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DP/30: Rango, director Gore Verbinski

3 Responses to “DP/30: Rango, director Gore Verbinski”

  1. EthanG says:

    Great interview….Rango is looking like it might actually remain the co-favorite favorite for the Oscar in the most wide open race since 2002 (with Tintin) since “Happy Feet Two’s” reviews (and box office tracking) looking to be off significantly from the first film, Pixar likely to miss a nomination for the first time when they’ve submitted a movie for consideration, and Dreamworks submitting two moderately well-liked but slightly under-performing candidates. Of course, the indie candidates I have no idea about, though “Chico and Rita” looks fantastic.

    Right now I’d go a five of:

    Rango (lock)
    Tintin (lock)
    Arthur Christmas
    Chico & Rita (or another indie)
    Puss, Pooh, Rio, Panda or Gnomeo in that order of likliness(Oscar has never nominated two indie animations and I won’t believe they will until it happens.)

    Any thoughts?

  2. hcat says:

    Like Verbinski more and more, finally caught up with Weather Man due to the love its gotten from others on this site and really enjoyed it.

    I also watched On Stranger Tides last night and saw just how anemic the material can be without the right director. Might have to go back and rewatch Verbinski’s trilogy just to see the correct way that anarchy should be filmed.

  3. Ella says:

    Verbinski is truly impressive. RANGO was one of my favorites of the year, let alone animated films. It’ really brilliant — great interview.


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