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BYOB or Eat That, North Carolina

58 Responses to “BYOB or Eat That, North Carolina”

  1. Triple Option says:

    Has anyone seen “Sound of My Voice”? Is it really a thriller or is it a horror whoring for respect? Any good?

  2. chris says:

    Not exactly a thriller. If you saw the other Brit Marling, “Another Earth,” it’s in that drama-with-vague-supernatural-overtones area, except }Another Earth” was idiotic and “Sound of My Voice” is pretty decent.

  3. Krillian says:

    Congrats, Mr. President, on finding another issue where you agree with Dick Cheney.

  4. sanj says:

    it’s just 3 colors painted . nothing special. why is this worth so much ???

    Mark Rothko art sold for record $86.9m – Orange, red, yellow

  5. sanj says:

    Joss Whedon Thanks The Fans For All THE AVENGERS Support

    “What doesn’t change is anything that matters. What doesn’t change is that I’ve had the smartest, most loyal, most passionate, most articulate group of — I’m not even gonna say fans. I’m going with “peeps” — that any cult oddity such as my bad self could have dreamt of. ”

  6. LYT says:

    Agree with chris. Be forewarned that if you’re sensitive to scenes of people choking on something, as I am, there are some really squirm-inducing moments.

  7. Bart Smith says:

    1.3 million North Carolinians voted Amendment 1 into law.
    7 million Californians voted Prop 8 into law.

    So, why is it that North Carolina gets labelled the backwards, bigoted state?

  8. scooterzz says:

    prop 1 is a lot worse than prop 8 in that it also considers civil unions and domestic partnerships…. the number of people it affects is considerably larger than those affected by prop 8….

  9. Triple Option says:

    Thanks for the info, guys. Yes, totally agree on Another Earth. Good to know.

    Sanj, (or anyone) where was The Rothko hanging before it was sold? Any idea? I believe I’ve seen it person but not sure if I hadn’t just seen prints of it before.

  10. Bart Smith says:

    While Amendment 1 may be more far reaching than Prop 8, North Carolina voters still treated it largely as a law prohibiting same-sex marriage. Something like 60-70% of voters weren’t even aware of its implications beyond that.

  11. hcat says:

    Sanj, if its nothing special go ahead and make one yourself and pick up some quick easy millions.

  12. Big G says:

    So, why is it that North Carolina gets labelled the backwards, bigoted state?

    Because it’s in the South. Duh.

  13. palmtree says:

    Well, I think it has a lot to do with stereotypes unfortunately.

    But also, there’s a map circulating of the counties that were pro and against Prop 1. Out of 100 counties, only something like 7 were against it. All of them were homes to a major university campus.

    Granted NC counties are pretty tiny compared to CA, but it doesn’t look like a very progressive state…whereas California has large swaths of progressive counties.

  14. Rob says:

    Girls! Girls, please! Both your states are full of bigoted assholes and voters who can barely read!

  15. waterbucket says:

    Oy, don’t these people realize that 30-40 years from now, they’ll be ashamed to tell their grandkids that they had ever voted against gay marriage?

  16. David Poland says:

    Sound of My Voice is really a tense drama, not a thriller and definitely not horror.

    I too liked it a lot better than Another Earth and would recommend it with caution (as in, “here’s why it will or will not fit your personal tastes”) to friends

  17. David Poland says:

    A rhetorical debate, Bart, but CA was not an amendment to the state constitution, the majority was smaller, and there was a massive push from outside of the state to sway the vote.

  18. palmtree says:

    DP, actually Prop 8 is an amendment to the CA state constitution.

  19. Glamourboy says:

    Do you think that this latest lawsuit will affect John Travolta’s career in any way? Curious to see what people think.

  20. Bart Smith says:

    The map of the Prop 8 vote county-by-county doesn’t really look all that different from the Amendment 1 map.

    Urban centers in both states voted against. The rural areas voted for. California just happens to have a higher ratio of urban-to-rural population than North Carolina does.

    This isn’t about California being more enlightened across the board than North Carolina. It’s about urban areas versus rural areas.

  21. Triple Option says:

    Groping a masseur? I think he’s safe.

  22. palmtree says:

    Also college educated vs. not.

    Bart, the maps do look different…NC has about 7 out of 100 counties in support of gay marriage. CA has about 14 out of 58 counties. Just judging by the number of counties alone, that’s almost 4 times as much support.

  23. Joshua says:

    Bart: Actually, the five most populous counties in California all voted for Prop 8 (Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino).

  24. cadavra says:

    NC and CA are not at all comparable. Prop 8 was going to be defeated until the Mormons flooded the state at the last minute with millions of dollars’ worth of commercials that flat-out lied and said that the defeat of Prop 8 would bring about a ban on heterosexual marriage. They specifically targeted black media because they think that African-Americans are stupid and would be likelier to believe such a blatant falsehood. And it worked just well enough for them to squeak out a very narrow victory.

  25. Telemachos says:

    SOUND OF MY VOICE is okay — you’ll probably like it more if you’re interested in cults and sociology than if you’re hoping for a genre angle (it does contain science-fiction elements, but honestly they’re not very well thought through or explored).

    The first 10 minutes or so are chilling, though, in a very quiet and subdued way.

  26. sanj says:

    The Met Gala Red Carpet

    100 actress pictures = image heavy .

    look at them fancy dresses.

  27. christian says:

    But but but Obama is just another Republican!!!!!!!!

    And his AWESOME decision might cost him the presidency.

    Oh, and I saw this really fun new film called THE AVENGERS. Whedon knows how to make the scenes pop more than any comic book director since Raimi and I give him props for making Sam Jackson interesting for the first time since KILL BILL. Overlong, but the Hulk Loki moment was just about perfect and clearly Whedon knows his Marvel. He even managed to end the film on a wicked Kirby-esque image. Along with the best post-credits scene. I’ll take my niece and nephew so they can cheer along. It’s easy to see why this film is banking it.

  28. berg says:

    sound of my voice … Nobody notices a metal device with a bright green light in a bunch of white apple vomit?

  29. sanj says:

    fun stuff – quick takedown of Ashton Kutcher doing a commercial

    The Truth with Hasan Minhaj – Ashton Kutcher and PopChips

  30. SamLowry says:

    Waterbucket, 30-40 years from now, everyone will tell their grandkids that THEY voted in favor of gay marriage, and it was those wackos that no one can seem to find who voted against.

  31. Chucky says:

    Stop it! STOP IT! The United States of America is fast becoming a police state and all you’re worried about is “gay marriage”?

    Last time I looked, this was supposed to be a movie-industry site. Amid all the breathless hype for your beloved comic book and superhero movies, I’ve found out something pretty relevant and important.

    AMC Theatres switched its online ticketing fulfillment from to Fandango a few months ago. sued AMC for breaking a contract — now AMC has retaliated by not providing showtimes to How did I figure it out? “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” begins its national release tomorrow and a good number of AMC locations are playing it.

  32. Paul D/Stella says:

    Good detective work. Thank you for shedding light on this vital issue. Fascism usually starts with changes in online ticketing vendors. To think that all these hooples are worried about something frivolous like equal rights when citizens nationwide will not be able to visit to find out what time The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is playing at AMC Theaters.

  33. hcat says:

    Plus the 50 and older crowd that are going to go to Marigold are not big online ticket buyers.

    And does Travolta still have a career to harm? Don’t remember him in anything since Pelham. He’s probably had more comebacks than any other star but given his age I don’t see him doing anything else but supporting roles in the future.

  34. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Chucky – never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence.

  35. Paul D/Stella says:

    The Gangster Squad trailer is OK until gangster rap blares while Sean Penn fires a machine gun in slow-motion. I realize gangster is in the title but still. Cast sure is great though.

  36. sanj says:

    Russell Brand, MTV Movie Awards Host: Comedian Will Host June 3 2012 Award Show

    should be more fun than oscars …

  37. cadavra says:

    “30-40 years from now, everyone will tell their grandkids that THEY voted in favor of gay marriage, and it was those wackos that no one can seem to find who voted against.”

    Exactly. Just like it’s now impossible to find anyone who voted for Nixon in ’72.

    On another topic: Wells gave DARK SHADOWS a mild thumbs-up. What is this world coming to?

  38. Gus says:

    Avengers at $775M after 15 days. Insane. Looks like it has a good shot to crack a billion worldwide by Sunday.

  39. Paul D/Stella says:

    Wait The Avengers opened already and made lots of money? What day is it?

  40. anghus says:

    The avengers has people talking and is still generating so much strong word of mouth. The brakes arent being deployed just yet. I think the drop this weekend will be less than fifty percent.

    And no matter what it ends up with it doesnt even hit Japan until August which could generate a scale tipping amount by this point.

    The real story here to me is just how well those iron man thor hulk and captain america blu rays are selling right about now. Id love to see some numbers on that one.

  41. Krillian says:

    Bummed that Kurt Russell dropped out of QT’s Django Unchained. I hope whoever replaces him isn’t a letdown.

  42. Paul D/Stella says:

    Michael Madsen please.

  43. sanj says:

    Oprah is losing money ..big money .

    Bloomberg reported last week OWN may have registered losses of as much as $330 million since its inception.

    DP should become best friends with Oprah and fix her network. DP is the biz guy…. he knows the numbers. he knows tv programming.

    also whats up with Michael Eisner …big ceo of disney with his huge head.

    weird how people with a lot of money people can forget about them.

  44. SamLowry says:

    I always thought that becoming a parent somehow flips a switch in your brain, making you more sensitive to all kids, not just yours. In the case of Heather Havrilesky it also seems to have killed her sense of humor.

    I’ve seen only two of her reviews mentioned on the front page in the last several months, and both made me wonder “When did a bug crawl up her ass and die?” Neither seems written by the woman who gave us Polly Esther at, which I read religiously back in the day.

    TL, DR version: She thinks Bobcat’s “God Bless America” is stupid, ugly trash, no better than the shows it’s attacking.

  45. sanj says:

    very cool 2 minute video …

    Art of the Instakill

  46. sanj says:

    DP get a dp/30 of this …looks interesting.

    radioman documentary – some dude with a radio stuck to him hangs out with famous actors –

    1 minute trailer

  47. SamLowry says:

    Followed DP’s link to and was pleasantly surprised to see that the first commenter said exactly what I was thinking: if we abandoned all that newfangled citified thinking and went back to the time-tested ways of doing things, we could still own slaves and, well, wives.

    But then I shouldn’t have been surprised to see all the dittoheads telling Bristol she’s a genius and a prophet for our times.

  48. tbunny says:

    I love IFC but what’s with the cropped aspect ratio of Die Hard? The Blu-Ray is 2.35:1, but you’re showing 1.85:1! Is this more common than I know? It just seems outrageous with such a classic anamorphic film.

  49. sanj says:

    like this dp/30 – she goes into detail about her acting – like 50% more than other LOOK AT HER!!! dp/30’s .
    also rare appearance from DP in the interview and
    DP talks films in the last 10 minutes.

    too bad she only makes 2 films a year ..

    i consider this a classic dp/30 – DP should promote this one on the front page.

    Thandie Newton dp/30

  50. SamLowry says:

    Give the rich everything they want and it still ain’t enough:

    Might as well bring back the 90% tax rate. Screw ’em.

  51. SamLowry says:


    Former Bush pollster telling Repubs they’d better back off on gay marriage or they’ll get stomped.

  52. sanj says:

    Kevin is leaving g4 …

    Attack of the Show: The Exit – 200 comments

    he’s doing web and tv content now

    i’ve been watching g4tv for years. so many people have left the g4 network but they all seem to have real talent.

    anybody here watch any g4 tv shows ? they do a lot of
    comic book movie interviews and previews …
    so most people on the forum should watch but probably don’t .

  53. SamLowry says:

    Great quote from Bobcat:

    “I have no interest in making R-rated studio comedies with the sole purpose of entertaining teenagers. I hate teenagers. I think most of them are fucking idiots. Christ, I hated teenagers when I WAS a teenager.”

  54. sanj says:

    is blockbuster going to be around this year ?

    blockbuster is part of movie history and where are
    the movie critics ? if blockbuster shuts down will movie critics care or rant about it ..

    i haven’t been in one in like 5 years …. the 2 near me shut down already.

    DP really needs to do a dp/30 inside a real blockbuster before it shuts down …

  55. Ray Pride says:

    One of the best recent pieces about the passing of video stores is by THE COLOR WHEEL’s filmmaker Alex Ross Perry.

  56. sanj says:

    Ray – pretty good article –

    hundreds of comments – blockbuster went bankrupt ?

    lots of people upset about late fees …

    when or if blockbuster shuts down its stores – there will be 10000 comments on forums but only a few will have the historical knowledge of why it happened …
    – that’s where movie critics should come in …

    maybe netflix buys the stores and goes into retail ..

    maybe a video game company – ebgames / gamestop comes in and buys the stores ….

    really want DP or Joe’s comments about blockbuster .. good or bad .

    there’s a video game store that has 10000 different video games – mostly the old ones and it survives .

  57. christian says:

    I always found Heather Havrilesky the most obnoxious writer at Salon since her forte was trashing reality shows while clearly enveloped by them — like stuffing your face with cake while complaining about your diet. I wouldn’t expect her to have any good taste as a film critic.

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