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Weekend Estimates by High Flying Klady


22 Responses to “Weekend Estimates by High Flying Klady”

  1. bulldog68 says:

    How’s this for a cause for some champagne popping over at Dreamworks Animation; Madagascar 3 stands on the verge of being their most successful animated release internationally, standing at $512m and being $1m shy of Shrek Forever After. Certainly did not expect that.

  2. etguild2 says:

    Foreigners love them some circus wigs.

    Probably some champagne over at Universal for TED as well, which is now their top-grossing original comedy worldwide, and is on the verge of becoming just the 2nd R-rated non-sequel to hit $500 million worldwide (PASSION OF THE CHRIST).

  3. Aaron Aradillas says:

    Is there a reason why the font of the weeknd chart looks so bad? I can barely read it.

  4. BoulderKid says:

    It’s hard to say that Paramount didn’t leave ten million on the table this weekend by not putting Flight in 3,000 theaters. Hopefully the movie will expand in coming weeks so that less populated areas can check out the film. I would see it today, but right now Cloud Atlas is the priority seeing that it will be out of a lot of theaters come next week.

  5. alynch says:

    Speaking of Cloud Atlas, it’s obviously a bomb but how much did Warner Brothers even spend on it? I vaguely recall reading some article that pegged their investment as only being in the mid-20s. I suspect it’s higher than that, but I have no idea.

  6. anghus says:

    every article i read on Cloud Atlas put Warner Brothers at 20 million for the U.S distro.

    Oh, and did you guys see those international Skyfall numbers. Mind blowing.

  7. Tuck Pendelton says:

    Haven’t seen Cloud Atlas yet, but that 46% hold, while not “great” is certainly not as bad as I’m sure some we’re expecting giving it’s mixed reaction. I don’t think WB put much into it either. But there’s marketing costs, publicity premieres…it has a way to go.

    Saw Flight last night. Packed house. You could tell some of the audience wasn’t quite with it. But some loved it and got a health applause. I’m still mulling my reaction. Overall I liked it.

  8. etguild2 says:

    Yeah the SKYFALL number is amazing. Already the #3 Bond film internationally, the #2 Bond film ever in the UK behind CASINO ROYALE, and the #20 film of the year worldwide.

  9. Globally, Skyfall ($287 million) has already out-grossed every pre-Brosnan 007 film and should, by the end of next Monday, outgross every non-Craig entry to boot (Die Another Day earned $443 million). At this point, with a projected (by me, fwiw) $85-$100 million five-day US opening, $250 million US and $800 million worldwide feels frighteningly plausible. I don’t think it was the best 007 ever or anything that pie-in-the-sky, but I can’t imagine any moviegoer walking away unsatisfied in the pure ‘I wanted a big-scale, smart/exciting adventure’ vein. The 007 versus Twilight battle is going to be a lot more fun (and perhaps just a little closer, especially worldwide) than I expected two months ago.

  10. cadavra says:

    In the long run, SKYFALL will probably prevail over BD2. There are a lot more adults than there are dumb teenage girls.

  11. movieman says:

    Blah limited bow for “Quartet” (surprising for the type of film that used to be catnip for arthouse auds) and downright disastrous limited bows for “This Must be the Place” (despite an A.O. Scott NYT rave), “The Bay” and “The Details.”
    Gotta believe the VOD factor had something to do with the latter two films’ dismal performances.

  12. anghus says:

    my UK friends have been wigging out over how good Skyfall is. Cant wait to see it. Nice to have Bond globally mixing it up with the top films of the year. That feels where Bond should be.

  13. matthew says:

    Yeah, but dumb teenage girls will go see the last Twilight movie two or three times a pop, regardless of quality. Harry Potter 7.2 made almost 400 million more WW than the penultimate one, although it was also a much better movie than 7.1.

  14. Krillian says:

    Remember when a film directed by Barry Levinson was a big deal? Can you believe THE BAY was directed by Levinson? How far hath he fallen?

  15. Rob says:

    Did anyone else see A Late Quartet? It’s terribly made, with mismatched shots and bad ADR getting in the way of good work by Hoffman, Keener, and Walken. Imogen Poots is sort of lousy in it, though.

  16. chris says:

    I think “Quartet” is going to be catnip for arthouse audiences, but I agree with Rob: “A Late Quartet” is more like what end up in the litter box.

  17. sanj says:

    Barry Levinson movies never seemed to be huge commercial success ….hes not running around trying to get a directing job for a huge comic book movie – he’s mostly done tv work and continues … did he do any dp/30’s ?
    plus he has grey hair and looks old .

    my favorite thing he’s done is homicide and oz … great stories …and yet they aren’t on tv anymore in repeats.
    they should kick out csi or law and order for awhile and give homicide another chance .

    the bay is a found footage movie . something he hasn’t really done before …

    if Barry wants to be more famous and stuff he really should do a dp/30…then the comic book movie offers
    will come in.

  18. scooterzz says:

    i’m certainly no fan of the ‘twilight’ series but will admit that ‘breaking dawn pt. 2′ is easily the best of the lot…much more entertaining than i expected, nicely paced, surprisingly self-aware and pretty funny…a nice end to what seemed an endless franchise…

  19. Chucky says:

    All you circle jerks forget the reason for the stilted box office. Much of Greater New York is still in the dark after Hurricane Sandy.

    You can’t go out to see all the overhyped product coming out of Hollywood if your local megaplex/mall theater/whatever doesn’t have power.

  20. Bulldog68 says:

    What “stilted box office?” The numbers were up over the same weekend last year with no Sandy in play.

  21. StellaPD says:

    Yeah here’s the opening paragraph of boxofficeguru’s weekend recap:

    The holiday box office season started with a bang thanks to the one-two punch of two new releases that pulled in sold-out audiences – the animated video game comedy Wreck-It Ralph and the Denzel Washington drama Flight. The pair led the top ten to a healthy 19% jump over the same frame last year. And with tens of millions affected last week by the deadly hurricane Sandy, it was questionable what impact theaters would see but compelling product brought people out of their homes and into the multiplexes putting the film industry in a good position going into the final weeks of the year.”

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