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DP/30: Hugo, editor Thelma Schoonmaker

8 Responses to “DP/30: Hugo, editor Thelma Schoonmaker”

  1. lotsofpills says:

    One of your “all-time top 10 wanna-gets?”

  2. arisp says:

    Awesome. Another great interview DP

  3. John in LA says:

    Any chance of getting an mp3 of this posted David?

  4. Paul Zucker says:

    Wonderful. But you forgot to add “Industry Legend”

  5. Ejz says:

    Fantastic interview David, thank you very much!

  6. Tyrone Rubin says:

    I have been gaining so much value from the DP/30 channel. Its one of those things where at times the long format interviews that pop up seem too good to be true. for film content in terms of learning that does not happen often. I cherish this channel with all my heart. I was looking through MCN and DP/30 trying to find out who the person is doing the interviews. I want to give massive shout outs on twitter, wherever. Who are you? magical master of the most amazing film learning content online. You always make my day, always!

  7. Stephen Holt says:

    Excellent interview, David! Excellent!


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