest Bond fan in the world. I like the movies and have seen most of them but I’ve never been close to blown away by any.

  37. anghus says:

    Skyfall is a very good movie. But let’s stop acting like we’re high on the fumes and giving it the kind of wild overpraise that other sites have indulged.

    This is not an academy award caliber film. Neither is Dark Knight Rises.

    People need to get off this idea of “the people’s champion” when it comes to awards. Award the best, not solid ‘B’ movies.

  38. Js Partisan says:

    Awards the best? “The Reader” is awarding the best? Remember: the nominations are an AWARD and that’s all anyone is bringing up with these two films: a nomination. You can also go on and on with how these award shows rarely award THE BEST.

    Also, let us act anyway we want. Let MGM/SONY and Warners act the way that they want and spend their money, to give these films awards pushes. What does it hurt? How are they not awards caliber anyway? Does it need to be a ridiculous silent film to be “awards caliber?” Or can we reward bombast every once in the while?

    Oh yeah, one more thing: the reason people want a PEOPLE’S CHAMPION to win the awards, has to do with people seeming to buy into the belief that if they and the critics believe the movie is astounding, that the god damn Academy should reward that film. Excuse people for rooting for films because you know, that happens every year. It’s happening right now with SLP and will happen in 2013 with something else. Always on about what to do and never getting that humans, no matter how stupid you feel us all to be, have the right to champion films they love with the greatest praise if necessary.

  39. anghus says:

    “the people’s champion” would be Titanic winning Best Picture.

    Who the hell wants that?

    And the Reader is a fantastic film. Heartbreaking. Well acted. Incredibly sad. What do you have against The Reader? Is the man who championed the greatness of Green Lantern really casting aspersions against The Reader.

    Balls. Pure balls.

    I’ll always take the critics choice over the people’s choice.

    Give me Hurt Locker over Avatar every god damned year.

  40. bulldog68 says:

    I see that End of Watch is getting a re-release on Dec 7th. I hope it and Michael Pena can be both the critics and people’s choice.

  41. Sam says:

    The fact that the Academy has made incorrect choices in the past is not reason to forego rooting for better choices in the future.

    So The Reader was nominated in a past year. That means we should stop rooting for the best THIS year?

    You can’t make amends for past injustices with opposite future injustices. The Dark Knight not getting a nomination in 2008 was an injustice. If The Dark Knight Rises gets nominated this year, that’ll be two injustices.

    Let’s root for the “People’s Choice” type of movie when and only when that choice actually IS one of the best films of the year.

  42. Geoff says:

    Sorry Anghus but the lines have really been blurred with regards to the “critic’s choice” and “people’s choice” – the Weinsteins have done a good job of marketing the two together, both Chicago and The Kings Speech were blockbusters.

    That said, I definitely think that Skyfall is worthy – sorry but the film actually did a better job of accomplishing its goals than films like The Master and Moonrise Kingdom which were both well made but WAY too filled with fetishes from their respective directors. Skyfall is beautifully shot, beautifully acted and I think a lot would agree that it’s actually Sam Mendes’ best film.

    And I know that I’m in the extreme minority here, but I would have taken Avatar over The Hurt Locker though I think A Serious Man was arguably better than both of them.

  43. StellaPD says:

    Lots of movies have good acting and nice scenery. Takes a lot more than that to be worthy of an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. I do agree that A Serious Man is better than Avatar and Hurt Locker. Love that movie.

  44. Js Partisan says:

    “The Reader,” like the “Green Lantern” is tripe. Both films are bargain bin jabroni titles but you keep on ignoring that “The Reader’s” inclusion in the Oscars that year, brought about the TOP TEN LIST nominess. Which is basically the Academy saying, “Sorry everybody, we fucked up by letting our older members pick this shit film over a critically praised and immensely popular Batman film. Again, sorry, and enjoy the show!”

    That aside, I am no fan of “Avatar” but my god, is it immensely more watchable than “Jewish Guy in Peril” aka “A Serious Man.”

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