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BYOB 81811

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  1. yancyskancy says:

    The link for the Richard Gere article on the home page goes to the Doris Day article.

  2. Luke says:

    “People say ‘It’s all about the story,'” Hendrickson said. “When you’re making tentpole films, bullshit.” Hendrickson showed a chart of the top 12 all-time domestic grossers, and noted every one is a spectacle film. Of his own studio’s “Alice in Wonderland,” which is on the list, he said: “The story isn’t very good, but visual spectacle brought people in droves. And Johnny Depp didn’t hurt.”

    Does it piss everyone off that a Disney exec says story doesn’t matter or is it refreshing to hear the honesty?

    Link to the Variety story if anyone wants the source…

  3. cadavra says:

    Let’s hope for Hendrickson’s sake that Lewis Carroll doesn’t rise from his grave as a flesh-eating zombie.

    Hey, there ya go: ALICE IN ZOMBIELAND.

  4. storymark says:

    “Does it piss everyone off that a Disney exec says story doesn’t matter or is it refreshing to hear the honesty?”

    It IS refreshing to hear some honesty. But the notion itself still makes me want to punch him.

  5. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    I’m sad that we’ll never see a Lone Ranger with werewolves and supernatural creatures. That sounds awesome.

  6. JS Partisan says:

    Paul, according to Mr. McWeeney, it’s not as awesome as one will think. Sure, it’s just his opinion, but supernatural elements in a western could go real screwy. It still would have been nice to have a Lone Ranger film because it’s not like I’ve ever stopped being a fan of that character.

    Now, Hendrickson is going into business for his fucking himself in that piece, and that should lead to Disney smacking him upside the head in some way. Seriously, the motherfucker has the nerve to refer TDK as a spectacle? Really you dumb ignorant bastard? Really? Good lord, I still dislike Avatar, but that film’s fucking story worked on people. Seriously, Hendrickson should be put into a corner office and have his career sucked into a black hole for a few months. I wish they would have asked him the justification of spending 3 to 400 million dollars on a MARCH RELEASE! That would have been something.

  7. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    I think supernatural elements could have worked in a Lone Ranger movie. Doesn’t matter now. If the movie ever gets made, sounds like the werewolves and supernatural stuff will be gone. I was kind of excited about a Depp/Hammer Lone Ranger movie. At least Westerns are alive and well on TV. Hell on Wheels coming up and now TNT’s making one, not to mention Justified.

    De Palma and a paranoid thriller. Cool.

  8. yancyskancy says:

    Can’t read the article ’cause I don’t subscribe to Variety, but I assume all the ‘spectacles’ on the top-grosser list have stories, even if they’re lame. Spectacle without story probably wouldn’t draw a mass audience. Maybe he just means people won’t let a perfunctory, so-so story prevent them from seeing a film that promises spectacle. Which is probably true, so from that standpoint he’s right — it’s not ALL about story.

  9. LexG says:

    Can someone explain the origin of the BYOB pic? Is that a grab from Do the Right Thing or Jungle Fever?

    It looks like a much heavier Luke Y Thompson cooling off.

  10. sanj says:

    i watched Cold Fish 2010 … super long movie with english subtitles .

    lots of violence and death in a crazy way . main bad guy
    did a great job

    trailer ..

  11. David Poland says:

    It’s just hot, Lex.

  12. sanj says:

    the new Lady Gaga video

    You and I …where she dresses like a guy

    one of the biggest music stars without a dp/30 …

  13. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    Hey Sanj.
    What are you five favorite films and albums?

  14. sanj says:

    too many favorite movies to list .. but music i just find
    up on youtube ..

    right now i like this song which doesn’t have a video

    this song could be easily used in a dozen different romantic comedies ..

    Marry You Bruno Mars

    i watched this music video like 50 times already

    B.o.B – Airplanes / Hayley Williams

    are there music videos you watch at least 50 times without getting bored ? that’s the sign of a good music

  15. sanj says:

    great pictures of Lindsay Lohan surfing ..

    DP go surfing with Lindsay and get a DP/30 out of it.

  16. sanj says:

    Jeff Bridges talks about winning an Oscar for playing a grizzled drunk and gives himself “Indian burns” to keep his bluesy music real

  17. sanj says:

    watched Rise of the Planet of t5e Apes …
    yeah it was alirght.

    i got there early and the ticket guy said come 20 minutes early to get the good seats. dude was right… it was sold out . all the seats were filled.

    but getting early means watching a blank screen with only
    classical music playing . thst wasn’t fun …

    my guess is 75% of people do the same thing .. go early for good seats then wait an extra 10 minutes for trailers …so at least 25 minutes before the movie stars and i’m so bored …

    being bored out of my mind before the movie starts .. this is not good for everybody.. DP i demand something be done about this . call the movie studios and fix this .
    plus DP can you yell at the theatre for charging crazy money for popcorn and pop .. its crazy highway robbery.
    i mean your a fancy movie critic so you get all the free popcorn and pop you want.

  18. hcat says:

    A blank screen is better than the forty minutes of coke ads that often play in theaters.

  19. sanj says:

    blank screen forces people to talk and text which continues during the film ..

    if a movie is going to start at 8 PM . make it start without
    all the ads and other stuff.

    it’s time to list the worst theatres in each city so people can avoid them … movie critics can help with this …
    since they’ve been to all of them.

  20. sanj says:

    HP kill touchpad … so i guess apple wins .

    remember the good old days when HP made really good

  21. sanj says:

    i have a great idea – have cops inside theatres ..

    1 cop for every 50 people . 200 people in theatre = 4 cops.

    you do something stupid – real cops throw you out.

    if you do something really stupid they can hit you with a taser.

  22. sanj says:

    funny 10 minute video

    G4 TV – Candace Bailey Faces Her Bug Phobia

  23. sanj says:

    hey DP and movie critics – does it bug you when movie ads end up on non movie sites ..

    right now there’s like huge banner ads for One Day 2011 on huffpost but checking 6 different movie blogs – no ads .

    so if a movie just won’t get any major critics attention – you have to go for the generic wide audience sites like aol / yahoo …

    but if you want fancy movie awards you gotta put some money into movie blogs …

    also why no DP/30 Anne Hathaway for Love and Other Drugs ..

  24. anghus says:

    sanj, i’d be more interested in knowing if anyone actually clicks on those movie ads.

  25. sanj says:

    with movie blogs – there should be higher clicks for any movies out there ..

    i went to entertainment weekly website movie section and
    there are no movie ads . lots of local ads but no movie ads . none. how is AOL this stupid ?

  26. LYT says:

    “It looks like a much heavier Luke Y Thompson cooling off.”

    HA! It kinda does.

    Not too much heavier, unfortunately.

  27. anghus says:

    I just saw Fright Night. It was fun, but some of the 3D stuff was unintentionally hilarious. I saw it in 2D, because i don’t have any interest in post-converted 3D, but there were all these moments that you can tell were designed for 3D.


    (safety distance)

    When they’re in the club, and the DJ starts throwing T – Shirts into the crowd, i burst out laughing. Because i knew in the 3D version those shirts were flying at the audience.

    God i can’t wait until 3D goes away. Thank god i had the option for 2D.

    I liked it overall. My biggest issue was how big they tried to make it. The big FX laden finale and the stuff in Vegas seemed like it belonged in another movie. I also wondered why Jerry was so bad at keeping his secret.

    I liked Yelchin and Tennant. Farrell made a good bad guy.

    I thought they played their hand a little too early. We basically get the set up in a long bit of exposition. There’s zero sense of discovery.

    Better than average, but a little linear.

  28. sanj says:

    watched the bang bang club … about war photographers in bad scary places with lots of guns ..

    story was okay but the war stuff was pretty good – very realistic

    learned that Africa is a scary place and people should avoid it…

    if they only got Matt Damon …then it would have a dp/30 ..

    trailer ..

  29. sanj says:

    if space aliens come over here i want them to take all of our garbage and throw it into the sun .. thats like 100 million garbage trucks worth + all the weapons of mass destruction + all the plastic in the ocean ..

    somebody in hollywood needs to make a movie about that

  30. cadavra says:

    I go early, get a good seat, then work the New York Times Sunday Magazine crossword puzzle. If I finish it before the trailers start, I buy myself an ice cream after the movie. (Which, in retrospect, was not a good idea.)

  31. sanj says:

    i watched 30 minutes of movie reviews from beyond the trailers … each review is 5 minutes

    real people doing reviews ..

    the host Grace needs a dp/30 …she knows movies. but she’s a competitor so i won’t expect any….oh well

  32. sanj says:

    Griff the Invisible: Official US Trailer

    another superhero movie with regular people
    least it has new actors

  33. sanj says:

    Justin Bieber has a bedding line … he’s cashing in big time …

    anybody find this creepy ?

  34. sanj says:

    hey DP – i got a great idea – get the guy who wrote Moby Dick a dp/30 ..he can talk about Shark Night 3D ..

  35. yancyskancy says:

    Justin Bieber’s ‘bedding line': “I’m Justin Bieber.”

  36. sanj says:

    how many more movies does Tyler Perry have to do to get a dp/30 for his madea movies … same thing with Mike Myers
    with his austin powers movies ..

    maybe if the movies made less than 10 million and were done by fox searchlight they’d get some dp/30 action..

    the actors can’t be that busy … i mean come on …no dp/30 for Verne Troyer ?

    my guess austin powers 4 makes 100 million = no dp/30… it’ll take a couple of years to prove this.

  37. sanj says:

    the federal trade commission should take away DP’s journalist license away – how did he not cover
    Kim Kardashian wedding sure was lucky that like
    50 people on the e! channel sure did .

  38. sanj says:

    DP – forget the dp/30’s – fix entourage. ask for 1 million an episode. make it good.

  39. sanj says:

    movie critics – where is the contagion movie review – you get too see the stuff super early ….it’s got tons of famous people.

    apollo 18 looks like a paranormal activity ripoff but on the moon with crappy cameras … so thats it .

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