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Independence Day

A while back over on the Hot Blog, David was asking folks to share summer movie memories, and since one of my clearest summer movie memories has to do with this holiday, I thought I’d share with the group.

July, 1996

Jay and I are living in Rochester, New York, having relocated from Fort Lee, New Jersey a few months earlier so he could be nearer to his family. My daughter Meg and my mom have gone to Oklahoma to visit my family for a month, so it is just the two of us there on the long Fourth of July weekend when I realize that maybe I’m pregnant.

We’d been kinda-sorta trying, with the “if it happens, great” attitude many young couples have. I do the pregnancy test in secret, not wanting to stress Jay out for no reason. It’s positive, and I have a brief moment of “Okay, people, this is not a drill!” before joy sets in. I tell Jay, and can tell by his expression that he’s feeling that same mixture of happiness and trepidation. We decide to go see Independence Day to celebrate.

We get there a little late and have to sit in the front; the theater is packed. The smell of popcorn and fake buttery topping is overwhelming and I excuse myself a couple times to heave in the bathroom, thankful we’re in the front row so I don’t have to keep stepping on people.

At some point in the movie, I become aware that Jay’s hand is resting on my belly, which already has that feeling of being with a child, even though I’m just two months or so along. I catch his eye in the dark of the theater, and we smile at each other. In a few weeks when Meg and my mom get home, we will tell them our news, but for now, we are the only people in the world who know that our baby is growing inside me.

Seven months later our daughter Neve is born. She was going to be named Aleishia, but a couple months before her birth Jay and I go to see Scream and both of us like the look of Neve Campbell’s name on the screen. We’re not enamored of the Dutch pronunciation “Nev,” but a little research reveals the Portugese version is pronounced “Neeve” and that both mean “snow.” We live in Rochester, which competes with Buffalo for most snow inches a year, so that seems appropriate. The day Neve is born there is heavy snowfall bordering on blizzard conditions, and that seals the deal. Neve she will be.

Happy Independence Day.

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