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BYOB 092412

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  1. berg says:

    saw Perfect Pitch tonight … the kind of musical that comes along once a decade … really an enjoyable sit … no shit, Anna Kendrick finally shines and the line “Bitch you don’t have to shout” will be the laugh line of the week

  2. sanj says:

    i watched 96 minutes 2011 – basically crash movie but for teens … really didn’t like it – its rare for a movie to have like 80% closeups on every actor – plus the there was a ton of music … it was Aimee Lagos first major film has director / writer .. since nobody knows who she is – she needs a dp/30 ..

    96 minutes trailer

  3. The Pope says:

    96 minutes is 93 minutes of hysterical crap. If you want to see a good movie about teens messing up, watch WHAT RICHARD DID. Really controlled storytelling.

    David, did you see it? Premiered in Toronto.

  4. movieman says:

    After its sweep in the dramatic series categories, I finally broke down and added Showtime yesterday.
    Gotta say I don’t get it. I’ve watched three episodes of “Homeland” from its first season, and it doesn’t hold a candle to “Mad Men,” “Breaking Bad,” “Boardwalk Empire,” “Game of Thrones,” etc., etc.
    Damian Lewis and Claire Danes are fine (although Mandy Patinkin gives the series’ best performance), but the supporting cast has a real scrub quality. Unlike, say, any of the series I just referenced where even the tiniest bit players are brilliantly, impeccably cast, every one supporting Lewis, Danes and Patinkin seems like they just walked in from some podunk community theater.
    The premise is a grabber, albeit highly implausible and riddled with howlers.
    Personally, I think AMC’s one-season-and-you’re-out “Rubicon” was a helluva lot better.
    Plus, “Rubicon” had the visual panache of a 1970’s Alan Pakula movie whereas “Homeland” looks like an episode of…”Jag.”
    Are the other highly touted Showtime series (“United States of Tara,” “Weeds,” “Nurse Jackie”) this visually dowdy and populated with barely-serviceable supporting players?
    I’m beginning to think the Emmys decided to throw Showtime a bone, and that actual achievement/quality had nothing to do with the multiple “Homeland” wins.
    While I’ll admit to already being hooked despite my, er, misgivings, I’m now approaching “Homeland” more like a guilty pleasure than “appointment television.”
    Even the gratuitous nudity/sex has a Skin-a-max sleaziness to it.

  5. StellaPD says:

    Stick with Homeland. You’ll be glad you did. I raved about it to a friend and they said that after 4 or 5 episodes they were not blown away. Over-hyped and just OK they said. But they stuck it out and ended up loving the last few episodes and liking the show a lot overall. It goes out strong. I’d also say it deserved its Emmy Awards. It’s much better than Game of Thrones and better than Boardwalk Empire. I enjoyed its first season far more than I enjoyed the most recent season of Mad Men. I don’t think Emmy voters were trying to “throw Showtime a bone.”

  6. Mike says:

    Homeland is good – the leads are great – but it isn’t particularly realistic. I enjoy it quite a bit, but it isn’t in Breaking Bad’s league. There are a couple of really excellent episodes, and several episodes that feel like they’re a breath away from turning into 24. I think Emmy voters were looking for something new, and Homeland has the feel of being important and relevant, even if it isn’t really either.

    And remember, this is Emmy voters we’re talking about. They think the best comedy is Modern Family. Don’t give them too much credit.

    Personally, Nurse Jackie’s last season was amazing, after three diminishing seasons. And I liked Tara’s interesting family dynamic throughout its run. Weeds was dead to me a long time ago. Shameless is pretty entertaining as well.

  7. StellaPD says:

    Sure some of Homeland is far-fetched, but almost every show on TV has issues with that. Breaking Bad’s most recent (half) season sure did. Homeland is a great show even if it’s not important or relevant.

    Never watched Nurse Jackie, Tara, or Weeds. Season 1 of Shameless was entertaining. Didn’t see season 2. And I’ve been a Dexter fan since season 1, episode 1. I know recent seasons have been somewhat sub-par, but I love the cast immensely and the show just grabs me, imperfections and all. I still smile every time I hear the intro music.

  8. Don R. Lewis says:

    HOMELAND definitely, DEFINITELY gets better as the season goes on, I was completely sucked in. That being said, this past season of MAD MEN was beyond brilliant. I think it was so good people didn’t realize how good it was. HOMELAND isn’t particularly “deep,” but it’s thrilling and clever. MAD MEN is much deeper and requires more to get everything out of an episode.

  9. storymark says:

    “Gotta say I don’t get it. I’ve watched three episodes of “Homeland” from its first season, and it doesn’t hold a candle to “Mad Men,” “Breaking Bad,” “Boardwalk Empire,” “Game of Thrones,” etc., etc.”

    To each his own. While Im a big fan of Breaking Bad and GoT (Ive yet to see Boardwalk Empire) I have only watched the first 2 episodes of Mad Men, and found them rather dull and over-rated. Homeland had me hooked in a half hour.

  10. sanj says:

    Celeste And Jesse Forever – For a Good Time Call – Robot and Frank – Hope Sprngs just opened in local theatre at the same time …

    there’s a lot of talk about the top 5 movies every weekend but the indies don’t get that much buzz around here …
    they need better package movies for these like 2 bucks each ..

    with End of Watch and Looper getting all the hype i can’t see full theatre crowds for the indie movies …

    sorry Rashida Jones and Ari Graynor – i’m spending real money on Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie … his movie reviews are super high …

    of course none of this applies to movie critics cause you get to see all this stuff for free .

    any movie critics just tell these indie movies to make deals with HBO first ? let that run all month long and you might no make as much money but you’ll get noticed awhole lot faster.

    Game Change won emmy – i’m guessing if Robot and Frank and Hope Springs were on HBO they’d also get nominated and win some awards ..

  11. Mike says:

    I think Homeland at least deserved to be in the race for best drama with Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. I can’t figure out the love for Boardwalk Empire, other than it’s a gangster show on HBO.

    It had one great episode and one great supporting character in the half-faced guy. Frankly, I think Luck was the better HBO series this past year.

  12. Bennett says:

    I was the same way with Homeland…Watched the Pilot…Didn’t care for it. But last summer when there was NOTHING on television, I revisted the show. I watch the entire series in less than a week. I thought Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire are better shows, but it deserved to be discussed in the same breath.

    For those who are just getting Showtime, due to Homeland, I highly recommend Episodes…It starts out a little rough, but season 2 was Modern Family/Girls/Parks & Rec funny. I am happy that it is coming back for another season.

  13. Smith says:

    Homeland is a really good show. I think Mad Men blows it out of the water, but if they were going to go with a fresh face, I’m glad they went with Homeland, and can’t wait for that show’s second season.

    I keep hoping that Justified will break through as an Emmy nominee one of these years – or if not the series, then at least Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins.

  14. Nick Rogers says:

    I, too, loved “Rubicon” far more than “Homeland,” but echoing everyone else’s sentiments: Stick with the latter. We took advantage of two years of free Showtime for “Dexter.” Now, we’re basically in it more for “Homeland.”

    A side note related to “Dexter”: That’s a series that should have ended after five seasons and is now going to waddle its way to eight. I have never watched “Weeds,” but I understand that went to seed as it dragged out as well. I worry for “Homeland” that its increased profile and popularity, and Showtime will ruin it by insisting it stick around for seven more seasons.

    Lastly, Olyphant has been nominated, I believe, and deservedly so. However, Goggins and Nick Offerman are ridiculously overdue for Emmy nominations.

  15. Nick Rogers says:

    Sorry for the broken English up there:

    “I worry for ‘Homeland’ that its increased profile and popularity will be detrimental, and Showtime will ruin it by insisting it stick around for seven more seasons.”

  16. Don R. Lewis says:

    I’m with you on DEXTER, Nick. It’s going to be nearly impossible to ever top the Lithgow season/storyline. Last year got some steam at the end but overall, meh. The reveal that leads into this season doesn’t give me much hope either.

    Still, it’s not awful and is hardly phoning it in, it just had some seasons (Smits, Lithgow)that were wickedly hard to follow up. Plus the supporting characters are awful, save for Masuka (and obviously not including the awesome Jennifer Carpenter). Any storyline with LaGuerta is boring and lame.

  17. palmtree says:

    “Homeland has the feel of being important and relevant, even if it isn’t really either.”

    Yes, that’s exactly why I won’t watch it. After 24, I think I’m done with these overly alarmist, militaristic shows.

  18. sanj says:

    watched Dredd 2012 – some amazing visuals – basic story – needs more humor – best actor in this is Lena Headey.

  19. Don R. Lewis says:

    palmtree- I can see why you’d think HOMELAND fits that description, but it’s much more than some pseudo-spy, alarmist story. There’s real characters in the show with serious depth. And the acting is indeed outstanding even if John Hamm is better than Jonesy from DREAMCATCHER.

  20. Roger Darling says:

    David — what do you think of the pending sale of Variety to Deadline’s owner? Will the marriage work?

  21. movieman says:

    OK, I surrender.
    I’m 9 episodes in, and “Homeland” is looking more and more like pretty good termite art.
    It has the blunt, inelegant, tabloid-pulp style of vintage Larry Cohen (“The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover,” “God Told Me To”).
    I still think the performances are uneven (to say the least) and that it has all the visual luster of mid-’70s network TV, but what can I say? Color me hooked.
    It’s as addictive as a bag of M&Ms.
    And about as nourishing.

  22. Krillian says:

    I still love Dexter, but they’re never going to top the Lithgow year. But I’m at least looking forward to how they handle the cliffhanger.

    I’m going to get Showtime once Dexter and Homeland are on. They’re the only Showtime shows worth watching. I tried The Borgias for about five episodes but found myself going “Well, it’s no Tudors.”

    So, yeah, Homeland’s good, but my faves are Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. I’d put Homeland about on par with Mad Men and above Boardwalk Empire. I haven’t started season 3 yet, but I felt like season 2 squandered a lot of what season 1 built.

    Everything good seems to be on cable. What’s your favorite network drama? I’d have to go with The Good Wife.

  23. SamLowry says:

    Looks like some people at NBC really need to get a clue:

    Drama About Young Thomas Edison From Producer Mark Johnson Set Up At NBC.

    Do they not realize just how hated Edison is? Before they go any further they should read
    Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived
    , where the writer tries to find every way imaginable to call Edison a douchebag.

    (And yes, not only does he mention how Edison electrocuted kidnapped dogs in an attempt to make Tesla look bad, but there’s also that ugly incident where Tesla warned about the dangers of playing with X-rays but Edison went ahead anyway, causing one of his experimenters to need both arms amputated in a futile attempt to stop the X-ray induced cancer that rapidly ravaged his body.)

  24. LtotheG says:

    Uh, yeah, okay dude, still all fired up over it 400 years later???

  25. Keil Shults says:

    Homeland was the only nominated series that I didn’t mind beating Breaking Bad. I really wonder where the show can go from here, but I’m hoping for the best. I picked up Season 1 on Blu-ray and have been rewatching it in anticipation of the new season (which debuts this coming Sunday).

    Dexter is also worth watching, though not every season’s a winner. Still, the concept and lead character/actor are so compelling that it’s well worth one’s time.

    Weeds started off okay and never really improved, often venturing into Ryan Murphy territory. If I weren’t such a completist there’s no way I’d still be suffering through it.

    I haven’t seen most other Showtime shows, but I’d like to try Brotherhood at some point.

    Of course, it’s hard to fully love any new series once you’ve consumed The Wire.

  26. Nick Rogers says:

    My biggest beef with last season of “Dexter” was, no spoiler here, the interminable wait for a reveal so glaringly obvious to anyone who’s seen a certain movie from 1999. Seriously, it took them, what, 10 episodes to come clean on something people were suspicious about starting in episode two? I’ll agree that Michael C. Hall is good enough to keep watching, but even after last season’s capper, does it really need 24 more episodes to wrap things up?

    And the Lithgow season is one for the ages. The Smits one? Not so much.

  27. Nick Rogers says:

    Make that two movies from 1999, I suppose, which, depending on how you look at it, either clears or muddies the waters.

  28. sanj says:

    dredd 2012 – there’s this one big scene with lots of bullets that i find amazing …it lasts about 5 minutes
    and i was wondering how they even did that …

    so yeah it be nice to have a dp/30 with the computer graphic guys for this ..but seeing how the computer graphic guys from John Carter – Battleship – Avengers didn’t make it … its not like these computer graphics can be made using an ipad or something …

    just weird how big studios spend 200 million bucks on movies and can’t get a dp/30 ..meanwhile some indie dude who makes a super cheap film gets a dp/30 first ..

  29. StellaPD says:

    Dexter will never top the Trinity Killer. That will be the high point for the main bad guy(s) on the show. I’m also looking forward to seeing how they handle last season’s major revelation. It was a long time coming and it should breathe some life into the show, which it needs. Travis was pretty boring and yeah it was glaringly obvious from the start. I’m hoping the revelation takes things to another level. Still, Hall is always magnetic and capable of carrying the show. And I love the show’s atmosphere/mood, even during seasons with weak killer(s). The music, the voiceover, the seedy parts of steamy Miami, it’s a potent cocktail.

    The only network drama I watch is Grimm. It’s a guilty pleasure and I enjoy it. The last network drama I watched and loved was Awake, which sadly was canceled.

  30. sanj says:

    every year this Iranian President Ahmadinejad shows up on the news saying wacky stuff and the news guys cover it…
    usually its about stuff they think is important like weapons..and every year nothing major happens .

    cnn covers him the most it seems – he gives speeches and they cover it live … doesn’t it seem like Ahmadinejad is the LexG of world leaders ?

    if Ahmadinejad was on here he’d say “i’ve got nuclear weapons” like 100 times …

    i’d like to see some balanced documentary on this guy ..

  31. Don R. Lewis says:

    Agree with all y’all on DEXTER but I don’t think the show will “go all the way” this season with the OTHER half of the cliffhanger which involves Deb’s feelings for Dexter.

  32. SamLowry says:

    Aw man, my reply to Lex’s deleted comment where he blasted people obsessed with things that happened “400 years ago” (referring to Edison) looks like a bizarre non-sequitur.

    And yes, Lex, people are still pissed about Thomas Edison and in love with Nikola Tesla, which is why a Kickstarter campaign was able to buy Tesla’s old lab to save it from destruction so it could be turned into a museum.

    I should learn to stop replying to messages that I know will get yanked.

    Also, I just read Finke’s comment that beautiful women can’t be funny and realized that no one who slimed her mentions that she said the same about handsome men…which is absolutely correct. For me, Exhibit A is Van Wilder. When I first saw the poster for that one I wondered “Why the eff would I want to watch that smug pretty-boy?” an assumption that was confirmed years later when I caught parts of it on cable because: a) it’s not funny, and b) it’s trying to rip off Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, which worked only because I suspected that Parker was deeply closeted and all these stunts, much like wrestling, are a distraction to prevent his classmates from thinking too much about who he really is.

  33. storymark says:

    Uh… Sam… Lex’s comment is still there…

  34. Mike says:

    I know it’s off most peoples’ radar because it got defined by its first three seasons, but Nurse Jackie last season completely changed its formula, and was an amazing half-hour drama with a bit of comedy. I enjoyed that more than I did Homeland.

    The last network drama I followed was FNL, and that became more of a cable show by season 3. I keep meaning to try to get into Parenthood, but just can’t seem to do it. I have Awake on my DVR, but it’s just a matter of watching it all the way through.

  35. StellaPD says:

    Falco is a sensational actress, and I would like to catch up with Nurse Jackie someday just because I’m sure she makes it worth watching.

  36. SamLowry says:

    Storymark, I’m pretty sure it was gone when I wrote my message. Or maybe I need to sign up for some meds, which I probably should do anyway.

  37. SamLowry says:

    Nick, I haven’t seen any Dexter since season 5 (which had a lousy opening storyline that was rather oddly dropped, though still unresolved, the moment Lumen appeared), and was wondering if by “a certain movie from 1999″ you meant Dexter and Deb were the same person. Or Dexter and Masuka, or, Harry never gave him any help and Dex whipped up a sympathetic ear out of whole cloth, or…I’ll stop reading lest I pick up another spoiler.

    Can’t believe I was searching the web for the best price for season 3 and someone in their very first sentence said “Wow, wasn’t that amazing when @(*&^#+% was killed at the end of season 4?” I coulda reached through my monitor and strangled them. I had to sit through TWO YEARS of the show knowing the big spoiler, which, admittedly, gave it all a whole new vibe. A sense of inevitability, like Robin Hood firing an arrow into the air to mark the spot where he wanted to be buried.

  38. StellaPD says:

    None of the above Sam. Doesn’t involve any of those characters.

  39. Don R. Lewis says:

    That season with Julia Stiles was the worst season, IMHO. I didn’t get the point of it at all. It didn’t advance any characters, etc. Stiles was fine, it was just an “off” season. And no, Sam, like Stella said. But you’re on the right track.

    Did anyone else think dead German superstar Falco when Stella said that above or was it just me?

  40. palmtree says:

    Don, thanks for the recommendation. It’s just unfortunate that I probably will never enjoy it, because I disagree with the premise. btw, I felt a similar thing with Damages…a show that featured some great acting and characters and an absolutely repulsive premise.

  41. SamLowry says:

    I’ll always associate “Rock Me Amadeus” with “Falco”, but I’m starting to get bothered by the youngster tendency to think everyone knows who you mean when you incarnate a new single-name celebrity without realizing that most people have no idea which “Jennifer” or “Drake” or “Dustin” you’re talking about.

    And if you were watching MTV twenty years ago and heard “Julie Brown will be up next”, you still had to wonder which one.

  42. StellaPD says:

    I really wish I had just said Edie Falco. Didn’t seem necessary in a discussion of Nurse Jackie.

    What’s the premise of Damages? I know it involves lawyers but beyond that and the cast it’s a show I’ve never paid much attention to.

  43. Don R. Lewis says:

    Anyone else feel that Psy/Gangnam Style craze is just a Korean version of “Rock Me Amadeus?”

  44. bulldog68 says:

    On the theatrical side of things, doesn’t Joe Dante have any cred left over from Gremlins and Small Soldiers and Explorers, all titles that I have fond memories of and to watch with my kids? His new The Hole is being released for this weekend and then the DVD drops on Tuesday. And the thing is after being released internationally, it got decent reviews. Surely worse has graced the silver screen. Anybody know the story behind why the shoddy treatment for this film?

  45. Don R. Lewis says:

    Huh, strange. All of the finger pointing/accusatory tweets from Devin Faraci calling Joe Swanberg a cheap shot that are on the MCN twitter feed have been deleted by Devin after he was proven wrong. Weird how that works, huh?

  46. SamLowry says:

    Stella, didn’t bother me. And it gave us a chance to mention “Rock Me Amadeus”–how many times you think that’ll happen again?

    As for The Hole: “There’s something deeply nostalgic about the tone of this trailer harkening back to a time where kid movies where allowed to feel deranged and dangerous.”

    Maybe that’s the problem right there–don’t want to upset the wee ones too much…although it’s okay to take them to Saw when you can’t get a sitter.

  47. sanj says:

    i remember watching Amadeus once but don’t remember any of the movie now but i did watch the music video like 50 times when i had recorded it on vcr ..

    if Justin Bieber can’t get a dp/30 – i don’t see how if Mozart was around noow he’d get a dp/30 too … and yet
    the guy who did the Muppets movie gets a dp/30 ..kinda sucks for old Wolfgang getting beaten by Kermit the frog.

    even Colbert has had some classical music on his show .

    i really like this version of it …

    Rock Me Amadeus Remix

  48. cadavra says:

    One problem with THE HOLE is that it was shot in 3-D at a time when there weren’t a lot of screens available, so distribs weren’t interested in a “small” 3-D movie. It’s also an old-fashioned horror film (think William Castle without the campy humor) which gets its scares largely from things you see out of the corner of your eye, or the odd sound effect (at least until the climax), rather than blood-splattering and loud noises. It also didn’t help that the producers took the film away from Joe and re-edited it to eliminate much of the exposition, as well as quickening the pace–without realizing that the human eye needs a few seconds to reprocess each new image in 3-D; otherwise, headache territory. Ultimately, they restored the slower pace but the other cuts remained, leaving a lot of character motivation unexplained.

    Here’s the bottom line: Why hire a director with a name and a well-known style if you’re just gonna fuck him over? Either direct it yourself or hire some 22-year-old kid who’s so thrilled to get the gig that he won’t mind what you do with his footage.

  49. sanj says:

    new tv series – neighbours – abc …. i didn’t hate it as much .. but if it gets cancelled you guys should watch ..
    at least there are new actors on the show ..

    “It’s a series so profoundly awful that the universal reaction to it will (must) be: “How in the hell did this get made?””

  50. Ace says:

    Caught a screening of Looper tonight in the Bay Area, was excited to check it out after reading the interesting premise and seeing the well put together trailer. Plus I’m a fan of sci fi and I thought Rian Johnson’s Brick was great (Brothers Bloom underwhelmed me).

    It was a great movie. The advertising for this movie was perfect, I won’t be giving anything away, but everyone does a fantastic job and the movie has more going on than I anticipated. It takes it’s time to build up the story and characters before really rolling into gear, but once it does it had me completely hooked and I was super interested to see what would happen next.

    No, the makeup on Joseph Gordon Levitt does not detract from the movie or his performance.

  51. bulldog68 says:

    @Ace, here’s what I posted last night on FB regarding Looper. I saw it in Vancouver BC.

    It’s been awhile since a truly original movie came down the film funnel, and Looper is that. While it has a few familiar beats, it takes it’s time to develop it’s key characters and tells a unique story. It’s not an empty shiny sci fi movie. It’s gritty, bloody, and as with all time travel movies, messes with your mind, but in the end it’s worth the trip.

  52. StellaPD says:

    So Milwaukee puts on a nice little film festival that opens tonight with Starbuck. Anyone see it? Hope it’s good. Last year’s launched with Natural Selection which I didn’t really like.

  53. cadavra says:

    NEIGHBORS is indeed awful. Not a bad premise, but boy, did they find every conceivable way to make it unfunny.

    OTOH, I loved PARTNERS. Good, old-fashioned character comedy in the classic tradition of jokes coming out of the characters rather than being jackhammered into the script. Which means, of course, that it’ll be gone by Christmas.

  54. sanj says:

    watched the looper dp/30 – – i’d already seen 5 different video interviews – DP finally gets JGL and gets no real questions about Batman / Inception …
    Johnson did way better interviews … overall a standard dp/30 …

    also watched pitch perfect dp/30 – this one had way more details about the movie – Elizabeth Banks was pretty good except i wanted her to be funnier …she did talk about her husband a lot so lets see him in a dp/30 …

    Olivia Wilde was on the daily show promoting buttter …and that only last 10 seconds and they talked about her going to Africa ….Jon probably knew what a bad movie it was and changed topics quick.

    nobody really cares about my dp/30 reviews do they .
    DP probably skips them….too busy writing 2500 words on how much deadline sucks….a dp/30 with Nikki Finke would be amazing….i mean regular people have no idea who she is…doesn’t pop up on tv too often – compared to other major people covering hollywood movies.

    also actors should get a “i survived being in a dp/30 interview ” tshirt ..

  55. David Poland says:

    I read all your comments, sanj. No point in arguing your takes. As the object of your opinions, in these cases, I can only really consider them and process them along with others and my own perspective.

    I will say that few actors, especially with their director sitting next to them, are sitting down, happy to discuss previous work in any depth.

    I also think you may be DP/30 burnt out. I certainly don’t love every interview I do. But I don’t recall the last one that wasn’t written off as “an average DP/30″ or worse for you. I imagine that I wouldn’t feel that much different if I watched every interview without the context I have. I am still happy with the format and getting more out of the talent than 4 jokes/stories set-up by a pre-interview and conversations that highlight the interviewer’s comic skill.

    But yes, you are heard. At least by me.

  56. sanj says:

    alright DP – all i know is that i like 80% of the sundance interviews the most – standard dp/30’s just don’t offer anything new or extra – they are fine for what they are .

    burnt out – maybe but only cause i watched most of the tiff 2012 press conferences – worst one was Cloud Atlas with like 18 people on the panel – the best one was stories 2 stories – where like 4 different directors discussed movie critics and why they suck in detail.
    those 10 minutes should have gone viral on the movie blogs ..but didn’t .

    the time i could waste on watching some reality show – i usually watch or listen to interviews .

    i listen to a lot of nerdist podcasts – and quite a few 1 hour interviews are simply better and more fun than the dp/30’s … they do get a lot of actors from tv ..and not
    just the big name actors – a nice mix … the nerdist Anna Kendrick 1 hour was fun and real – just like the Jen Lawrence dp/30 ….

    i actually went to see Killer Joe cause of the dp/30 …how much feedback do you get just based off that .
    i saw one interview and i actually went out and paid
    money to see this movie … people like K-Stew don’t matter but its mostly the indie movies …

    my favorite interviewer still continues to be Stephen Colbert – dude is so different than other late night talk show hosts …very fast and funny.

  57. Joshua/CaptainZahn says:

    You know, I like Meryl Streep as much as the next guy, but does she have to play every high profile role for an actress in her age bracket? Sally Field or Judy Davis would have been great in this:

  58. Hallick says:

    “burnt out – maybe but only cause i watched most of the tiff 2012 press conferences – worst one was Cloud Atlas with like 18 people on the panel – the best one was stories 2 stories – where like 4 different directors discussed movie critics and why they suck in detail.
    those 10 minutes should have gone viral on the movie blogs ..but didn’t .”

    sanj, you do realize that you’re the one playing the “critic” to Poland’s “director” in these posts, right?

    Go get your own camera and get out there and do some goddamn great work of your own already or something. You always come off like the eight year old kid at the dinner table whose mom is constantly telling “Well if you don’t like how I make dinner, you can fix your own dinner from now on!”

  59. sanj says:

    sometimes DP asks an interesting question but the person just doesn’t provide enough details and DP doesn’t do
    the best job at following up …

    there’s no way i could do what DP does …maybe there should be a dp/30 home version board game . get on’ll be bigger than tickle me elmo for the holidays.

  60. sanj says:

    DP/30 @TIFF 2012: Apres Mai/Something In The Air, writer/director Olivier Assayas

    – the best part was when he talked about film vs digital …cut those 5 minutes and put that up …

    – overall 7.5/10

    theres no point for me going to looper the first week since it’ll be sold out – too many people …..
    small indie movies don’t have this problem.

  61. sanj says:

    Tom Hardy myspace pictures – looks super scary …

  62. sanj says:

    DP – the new tv season is on – where are the tv reviews ?
    you got a dozen hours worth of video to watch … any new
    dp/30 emmy watch coming up ?

    tv shows like glee – the office and grey’s anaotmy should be cancelled by now – none of its funny or dramatic –
    these actors are just lucky they get to do all the same
    stuff they’ve been doing for years …does no critic ever
    ask them about that ?

    greys – every story has been done . people die and stuff –

    the office – too many funny people not being funny anymore – all the actors are producers

    glee – they need fancy guest stars for people to watch –
    the stories are getting lame … are teens that stupid they
    keep watching …

    anybody like these shows ? any actors you think can
    be movie stars …happened with Steve Carell ..

    everybody on here keeps talking about cable ows but not any network shows ….

    i hope when arrested developement comes back …hopefully it won’t suck .

  63. YancySkancy says:

    The DP30 Home Game is a great idea, sanj. Soon I’ll be putting up interviews with my mom, my Uncle Austin and my community college English professor, Mr. Butler. Lots of details, and they cover the full span of their careers. Stay tuned!

  64. sanj says:

    watched we are legion the story of the hacktivists 2012

    – about a few groups of computer hackers and activistswho protest and take down major companies ….
    the good part – its in normal english –

    – lots of crazy chaos that happens when things get broken in to .. besides the credit card hacking – huge groups can
    and do go after 1 person and make their life total hell ..

    lots of talk about censorship too ..

    if your a movie critic you really should watch this ..
    not quite sure if its oscar material or not … cause its not quite balanced ….


    Via the filmmakers:


    UPDATE: A note for our followers and supporters:

    “The film that leaked is a very old version of the film that we believe was sent to a festival in Italy over 6-7 months ago. Since it is an early rough cut of the film it has inaccuracies, incomplete visuals and lacks a lot of attribution for materials we received from people helping with the film. Also, since we’ve been working on the film nearly continuously for the last 6-7 months, it is also lacking a huge amount of material and content. Anon has been busy, and obviously has experienced some interesting revelations, during that time. The version we are finishing now for the official release has 5-6 more interviews, a deeper analysis of Anonymous and the culture, and a vastly broadened set of visuals and story.

    “In the interest of getting it right, showing the best possible version of the film and being fair to the thousands of people who helped us, we hope you see the official version which will be in theaters in New York and LA on October 19th, and online October 30th.”

  65. sanj says:

    30 minute interview with director that talks about the documentary –

    Brian Knappenberger: The Story of the Hacktivists

  66. sanj says:

    watched – DP/30: Anna Karenina

    i don’t know how DP does it but didn’t talk to Keira and Jude about any other movies they’ve done…
    same thing happened with K-Stew and JGL ….

    DP had a few minutes to ask Keira about the pirates movies .. if she didn’t want to talk about it thats fine ..

    compare these interviews with the freebie part 2 where Dax spends about 10 minutes talking about a whole bunch of movies he’s not even in …and somehow Katie didn’t get upset and leave ..

    the sundance dp/30’s are just better – maybe its cause of the fresh mountain air over there makes the interviews more fun or something .

    also the DP/30: Anna Karenina had some great audio ..the best i’ve heard in weeks… Anna Karenina dp/30 was better than the Looper dp/30 .

  67. sanj says:

    watched DP/30: Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best

    – DP you got the actors name wrong – its Michael Weston

    … i liked this dp/30 – it was real – lots of fun – not a standard dp/30 .

    ….wanted 5 minutes more so they could talk about all
    the tv series they’ve done

    overall – 8.5/10

    everybody should watch this but everybody is probably going crazy over that boring K-Stew interview .

    DP – get Simon West back for Stolen – only way you might be able to get Nic Cage for a dp/30 …. plus
    get back Josh Lucas and maybe Malin Ackerman …
    i don’t see many interviews for this film … so it seems
    like big name actors in a indie film .

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