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David Poland

By David Poland

This HBO Weekend

This is one of the great HBO weekends of all time.

On Saturday, the premiere of the terrific “Game Change.”

On Sunday, “Luck” finally blossoms into a full, clear storyline that audiences will love… if they haven’t given up on the show.

Seriously… whatever Luck’s been for you until now, the “what the hell is this thing” is over and the focus becomes sharp and heart-stopping at times… this is the weekend.

That is all.

16 Responses to “This HBO Weekend”

  1. scooterzz says:

    “This is one of the great HBO weekends of all time.”

    perhaps the most hyperbolic statement of the week (or EVER IN THE HISTORY OF TIME!)…after watching ‘game change’ twice, i think it’s hugely inferior to most hbo films and sunday’s episode of ‘luck’ is just more ‘same old/same old’ milch…
    the ‘game change’ performances are okay and will probably get awards attention but the movie pretty much shits on the source material….

  2. JS Partisan says:

    Luck is probably finished by this point. You cannot wait this long to make your show interesting. You used to be able to do so, back in the 90s and that case in point is the X-Files, but waiting this long to get to a point is ridiculous. Sure, HBO doesn’t make episodic TV according to them, but they do. They do and waiting this long to get to a point, silly. Really really silly.

  3. David Poland says:

    Luck is now shooting its second season.

  4. JS Partisan says:

    Doesn’t mean anyone is going to watch it, David. They basically Broadwalk Empired it, which is fine, because the guy who runs HBO is his own special kind of crazy. Which leads to them giving chances to shows, that should have been given up on seasons ago. You know, they gave another season to HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA for fuck’s sake. It’s not TV. It’s TV RAN BY LOONEY PEOPLE (which isn’t a bad thing. It’s good that they give shows a chance to find their footing and hopefully take off with the American people. They seemingly suck at that paying off though. They usually need to have a strong pilot that knocks it out of the park. If not, the shows falter, and sort of die on the vine)!

  5. Joshua/CaptainZahn says:

    Anybody who’s seen the movie have any thoughts on this review?

  6. The Big Perm says:

    The X-Files? That show pretty much knew what it was from the beginning. Maybe it took awhile to find an audience, but it didn’t wait around to “become interesting.”

  7. Paul D/Stella says:

    “the movie pretty much shits on the source material”

    Really, cause the book is hardly a masterpiece. It’s an easy enough read but the authors spend most of it rehashing stories that received extensive media coverage during the campaign. It’s not all that insightful or compelling. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, The Battle For America is an infinitely better book about the 2008 presidential election.

    Luck has been pretty good overall. It’s not as good as I’d hoped but it’s also mostly what I expected from a Milch/Mann HBO show. The cast is spectacular and makes it worth watching. Few shows have an ensemble as good as Luck’s.

  8. sanj says:

    why not try to get the impossible and get Sarah Palin dp/30 to talk about all the docs / movies / tv shows she’s been in …ask her if she’s seen any of the oscar nominated movies ..

  9. scooterzz says:

    paul d– i never suggested the book was a ‘masterpiece’…what i said was the movie isn’t the book…a few good performances, not a good movie…
    re: “Luck has been pretty good overall.”
    no…it hasn’t…again, a great cast saddled with mediocre material…not too long ago, i had the chance to ask bruce greenwood about the mess that was ‘john from cincinnati’ and he said the cast of the show liked to use the term “getting milched”… i’m guessing the cast of ‘luck’ will be picking up the term also…

  10. Paul D/Stella says:

    The movie must be pretty awful if it’s not as good as the book, cause the book is not good. In fact it’s mostly garbage.

    Great cast (giving great performances) + mediocre material = pretty good in my book. And anyway I’d argue that the material is better than mediocre. Luck isn’t John From Cincinnati, so that quote means nothing to me.

  11. scooterzz says:

    “The movie must be pretty awful if it’s not as good as the book…”

    i didn’t say it isn’t ‘as good as the book’…i said it ‘isn’t the book’…indicating that it has no respect for the source material (garbage or not…doesn’t matter)…
    as for ‘luck’…it’s your time, waste it as you see fit (better than reading ‘garbagre’ books, i guess)….

  12. David Poland says:

    Well, I obviously disagree strongly with scooterzz about Game Change. People can make up their minds for themselves, but I really enjoyed the film.

    As for Luck, it is so not John from Cincinnati. Milch does start blurry often, but Luck is not a weird high-concept thing. And I would argue that anyone who watches the last three episodes this season will be thrilled to see the next season of Luck, with Gambon vs Hoffman as a central, dangerous, interesting arc.

    Essentially, these last three episodes get over what plagued the first 6… characters are doing and not just talking.

  13. JS Partisan says:

    BP, that’s not what happened. X-Files plodded along for a season and then really took off in the first part of season two, and became the weird phenom that it became. A lot of shows in the 90s worked this way. Buffy being another one.

  14. Paul D/Stella says:

    Why is it important for the movie to respect the source material, especially if said material is junk? The movie is its own beast. It only covers small portions of the book. Danny Strong conducted his own interviews to construct his screenplay. I’m not sure why it’s a bad thing for the movie to not respect the source material.

  15. sanj says:

    just watched game change – so what happens when Paris Hilton runs for government …

    – everybody was good – Ed Harris was wated – Wooody H should have been bad guy – Moore was good …probably will
    get some tv award …

    – 30 minutes too long …

    – this will be forgotten about after a year ..

    – anybody outside the US actually care about this ?

    – only reason why this is on hbo is cause they needed
    big stars … this could have been a 1 hour movie on tlc or orpah network ..

    – this is easy to understand for dumb guys like me …

    – if DP really likes this movie so much there should be
    some dp/30’s ..

    if hbo wants to make a movie they should try Putin …
    that dude is more interesting than Palin..

    Putin rally in Moscow ends in more arrests

  16. movieman says:

    Moore so completely transforms herself into Palin that I forgot I was watching the star of “Boogie Nights,” “Safe,” “Far from Heaven,” etc., etc.
    She was possibly even more impressive than Streep in “Iron Lady” (and I loved Streep in “IL”).
    “Game Change” was easily the most enjoyable movie I’ve seen so far this year.
    I’d like to believe that “Luck” will finally click tonite and give me something…anything…to hold onto for the remainder of the season.
    Personally, I’m relieved there are only three eps left.
    Can’t wait for Lena Dunham’s series to debut in April (“Tiny Furniture” was a small masterpiece), and Phil Kaufman’s Hemingway flick definitely looks intriguing.
    (But would it would unkind of me to wish Corey Stall was playing Papa instead of Clive Owen?)

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