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BYOB: Paul Ryan Gosling

73 Responses to “BYOB: Paul Ryan Gosling”

  1. etguild2 says:

    Gosling’s ten best performances

    10. Crazy, Stupid Love/The Notebook
    9. The United States of Leland
    8. The Ides of March
    7. Murder By Numbers
    6. Lars and the Real Girl
    5. All Good Things
    4. Blue Valentine
    3. The Believer
    2. Drive
    1. Half Nelson

  2. etguild2 says:

    Paul Ryan’s best performances:

    6. Voting in the extreme against women’s rights
    5. Proposing a tax plan that would increase the current middle class rate while lowering the rate for those making above 1,000,000
    4. Proposing a Medicare voucher system and later tweaking it so it isn’t technically a voucher but is still essentially the same
    3. On Obama : he’s becoming more bitter and partisan by the day. Frankly, it’s kind of sad to see.”…We’ve gotten kind of used to this sort of verbal tantrums from the president..” “He’s deluded himself into thinking that his so-called enemies are these crazy individualists who believe in some dog-eat-dog society..”
    2. According to his own former aides, seeking to undermine John Boehner’s and Eric Cantor’s leadership to seize control of the House of Representatives.
    1. Voting for TARP, Medicare PART D, The Iraq War and the Bush Tax Cuts while saying his only purpose in life is to cut the deficit.

  3. christian says:

    And of course, being Ayn Rand’s BIGGEST FAN – forgetting that she was an atheist through and through. And pro-choice.

  4. Krillian says:

    Gotta love how everyone’s suddenly a sage political analyst on VP announcement day. Kinda like the Olympics when all of us are suddenly great at judging synchronized swimming.

  5. christian says:

    Yeah, assuming that “everyone” has not been paying attention to politics for years.

    My first thought at McCain picking Palin: Brilliant.

    My second thought when I heard her speak: Dumb.

  6. sanj says:

    mix of bring it on and glee ..

    Brittany Snow, Anna Kendrick, and Alexis Knapp
    – lots of singing

    Pitch Perfect Official HD Movie Trailer

  7. leahnz says:

    this paul ryan guy scares the shit out of me, if by some horror he get into office it’s a sure sign of the apocalypse (ryan gosling on the other hand does not scare the shit out of me, he’s alright)

  8. LYT says:

    As much as everyone assumes now that Palin was a bad pick, she did increase the enthusiasm for that ticket among Republicans. She definitely alienated some moderates, but probably made up for it with the amounts of the base she got to turn out.

    Ryan is smarter and less libertarian than she was. He is also less charismatic, except to those obsessed with finances. Be interesting to see how the spotlight of a national stage affects him.

  9. sanj says:

    what i like about the youtube is that there seems to be unlimited amount of time

    the lights and lasers in this concert are pretty cool considering it was from 1994 – its not something they could make up at the local radio shack back then ..

    i’ve only heard a few of their songs and don’t know
    the big history behind the band.

    just skip to random parts of the video and see fancy colors…

    Pink Floyd HD – PULSE Full Concert

  10. SamLowry says:

    Oddly enough, most of the “crazy” stuff happened after they parted ways with the one certifiably crazy member of the band.

  11. sanj says:

    music bands that have been around for 25 years have a real long history – rolling stones – pink floyd – u2 –
    – usually it means band member dies of some drug overdose … oh yeah i remember watching that woodstock documentary about that big concert with lots of famous musicians back then …

    anybody care about this anymore ? why aren’t you old movie critics forcing people to care …put this into HD format and rerun it on a music channel

    there was woodstock in 1999 – which i also sorta remember on tv but “was marred by violence, rape, fires and an abrupt ending to the festival ”

    so i guess it doesn’t matter which year you make a
    really huge musical festival – somebody is going to get hurt…if you have 200,000 people at the same place.

    awesome old interviews….

    WOODSTOCK Music Festival Short Film 1970

  12. Joe Leydon says:

    Krillian: Some of us have followed politics for years.

  13. Aaron Aradillas says:

    A certain Hollywood industry blogger (not Mr. Poland) is furious at me for a off-the-cuff joke I made in an interview recorded 15 months ago. The interview just posted today. I’m kinda scared. Should I hide?

  14. christian says:

    LYT, I disagree completely. Sarah Palin helped McCain LOSE. My Republican friends voted for Obama after witnessing Palin’s disastrous VP debate. Palin shored up the fringe base – that’s it. And you see the tatters today.

    Ryan is not “smart” at all – he looks like a smug 18 year old in a man’s suit. I’m sure Seniors and Women will be eager to hear this man-child tell them they have it too good.

  15. LexG says:

    I like him.

  16. sanj says:

    Celebrity Ghost Stories is a real show – something i figured southpark would makeup – why is this on the biography channel ? they are selling the dvds at 19.99 .
    somebody out there is actually buying this .

    i just checked and most of the celebrities don’t have a dp/30 . DP should talk about celebrity ghosts for a full 30 minutes.

    Celebrity Ghost Stories delivers a compelling, surprising and downright chilling look into the world of the paranormal by those who believe they have experienced the other side —

  17. movieman says:

    (ryan gosling on the other hand does not scare the shit out of me, he’s alright)

    Classic Leah!
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning, friend. (I really needed that.)

  18. leahnz says:

    aw i’m happy to make you happy movieman, hope things are on the upswing :-/

  19. SamLowry says:

    Thanks, sanj, for pointing out how painfully stupid TV shows are becoming. Idiot producers keep coming up with idiotic ideas, hoping the idiots at home will stick around for at least a few idiotic episodes–does anyone still believe Idiocracy wasn’t a documentary?

    But of course it’s not just TV that’s the problem–I was about to comment on a Charles Murray piece in the WSJ which stated that capitalism’s image problem is the result of government interference and regulations when I noticed the most recent comment was an accusation that Obama must’ve paid someone to write this sleazy piece of trash. Sigh and wow–you just can’t make up that level of stupid.

    Maybe that’s why I often sided with Bond’s villains–wiping out Earthbound humanity while rebooting civilization under the sea or on a space station doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

  20. christian says:

    Ah, Chuck Murray the racist who still gets play in the WSJ and with Andrew Sullivan. Yep, regulations soured folks on Enron, Wall Street and etc.

    The GOP Titanic is sinking.

  21. cadavra says:

    “Palin shored up the fringe base – that’s it. And you see the tatters today.”

    What are you talking about? Those “tatters” took control of the House and won numerous Senate seats and statehouses in 2010. They’ve solidified their control of the media and have mainstreamed beliefs that just a few years ago were considered certifiable, and are pouring billions into propaganda to maintain and increase their control of this nation. And the Palin family has become so powerful that not only do they keep getting TV shows but Dick Cheney–Dick Cheney!–actually apologized to Sarah after suggesting she wasn’t a good VP choice. Don’t kid yourself: we’re standing on the edge of the precipice with these clowns–and they’re standing right behind us ready to shove us over.

  22. christian says:

    The Emo-Liberals helped in 2010 with their whines of OBAMA ISN’T DOING ANYTHING WAHHH — and these Tea Party tools took over. But to diminishing returns as a plurality of Americans clearly don’t align themselves with Palin.

    The GOP is learning that they can’t talk to America like they talk on FOX and AM radio. Sunlight has exposed them and the results are Obama trouncing the single worst presidential ticket I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. It’s such a stark contrast in ideologies that if America does end up with Romney-Ryan, cest la vies.

    BTW, my primary evidence is in the past week I had three libertarian non-fans of Obama tell me they’re voting for him this time because they find Romney so plastic and inauthentic….and dangerous. I’m not being partisan – if I thought Romney had an iota of skill I’d give him props. But how can you run for President and REFUSE to answer the most basic questions? And in a debate, Romney-Ryan is gonna be fun.

  23. SamLowry says:

    Well, I read one opinion piece saying the worst that could happen to Ryan is his side wins, because then he and his Tea Party base would have to reconcile their economic plans with Romney’s, and they ain’t even close.

    …while all Biden has to do during the debate with Ryan is mention Medicare in every response.

  24. etguild2 says:

    The polls in the last week have been brutal for Romney. Fox News, CNN, Reuters and Christian Science Monitor all showed Obama with a lead of at least 7 points…so he needed to do something to shake up the race.

    Ironically he would have shaken up the race by picking a moderate like Condi Rice or Brian Sandoval who would have swayed independents. Picking Ryan just hands Florida to Obama.

  25. christian says:

    Which reveals the GOP’s fundamental disconnect – that a “real conservative” would win. Gingrich said today that Romney-Ryan’s lack of foreign policy experience “gives them an advantage.” Wow. These are the real conservatives and they’re ignorant buffoons.

  26. Paul D/Stella says:

    If someone already mention this and I missed it, my apologies. But do people here remember the special election in New York back in spring 2011? Democrat Kathy Hochel won in a heavily Republican district (NY 26). The campaign was all about the Ryan budget. Her opponent supported it and Hochel did not. She frequently mentioned her opponent’s support for “the Medicare killing Ryan budget plan.”

    Ryan might indeed be a bold choice for a running mate, but he also seems to be a choice that cements Romney’s defeat. Does Ryan get him any votes he did not already have? Does Ryan appeal to anyone outside of solid conservatives who would never dream of voting for Obama? Tea partiers and hard-core righties might love Ryan’s budget plan, but seniors and moderates sure don’t seem to be fans. Social conservatives can’t be thrilled since social issues aren’t likely to be discussed much if at all. I just don’t see how this helps Mitt on election day.

    In the end Palin hurt McCain. She clearly generated rabid support from the base, but those were people who were going to vote McCain anyway. She hurt him with moderates and independents. He needed those votes to win and she scared them off.

  27. christian says:

    In the end, if you can’t run a competent campaign…

  28. etguild2 says:

    Wow I missed that. Wasn’t practically the entire 2008 GOP campaign centered around the lack of foreign policy experience Obama had, even though Biden had been Chairman of Foreign Relations in the Senate?

    Then again it’s Newt…

    And yeal Paul D/Stella, check out the front page of the Miami Herald today: “Ryan Could Hurt Romney in Florida” is the lead headline.

    I think Ryan does attract right-leaning Ron Paul libertarians who may have sat out or voted for Gary Johnson, and will make Wisconsin a bit closer, but that is about it…

  29. LYT says:

    All the libertarians I’ve been hearing from hate Ryan as a choice. “Ron Paul, not Wrong Paul” has been a refrain.

    They’re very selective about not noticing Ron Paul’s anti-abortion, anti-gay views, but happy to point them out in Ryan.

  30. Paul D/Stella says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how Ryan impacts Wisconsin. He’s pretty divisive here. A recent poll showed his popularity rating a little bit higher than his unpopularity rating, with more than 30% having no opinion, which seems like a lot.

    Many Libertarians sure like to cherry pick Ron Paul’s views, like some conservative Christians and the bible.

  31. sanj says:

    everytime i watch Ron Paul on the tv – he seems super smart and gives answers … hasn’t he been running president since the 80’s …

    also – why can’t a local city mayor be the president ? like without being in congress ….

    Ron Paul talks about gold on Colbert – funny

  32. sanj says:

    new horror film – 1 minute …

    Frogz Legz trailer

  33. christian says:

    Ron Paul is just about the best political speaker there is – he’s just half-insane.

  34. Keil Shults says:

    People see what they want to see, as always. You’ll find any ammo to tear down your opponent while turning a blind eye to all your own faults, or at least finding a way to justify them.

  35. christian says:

    Yes, but people that want to do away with a woman’s right to choose in case of rape are wrong.

  36. SamLowry says:

    I was trying to craft a hilarious argument about rape when I realized that if an abortion violates God’s will, then so do seatbelts. And hardhats. And safety harnesses. Heck, we all might as well get drunk, grab a loaded gun, and wander around construction sites blindfolded, secure in the knowledge that if God wants us to survive, he’ll protect us.

    …because he obviously hated those people in Aurora.

  37. Don R. Lewis says:

    Man, Alfred Hitchcock is getting his ass kicked lately for things I think anyone paying attention already knew. I just read the front page piece about what a “horrible” practical joker he was and man, cut the guy some slack. Obviously the upcoming movies in which he tortures Tippi Hedren are the reason, but does anyone else think that our PC society is also “to blame” for the turnaround of opinion on Hitchcock?

    Again, anyone who’s done any kind of film study knows he was a pretty warped guy. His films show that. But now all these tabloidish claims are flying and I wonder what impact they’ll have on his legacy.

  38. christian says:

    I think Donald Spoto, who made a cottage career out of creepizing Hitchcock, started all this.

  39. SamLowry says:

    I was about to mention the worst of them all, but then saw it at the very end of the article. Yes, The Dark Side of Genius was full of stories like that one. (And IIRC, Elsie Randolph had such a severe asthmatic attack after the phone box “joke” that she nearly died.)

    Also, his tendency to drop everything and take off on a sudden vacation–even in the midst of shooting–eventually bit him in the ass when he got word that his mother was dying but was told rather firmly that he couldn’t leave because he had already taken too many unauthorized days off. The kicker was that she could have survived if he had been there to talk her into visiting a hospital, which she absolutely refused to do on her own.

  40. SamLowry says:

    I’m also glad to see Boyle plans to release the opening ceremony on DVD. I didn’t catch any of it and NBC is damned determined to make sure nobody gets to watch any of it.

  41. Keil Shults says:

    I refuse to buy the Opening Ceremony, because Boyle ignored my suggestions to have Karl Pilkington carry the torch during the final leg of its journey. Also, what the hell is a “DVD?”

  42. sanj says:

    how come nobody talks about the Conan / Leno tonight show war anymore ? it was the most important thing like when
    Conan got mad at nbc and left for his own show ..

    i was never a huge fan of Leno at any point . he’s just so average in every interview.

    so Leno is getting older …will he ever retire ? who’s going to replace him ?

    there’s like 8 talk show hosts during late night and DP hasn’t done any dp/30 with them . are they not worthy ?

    is it time to retire the tonight show brand ?

  43. sanj says:

    “Galifianakis’s rep could not be reached for comment.”

    yeah so big name actors can’t confirm something like this basic question. yo hangover guy – you get married or what.

    Did Zach Galifianakis Get Married Over the Weekend?

  44. chris says:

    Fascinating LA Times story about Chinese releases of US blockbusters linked on the main MCN page. Somehow the writer finds two Fridays, separated by the usual number of days, “within the same week.”

  45. sanj says:

    Robert Pattinson was just on the daily show promoting Cosmopolis ,,,,

    overall – funny interview but K-Stew wasn’t even mentioned…

    anybody still care about this ?

  46. sanj says:

    Kristen Ruhlin – my pick for LOOK AT HER!!! … lots of new movies coming out – dp/30 her now DP before she gets too famous .

  47. etguild2 says:

    @chris, great piece

    It’s amazing to realize TDK wasn’t released in China due to censorship, and Titanic wasn’t let in initially.

  48. Triple Option says:

    sanj, how did you find out about Kristen? Are you a fan of The Ohio State University? Did you get a newsletter w/her in it? Cute girl, liked the pic of her on the metal cabinet.

    Bootlegging is so prevalent in China. I wonder if they make any attempt to remove titles they ban from theaters and official release there or if they’re treated w/the same indifference.

  49. sanj says:

    looked through the cast of She Wants Me 2012

    i knew who Josh Gad and Hilary Duff are ..but had no idea
    who Kristen is ….she’s an indie actress and DP likes those…

    i also figured Kristen Connolly would be more famous by n ow – i liked her in The Cabin in the Woods ..but she only has a few projects coming … still want a dp/30 with her too..

    imdb is a great way of finding new actors ..some who aren’t as famous as they should be ..

    with tiff 2012 fest coming up there should be at least 50 new actors who most people haven’t heard of.

    none of my dp/30 requests ever come true so i’m not expecting anything .

  50. sanj says:

    the reality shows keep on coming …

    high school moms – reality show on tlc ..

    Follow the real-life drama at a Colorado high school devoted exclusively to pregnant girls and teen moms. With nursing facilities and a day care center in the building, these girls are given every opportunity to continue their education while tackling the tasks of caring for a baby. Every day brings new challenges to the school’s dedicated teachers and students, as the girls try to balance schoolwork, sonograms, diapers and dreams of a bright future.

  51. sanj says:

    so Soledad O’Brien and Erin Burnett have a full hour to talk about whatever they want and stuff … but have any of them broken actual news …news that actually matters to real people … these 2 hit some sort of jackpot getting on cnn just yammering …

    i remember when Soledad was on cnet / discovery channel doin tech stuff / news . she was good at it .

    i remember when Erin was on cnbc doing pure business reports – she was good at it .

    going to cnn seems like a step up but is it really ?

    anybody actually watch these 2 on cnn or elsewhere ?

    DP you have any commments ?

  52. SamLowry says:

    Evolution stands up to bullies

    “In a study published Monday…Sergey Gavrilets uses mathematical models to investigate just why humans exhibit strong egalitarian, or socially equal, behaviors.

    “He concludes that by standing up to bullies and preventing them from monopolizing resources…people evolved a genetic drive to help weak individuals fight back.

    “That drive, according to Gavrilets, ultimately led to widespread cooperation among humans as well as empathy and compassion.”

    Sounds like the Republicans are fighting hard against millions of years of evolution; let’s hope evolution wins in the end.

  53. SamLowry says:

    Oh how special: If you follow the Google doodle celebrating Julia Child’s 100th birthday, you get to see a Google biography featuring a picture not of Child but Meryl Streep AND Amy Adams. Julie Powell is listed in the first position as “People also search for”.

    So nice to be remembered for a book and movie you absolutely detested.

  54. sanj says:

    watched all episodes of black dynamite animated series –

    i really don’t like the colors they use .. i’ve been used to
    the colors from southpark / futurama / family guy for so long …

    – most of the crazy stories they have end up making sense

    – the best episode is the first one with Michael Jackson …
    it went beyond a basic parody ..

    – the other episode i liked was the holiday episode which
    has a monkey in space …

    – there’s a lot of 70’s history they have and they make it with a twist everytime

    … but yeah gotta get a dp/30 with black dynamite animated series ….DP should get on that . does DP even
    watch any animated tv series ? cause ain’t no animated
    tv series getting any dp/30’s . they aren’t part of DP’s emmy watch at all.

  55. SamLowry says:

    6 Movies That Actually Deserve a Remake:

    Not so surprisingly, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is the first nominated–“Basically it’s a highly original universe, with rich characters and a unique steampunk setting, that gets spectacularly pissed away. It is a ferocious, kind of intimidating racehorse piss of wasted potential, and makes me a little angry just thinking about it.”

    And “You don’t have to get too serious; this is a fundamentally silly concept for a universe, so have some fun with it. But when your script features a Victorian-era car racing down the streets of Venice to start an explosion that will stop other explosions, then you need to hold down your backspace key for a couple minutes, because you’ve made a mistake.”

    Don’s always so eager to show up here and tell us how proud he is of LXG because it made money, yet if he’s rebooting all his other movies then how about this one, DONE RIGHT THIS TIME?

  56. Krillian says:

    They’re trying to be funny, but most of the nominations are actually good suggestions. I’d nix Zardoz and Sphere, but LXG, CHUD, Westworld, and Honey I Shrunk the Kids would work.

    Maybe if the 50 Shades movies are hits, they’ll remake Exit to Eden, but give it to a director who won’t think throwing in a Rosie O’Donnell-Dan Aykroyd wacky-undercover-cops subplot is the only way to approach an S&M romance.

    Surprised there’s been no attempt to remake The Outsiders. I’d also nominate Short Circuit. Police Academy.

  57. SamLowry says:

    A remake of Honey I Shrunk the Kids–even if the entire school was shrunk–would probably end up as a Disney Channel original movie, made for less than the catering budget of Ruby Sparks. Unfortunately.

    I’d definitely love to see a remake of Westworld, but it could go either way–either a $200M tentpole handed to some guy who has never seen a movie camera, or a more intimate indie film dependent on the acting skills of the actors (imagine that) because it’s not like you need to build robots or fill the screen with CGI or anything.

  58. sanj says:

    just remake stand by me movie .. HD it up – get a cooler train and some cooler dead people and better kid actors.

  59. SamLowry says:

    Hilarious: A 50 Shades of Grey movie cannot be shown or sold in Australia.

  60. SamLowry says:

    “…the star-studded display is just that – a display, and a simplistic reduction of a very complicated issue.”

    ‘Magnet for vapid celebs’? Support for jailed Russian rockers questioned.

    Really, complicated? If they sang a pro-Putin song would they have spent a single night in jail? And what would the CSM prefer the celebs to do rather than put on a “display”–hire a team of mercenaries to break Pussy Riot out of jail? Maybe we should call the A-Team, because that was their whole raison d’être, right?

    And McWeeny’s dismissal of “Rage”‘s rage because they’ve made money over the years is equally vapid: What would he like them to do to prove their anger, blow up some credit card HQs in Delaware?

  61. SamLowry says:

    So a writer at the LA Times wondering why NC-17 has failed never once confronts the obvious problem: too many parents too cheap or too stupid to leave their kids at home. That’s how you wind up with the too-frequent stories of a small child crying during Hannibal or Saw or The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and the rest of the theater threatening to call CPS on parents who think the problem lies entirely with a child who isn’t man enough to sit quietly through a rape scene and enjoy it like daddy is.

    (These are the exact same people in Idiocracy who wouldn’t think twice about holding a child’s birthday party at the restaurant “Fuddruckers” has evolved into.)

  62. David Poland says:

    Really weak article. Really weak LA Times writer. Slammed it on Twitter…

  63. sanj says:

    hey DP – will you ever put up the sundance / cannes 2012 dp/30 you haven’t posted ? you do so many of these interviews and put up a sneek peek but never seem to put up the entire interview .. beasts of southern wild / reality / parker posey are the ones i’m talking about .

    you might do 15-20 dp/30 for tiff 2012 but then it’ll take months before they are posted.

    hitfix interviews are usually 5 minutes but at least they put them up faster … and therefore i go there and check
    them out – sometimes speed is a good thing when its the most hyped movie of the week …

    if the hunger games bluray coming out this week – why isn’t the Jen Lawerence dp/30 on the front page … this should have a million views by now .

    plus you haven’t done any dp/30 with youtubers with real talent. your missing a lot of super funny people who have great stories to tell …some videos youtubers put up get millions of views.

  64. palmtree says:

    There’s a shot in Slacker showing a Ron Paul for President sign. Yup, that guy’s been at it for over 20 years.

  65. SamLowry says:

    I found the ratings article worthwhile only in the admission that the MPAA is thinking about the possibility of splitting the “R” rating, but the problem there is how do you split that hair? Do you divide sex and violence into two different categories with language as the wild card that could go either way, or do you have a “soft R” and a “hard R” with a dividing line that’ll be decided by frames, seconds and percentages?

    Oh, and if we go with the former and audiences decide the “sexy R” is worse than the “violent R”, Americans will once again become the global laughingstock. But we should be used to that by now.

    (And if anyone wonders what I mean, I was in Canada in the summer of ’82 and could’ve walked into Blade Runner but not The Thing. Difference? The nudity in the former that drew an R in the States hardly mattered to Canadians, but the violence in the latter earned their equivalent of an X.)

  66. sanj says:

    woah – 5 days ago i asked about anybody watching the Leno show on nbc and now 20% of people who work on the show got cut …

    i’m still wondering if tonight show can survive or they’ll replace it with infomercials or some late night reality show.

    DP should take over the tonight show …thats where the dp/30’s could go but live with audience plus 5 minute monlogues about stupid deadline is . it’ll be a huge hit.

  67. SamLowry says:

    I gave up on the late-night chat shows long before I found myself without cable or broadcast reception: Leno, too vapid, and Letterman…let’s just say I’m maintaining my grudge boycott of many years because he once bumped Laurie Anderson. I stayed up through the entire show just to see her but she was bumped in favor of Larry “Bud” Melman and stupid pet tricks and all the usual post-ironic japery his drunken audience seems to like.

    So screw him.

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