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Trailer: Man Of Steel

30 Responses to “Trailer: Man Of Steel”

  1. Geoff says:

    It’s almost faint praise, but this is the best Superman trailer in about 30 years…..just an assumption but I can’t imagine the trailer for Quest for Peace was ANY good.

    Gorgeous trailer though! Very nicely cut together and with some strong music behind it. Just the one shot of Michael Shannon looked pretty menacing and Amy Adams seems like almost too-perfect casting for Lois Lane.

  2. StellaPD says:

    I like it too, and I really dislike Snyder’s movies. Pretty damn good trailer though.

  3. Double D says:

    Shrug. Looks kinda boring.

    Was kind of waiting for the “money shot” moment but it never came. There will be at least one more big trailer before it comes out.

  4. Smith says:

    The Zimmer/Gladiator-style singing at the beginning is a nice touch.

  5. Don R. Lewis says:

    I echo the positive statements above and am frankly, not a Superman fan at all. Eh, I take that back. I kind of liked SUPERMAN RETURNS to be honest. But this looks like a new and fresh take on the material. I have kept saying this world is too cynical for the likes of a “Superman hero” but that trailer is giving me faith that they’ve mixed it up a bit. We shall see.

  6. J says:

    More like MAN OF ENYA.

  7. Hendhogan says:

    Zach Snyder films all look great in trailer form, but with obvious variations of success. Goes without saying that it looks good, but truthfully won’t know if it will be any good until I see it.

  8. Joe Leydon says:

    So what’s the plot. (Just kidding, Stella!)

  9. StellaPD says:

    Joe: Some guy can fly and has super-strength (which is why he is called Superman). He uses those abilities to save mankind from a really bad man. Lots of stuff is destroyed and explodes.

    Now, really, what else do you need to know?

  10. Joe Leydon says:

    Dammit, Stella! I spit Coke Zero all over my freakin’ computer screen!

  11. StellaPD says:

    Sorry Joe. Send me the bill. Only fair for me to pay for any damages.

  12. Bulldog68 says:

    Love this trailer. Can’t wait for it to be successful and then we can get that Justice League movie going. Now if it were being filmed Watchmen style, then we could possibly get a real life filming of the oldest Superman joke in the book.

    Superman was kinda bored so he just started flying around looking for something to do. He’s flying over Wonder Woman’s house and sees her bedroom window is open. He stops for a glimpse and sees her lying on her bed naked. She’s lying there and squirming around looking real hot.

    Superman was getting turned on looking at her so he decides what the hell, I can just fly in real quick, give her the ole’ in-out and be out of there before she even knows what hit her. After all he is Superman. So, in he goes, wham-bam and he’s out of there.

    Wonder Woman knew something happened and says, “What was that?” The invisible man says, “I don’t know but, damn, is my ass sore.”

    Thank you. I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

  13. Breedlove says:

    Didn’t watch this, but is it really better than that awesome trailer for the Singer flick with the Brando voice over? Great, great trailer for what turned out to be a total piece of shit movie.

    WATCHMEN is a masterpiece. Snyder is capable of home runs.

  14. As Michael Caine once said: Superman is how the United States looks at itself and Batman is how the rest of the world looks at the United States.

  15. Bulldog68 says:

    A Superman/Batman movie done well could be the most interesting piece of comic cinema. I think that combo, because they are so inherently different, would be a true epic if the stars could be aligned perfectly i:e right Director, script, actors and so forth.

    The Avengers, much to it’s credit, nailed it very well, and found a director who got the tone of those characters right. With this new “darker” Superman, which many purist already hate, I wonder how he would exist in an even darker Batman world. I think the job of making Superman darker is actually way easier and more plausible than making Batman lighter. Nolan saw to that. That would be interesting stuff. It might also give them a chance to reintroduce Green Lantern, the way Hulk was reintroduced so successfully, albeit in a smaller but pivotal role.

  16. YancySkancy says:

    I still get bad flashbacks of that ridiculous Five for Fighting song. But I hope it’s good.

  17. Js Partisan says:

    It’s okay. The Pa Kent stuff continues to be very post 9/11 and very weird. The flying scene is ripped off from Smallville but that’s okay, it’s a good scene to rip off. Lois Lane is important and needs to be show more because they are paying Amy Adams for a reason. The suit remains goofy, the lack of a logo on the cape even more so, and Superman should never be shackled. Ever. That entire scene is ridiculous but again, it’s a post 9/11 world, and apparently we are supposed to be very afraid of Supes.

  18. Not David Bordwell says:

    John Byrne would never have been able to draw that Supes logo. It’s supposed to be two yellow fish imposed on a red field!

  19. anghus says:

    fucking loved it.

    you know why? because it’s the first Superman trailer in my adult life that isn’t tied to the Donner original and feels like it’s own movie.

    Superman Returns was pretty terrible. Why on earth Singer wanted to recycle all that stuff from the original is beyond me. And he made such glaring mistakes. Superman is gone for five years. We even filmed a sequence showing what he was doing… but we’re not going to bother putting it in the final film. Instead we’ll put up a title card explaining that Superman went bye bye.

    I’m not sure why people are so excited to have Singer on XMEN First Class Part Two. Superman Returns was heinous. Jack the Giant Killer looks questionable.

    Was Singer’s big budget track record that good? I know the geeks rave about X-Men 2, but it ain’t that good.

  20. waterbucket says:

    Good God, Henry Cavill is by far the hottest superhero ever. I’d hit it over and over again. Me want to watch this now!!!!

  21. Not David Bordwell says:

    That’s Henry Cavill? I coulda sworn it was Treat Williams ca. 1979.

  22. Bitplayer says:

    Glad to see Snyder’s moving away from the sepia tint for everything. Who shot this thing? It looks good, kinda milky.

  23. leahnz says:

    looks veeeery serious and operatic and generic, in other words the same ol’/same ol’. does anybody make a movie that looks original and stylistically unique anymore? too risky, I know.

  24. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Hey leahpantz, long time no see.

    Just curious which same ol’/same ol’ it looks like. Certainly we’ve had the sweeping operatic score with (the first) Green Lantern trailer, and Dark Knight had some of the broodier elements, but I don’t think we’ve seen a superhero trailer quite like this.

  25. leahnz says:

    hey foamy, how’s tricks anyway? Yeah same ol’ is a bit vague isn’t it – it wasn’t so much the trailer as an entity i was referring to, more the look of the movie itself (which is kind of hard to judge from just a trailer of course); just as far as visual style and design, this looks pretty much like every other movie these days, nothing seemingly unique or different about it to make me think a new, fresh take on superman is on the way, just…the ushe. I’m kinda sick of the ushe.

    re: trailers, I find i don’t give a shit about them anymore, they’re a little industry unto themselves now that usually give away way too much, like they want to be their own little short film, and a good trailer means little as far as indicating how ‘good’ the movie itself will be (or not) – and a crappy trailer doesn’t mean a shit movie – so i just don’t even pay attention to trailers now, sadly, i don’t know why but it kinda bums me out.

  26. christian says:

    Since IRON MAN does every superhero trailer end with what is sposed to be some money shot of the hero flying? Its more like a loose change shot now. Between this and The Hobbitt I tire of CG….

  27. tbunny says:

    This preview SUCKS. Yet another origin story.

  28. christian says:

    And yes, this reboot mania is becoming truly ridiculous.

  29. anghus says:

    I’m equally tired of cg, but how do you make Superman with practical fx? You get Donner’s dated and silly version with rear projector screens where you can see the wake of the boat the camera was on.

    Superman is the kind of film photo realistic fx were created for.

  30. christian says:

    CG is fine when used with a good eye and reason but unto itself its not unique or even magical anymore- I was excited about The Hobbitt until halfway thru the trailer and it just looked like cut scenes from a LOTR video game with the same spinning camera and fake palette…Its just become visual vomit to me. The less the better.

    The best spfx in Donners Superman is Christopher Reeve – which nobody has topped since the 70s. And why I can rewatch both Reeve films and never the Awesome CG Effects laden SR….

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