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By Kim Voynar

At SIFF This Weekend — May 20-22

This weekend, the Seattle International Film Festival offers an array of interesting, good films to choose from, which you can view on the handy-dandy fest calendar. Not sure what to watch? You can try out The Siffter for suggestions!

If you’re looking for recommendations, my own picks for Friday would be Submarine (7PM, Egyptian) or 3 (7PM, Neptune), Takeshi Kitano’s Outrage (9:30PM, Egyptian), AND the midnight screening of Trollhunter (midnight, also at the Egyptian). For Saturday, consider checking out Nuummioq, the first feature film out Greenland, at 11AM. The afternoon offers How to Die in Oregon up against Silent Souls — either is recommended.

If you’re over in Renton, which is having its opening night tonight, you can catch SXSW standout Natural Selection and Touch, an terrific little film about the relationship between a manicurist and a mechanic. In some ways, it’s kind of a lighter, funnier version of The Off Hours. which screens later in the fest.

Tomorrow afternoon you could catch The Trip, the hilarious road trip film with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, and then check out Miranda July’s excellent, trippy flick The Future. Later tomorrow night, you won’t go wrong with either Perfect Sense or Jess + Moss, and midnight brings another offering: John Carpenter’s The Ward. Bring a friend.

One Response to “At SIFF This Weekend — May 20-22”

  1. zerper says:

    I love movies, and I feel this is a really good movie. It had a good story line and dealt with many issues that arise when a young couple in love marry and two families become united. There were some funny scenes and lines in the movies but also some powerful scenes. Mike Epps had some glorious one-liners and I like the interaction between Little Romeo (now all grown-up) and Tasha Smith (cougar relationship). I also like the interaction between the main love interests. There were some twists in the plot which I liked but most of all I liked how the characters came to grips with the imperfections of life and made the best of the situation. I thought it was a excellent movie and recommend others to see it.

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Happy Death Day 3 3298 -72% 34.3
Only the Brave 2.1 2577 New 2.1
Blade Runner 2049 2 3203 -53% 68.9
The Foreigner 1.6 2515 -66% 19
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The Snowman 1.3 2559 New 1.3
It 1 2560 -49% 317.7
American Made 0.95 2559 -42% 43.3
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Tragedy Girls 6,000 2
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The Sacrifice (reissue) 1,600 1
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