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The End Of Days: April 18, 2011

Nic Cage gets in trouble… but it seems like a good day for the actor in reflection of the cumulative grosses of his three films of the last year – Drive Angry 3D, Season of the Witch, and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – opening to less than $35m combined and the totaling out at less than $100m domestic combined.

LAT asks the stupid question, “Just how dominant could animation get?” Answer: If they average under $250m worldwide each time out, not very dominant. In a less pithy response, where the hell has the LAT been? (That is, aside from selling The False Slump: 2011) Five of the top ten grossers worldwide last year were animated. The year before it was five of the top eighteen (not counting Avatar), the same as 2008 (the year before). Hollywood is a copycat down. Animation has been the best and safest big bet for years. Disney/Pixar and DreamWorks Animation have been on top. Fox has had some mega-hits. Universal had its first last year. Sony is hot in pursuit for years. WB is the only studio that hasn’t really been able to get on track, though its sequel to the one big animated hit, Happy Feet, is due this November and the third run at resurrecting Termite Terrace is underway.

Gotti: Three Generations continues to have all the hallmarks of a privately funded car wreck. They just announced the film last week, co-starring Lindsay Lohan, who can’t work in traditionally funded movies because she can’t be insured at this point. And now, they have no director. Why are Travolta and Pesci involved? Cha-ching! They each have to be getting a premium of 50% or more over their current market values, in escrow, to put their reputations on this particular line.

Speaking of hard to employ actresses, Winona Ryder is getting back on the horse as a lead – she was brilliant in a small turn in Black Swan – with more private money from the newly launching Waterstone Entertainment. Again, cash out, limited chance of a good – or even releasable – movie coming out of it. For starters, this one has a director… who has made 7 films, not one of which has gotten theatrical distribution. Oy.

Thor premieres in Sydney, forcing the door open on reviews by the trades and the geeks. They don’t hate it. They really, really don’t hate it. (Congrats to Paramount on threading the needle with 4 reviews… whether these reviews are reflective of eventual overall ideas of the film or not.)

Spider-Man: Turn Of The Cash Bleed is taking a few weeks off to retool. Generous of them, no? It will cost them a few million not to have construction work and rehearsals going on in the theater while an audience watches. Look for some publication to turn up within days of previews starting up again reviewing whether anything has improved.

Cannes announced their Critics Week schedule, which consists of one film – Take Shelter, already with Sony Classics – that will ever be in the United States on as many as 40 screens at one time.

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104 Responses to “The End Of Days: April 18, 2011”

  1. sanj says:

    where is the Nic Cage DP/30 ? he’s worked with so many
    actors because he makes 10 films a year .. he already won an oscar so he don’t have to talk to any of the gurus of gold film critics

    Gotti: Three Generations – looks like a movie that the e! channel would make …its like Goodfellas but for idiots

  2. nikki whisperer says:

    Nick Cassavetes is perhaps the worst, most heavy-handed and ham-fisted director in the world. “Alpha Dog” is an atrocity. Losing him is probably the best thing that could have happened to the Gotti project, even if the movie and its financing seem dubious on paper.

  3. sanj says:

    Less than a week after a formal news conference formally announcing the project and his involvement, director Nick Cassevettes appears to have cut ties with the upcoming biopic “Gotti: Three Generations.”

    even with a bigger name director i can only see this movie getting a 40% or less on rottentomoates

  4. Martin S says:

    Garth of Dark Horizons is going to review Thor, Easter weekend. That will be the big hurdle.

  5. anghus says:

    i’ve already read 6 Thor reviews.

    i’m amazed at how amateur hour most of the online geek critics are. everyone reviews movies like Thor with this sense of awe and reverence that almost immediately invalidates their opinions.

    fuck. we get it. you grew up reading the comics, it’s great to see them brought to the screen. but get some god damned perspective.

    i watched some video clip of a guy from collider and a guy from slashfilm critiquing Thor right after they watched it in the parking lot at paramount and as i watched these two giant nerds talking about the film, i began to wonder if criticism has become unimportant because the people who are now the critics are kind of ridiculous geek stereotypes that many would have a hard time taking seriously.

    and this is coming from a guy who considers himself a geek. every review is the same. the reviews, the websites, the content, it’s all so remarkably similar.

    are there any critics out there with balls? (And i just don’t mean guys. Kael had balls) i actually read a review where the guy talked about his kids for a paragraph. No one cares if your kids are or aren’t aware of Thor or Iron Man or Captain America. Just review the movie. I don’t need your entire anti-social life story.

    this is a rant. i am aware. but as i look for new voices or websites to frequent, i just find myself amazed by the amount of over indugled children that pass for critics these days.

  6. Martin S says:

    Anghus, it’s the Knowles Effect. He gained “popularity” with this shtick so the lemmings follow suit. That, honestly, is why I like Garth at DH. He’s been around just as long as Harry but the antithesis in style.

    I’ve read a Thor review or two, and I’m not sold yet. When I see “universe building” as a positive, then I know it’s just more groupthink. When the consensus is building towards “as good as Norton’s Hulk”…it’s a backhanded compliment, consciously or not.

  7. IOv3 says:

    Yeah Sorry Martin and FT, but many of us want THE UNIVERSE! The fact that people are still complaining about the universe when we are a year away from an AVENGERS movie, tells you a lot about the weirdos and reprobates one can find on the internet 😛 !

    Anghus, you are so not a geek, and Pete and Frosty are two of the best there are with the whole geek thing. Seriously, if you want overly critical responses then wait for the regular press to review it and they will like it as well. Why? Come on, this blog has never made quality calls on movies like Thor and never will.

  8. I’m pretty sure that Paramount picked exactly the kind of critics who would deliver exactly those kind of early Thor reviews. We’ll get a better idea of what’s really in store once the film starts screening for the rest of us. Yes,. saying ‘it’s as good as Iron Man 2 or The Incredible Hulk’ is not a pull quote that inspires me. If Devin Faraci comes out singing its praises (or if I do for that matter, probably after the last-minute All-Media), then we’ll know that is has merit. As long as Thor is not boring and delivers epic-scale action and visuals with hammy-fun acting, I’ll be satisfied. Frankly, as long as Green Lantern (I believe in Martin Campbell…) and Harry Potter 8 hit home runs, it’ll be a pretty solid summer right there.

  9. leahnz says:

    what are “quality calls”, io? my calls are fucking sterling 24/7/365 (in my own head that is, which is the only place they count). some people will be predisposed to liking ‘thor’ simply because of the subject matter, others less so.

    reviews never ‘sell’ me on a movie one way or another because even the people i trust most in the whole world and whose opinions and wisdom i value a great deal can and often do veer wildly from my own subjective opinion on/interpretation of/taste in movies, so i couldn’t give two hoots what even the most thoughtful, convincing critic in the world has to say when it comes to me seeing or not seeing a movie, because at the end of the day someone else’s interpretation has no meaning in terms of my own personal interpretation/experience of art. it’s often interesting and even fun to read, debate, compare and contrast opinions on art, but at the end of the day changing someone else’s position is nigh on impossible and nobody can be ‘right’, so…i actually don’t remember the original point i was trying to make other than what is a ‘quality call’ if not just when somebody happens to agree with you.

  10. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    If Devin Faraci likes Thor, then it must be good? Really?

    I guess I need to read Garth again. I did for a long time but stopped. Don’t remember why. Sounds like he would be a breath of fresh air. Some early Thor reviews are excruciating to read for exactly the reasons anghus and Martin mention.

    Also, people might be interested in seeing the trailer for the original Cowboys & Aliens:

  11. Martin S says:

    Scott – I’m interested in your take. I see Thor somewhat like you, but it feels like another “could have been so much more” in a long list of letdowns. I try and think of Branagh’s Henry, but his Frankenstein: The Melodrama always come to mind.

    I agree about Campbell. He’s not my concern for GL. The “Shoeless Joe Superhero” is a strained look.

    Paul – Garth is a big Trek and Bond fan but it didn’t sway his passions into either hyper-love or hyper-hate mode. He’s got a good situation where OZ draws a lot of production to give him access without having to dwell in Lost Angels.

    IO – “Come on, this blog has never made quality calls on movies like Thor and never will.

    I could ask again – “if that’s true, why do you come here” – but I’ve boiled the possibilities down…

    1. You’re one of the homeless cats glued to the library computer all day long.

    2. You’re the most useless supervillain ever, The Hypocritic.

    While I like option 1, I’m going with 2.

    And that’s your new name. I think I’ll hire someone at Deviantart to do some concepts. Maybe I’ll turn it into an animation strip using just your posts.

  12. IOv3 says:

    Martin, you are a conservative. That’s worse than any nickname you could ever get me.

    Leah, if I intended to include you, then I would have included you. Again, you are vital to keeping this place going, and you rarely ever ever ever do rants like Anghus above. If you dislike something, you slam it, and get to the point. Which is appreciated.

    Paul, I know it’s anecdotal evidence, but following these people on twitter gives an insight into them that you do not get reading them. This is why I will defend Peter and Frosty because… THEY DON’T SUCK! They are actually thoughtful critics, who have a varied taste in film, and actually try not to be geek fanboys. Seriously, those two rule, while Farci continues to demonstrate why he should go back to working for non-profit. He is easily the worst of the bunch and this is because he’s not a movie person. Sure he likes movies but movies aren’t his thing and if you have read him for a while, it’s made rather obvious that he somehow got into a profession which goes against everything that makes him who he is.

  13. JKill says:

    I think Faraci has somewhat of a grouchy persona and find myself disagreeing with him often (Recently he stated being anti-Ryan Gosling!?!?!?!), but I’ve never gotten the impression that he doesn’t love movies generally. I think you’re referring to his ambivilent relationship to SUMMER MOVIES. I go into the season every year hoping to be excited and with an open mind, but I’m generally not that taken with most of what comes out, or at least I wasn’t last summer, so I can relate partially.

    For this type of movie, I generally go straight to Beaks (Jeremy Smith), McWeeny and Faraci, all of whom I think are smart, quality writers with intelligent opinions.

    That said, with the exception of festival reviews, I try to avoid all reviews before I see a movie, and have for the last couple of years. I prefer to go in as fresh as possible and with no preconceived notions. I’ll see THOR, regardless of what is written about it, opening weekend, hoping for a great time and the type of jolt these movies can give when they’re at their best.

  14. anghus says:

    i love how io positions himself as some kind of expert on who or what makes the blog ‘work’.

  15. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    I’m sure we all like and dislike different critics for different reasons IO, all perfectly valid. Personally, I get nothing from reading long, detailed paragraphs about when someone started reading comics and why the comic is so important to them and how their kid already loves it and other personal anecdotes, followed by a 2-paragraph review. And for me most of the web critics are partisan fanboys whose opinions can’t be trusted because they conduct glowing set visits and interviews before writing glowing reviews of those same movies. That style doesn’t appeal to me. Others feel differently. No big deal.

  16. anghus says:

    “Personally, I get nothing from reading long, detailed paragraphs about when someone started reading comics and why the comic is so important to them and how their kid already loves it and other personal anecdotes, followed by a 2-paragraph review. And for me most of the web critics are partisan fanboys whose opinions can’t be trusted because they conduct glowing set visits and interviews before writing glowing reviews of those same movies. That style doesn’t appeal to me”

    well said sir.

  17. Krillian says:

    I gave up on Knowles a looong time ago but I still enjoy and frequent McWeeny. And Garth. DP and Wells, obviously. And Greg Dean Schmitz from the old UpcomingMovies is still thriving at RottenTomatoes.

    McWeeny liking Thor makes me feel a little better, but if he disliked it, it would have carried more water with me. By that I mean “Wow, if Drew disliked it, it has real issues.” But if he liked it, I can say “That’s cool, but what do others think?”

    On the other hand, I’m going to see it myself opening week no matter what so it doesn’t really matter what the reviews say beyond giving me a gage on where my expectations should be.

    I don’t really care about Cassavetes or a Gotti movie, but something with Travolta, Pesci and Lohan in one movie just has to be seen. Can Emilio Estevez play a reporter in it?

  18. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Thank you anghus.

  19. IOv3 says:

    Ang, I love how you position yourself as the old man down the road and that you would dare give Lex a challenge really goes to shows that you are the Roberto Alomar rookie card of this blog. Seriously, could you rant about Pixar again? Hell, rant about Thor again, because nothing brings the page views like a pissed off 40 something white guy bittering on like a nutter about THOR! Please, do that again because you know how things work!

    Not well said Paul. Not well said at all. Seriously, if you have a problem with these critics giving you some anecdotal evidence then what’s the fucking point of reading them? Oh that’s right, you don’t read them, because they dare to have some personality in their writing.

    You also keep going on about them being PARITSAN FANBOYS as if their opinions cannot be trusted because of a set visit. So I guess all the time these folks write about films they go on set visit for, and don’t like them, proves nothing to you? Good lord, how can anyone exist in a vacuum the way you want them too? It’s just ponderous.

  20. anghus says:

    Paul, what you tapped into there is the the kind of compass online critics guide themselves by.

    the 2 hour movie is just a component of a long winded rant about comic books, their childhood, the impact of the character in many mediums. so many critics feel the need to make the film itself part of something larger. for a lot of them it’s a cop out because they never actually review the movie. they end up making the review about themselves.

    it’s lazy writing, plain and simple.

  21. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Agreed anghus.

    IO, a predictable response. I do read some of them on occasion. If you like their writing style, that’s fine IO. I don’t really care for it. I’m not looking for personal anecdotes or long stories about their experiences reading the comic as a kid. We simply disagree on the writing style. I’m not sure why that sets you off on an angry tangent.

    I have never come across a case where someone wrote a glowing report about a set visit and then trashed the movie. I’m sure it’s happened, but I haven’t come across that. What I do come across are repeated instances of set visits and editing suite visits that result in a glowing report about the movie followed by a glowing review of said movie. You really think it’s that unreasonable to believe that a person’s objectivity is questionable in those scenarios?

    Just because we disagree doesn’t mean you have to turn into a raging asshole IO. Is that just your default setting? I didn’t make it personal or insult you, but you always end up making it personal and hurl insults. Talk about ponderous.

  22. anghus says:

    things io is wrong about, volume 1.

    haven’t passed 40.

    wasn’t ranting about Thor. i was ranting about the poorly written reviews. i’m actually looking forward to Thor but the early reviews are really poorly written. but once again, you have some kind of weird obsessive compulsive thing going where you feel you have to defend geek properties even when no one is attacking them.

    we’re talking about the reviews genius, not the movie.

    I didn’t challenge lex so much as call him a repetitive bore whose presence on the board could be replicated by a spambot that posted TEAM KSTEW every few hours and once a month threatened to kill himself if he didn’t become famous.

  23. anghus says:

    “Just because we disagree doesn’t mean you have to turn into a raging asshole IO. Is that just your default setting?”

    you’re on a roll sir.

  24. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    I’m just so sick of the same BS from him. He claims he is so unfairly picked on here but always ends up calling people names when they disagree with him rather than engage in a discussion about it. I outlined my opinion without attacking anyone here. Not sure why he is unable to do that.

  25. anghus says:

    whether he realizes it or not, he’s the angry conversation killer in here, and he’s the only one who consistently turns a conversation into a finger pointing, name calling mess.

    the kid just can’t stay on topic. i talk about how awful the REVIEWS for Thor are the amateur criticism i read online, and he comes back with me being a Pixar hating old man who’s bagging on Thor.

    every time it gets to this point i try and say the same thing.

    argue the point, don’t attack those making it.

    he seems incapable of that.

  26. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    It seems like no matter what you say you’re a Pixar-hating old man. Anyone who disagrees with him about anything gets insulted. You’re right, he’s a total conversation killer and the only one here who consistently turns a nice conversation into name-calling and finger-pointing. It would be nice if he could argue the point and not attack the person making it. I’m not holding my breath. I’m sure another hateful rant is moments away.

  27. samguy says:

    Happy Passover DP!

  28. JKill says:

    For the Gotti movie my first thought for a replacement director would be DePalma, which would make it a BLOW OUT reunion, but apparently he is about to shoot his next movie, a remake of a French thriller. (New DePalma = always good news.)

    The last movie from the director of the Ryder movie mentioned in the post looks really interesting and experimental from the trailer. I look forward to checking it out when it’s released on DVD. Not commercial looking though which might explain the lack of previous distribution for his works rather than inferior quality.

  29. LexG says:

    Nick Cassavettes RULES ALL. Seriously? Seriously. Seems like a GREAT DUDE, and I’ll tell you what: He has one of the best “BIG” visual styles of anyone going today; Like I was saying about David Gordon Green’s work on the otherwise middling YOUR HIGHNESS, I love seeing 2.35 shot to look ENORMOUS, with lots of depth of field and rack-focused Panavision ENORMITY. Two many guys shoot 2.35 as just a Super 35 rectangle, but DGG, Shyamalan, and especially Cassavettes shoot it to look larger than life, epic, totally ’70s style like I remember Scope looking in old Carpenter movies or in the “Movie Brats'” style.

    Alpha Dog in a theater looked so giant and EPIC… Cassavettes has a great eye. VERY underrated.

    But he’s left the project anyway, no? And Lohan isn’t fully committed yet… so whatever.

    After the one-two punch of UNBELIEVABLE TERRIBLENESS that were Black Dahlia and Redacted, I’ve finally thrown in the towel on DePalma; I used to go to the mat for that guy, even after an all-too-frequent clunker like Raising Cain or Mission to Mars, because there was always the possibility of a Carlito or a Femme Fatale around the corner… But at this point he’s like the counterculture guy STILL trying old film school tricks from 45 years ago, combining them with his hambone artificiality and increasingly tone deaf casting choices… It’s hard to keep the faith.


  30. JKill says:

    THE BLACK DAHILIA, for me, was a very mixed bag. I thought some of the performances were particularly off, and the movie constantly felt like it was on the verge of being something better. It’s not top-shelf DePalma but stuff like the Eckhart stairway sequence or Mia Kirshner (who is fantastic in that movie) on the film reels was really great and made it worthwhile, in my opinion. REDACTED is actually one of the only DePalma movies I haven’t seen, but I will go on the record as liking the insane/funny/self aware RAISING CAIN and thinking MISSION TO MARS is very good for most its running time. His last truly great movie, FEMME FATALE, was not that long ago. I wouldn’t count him out yet.

    The only N. Cassavettes movie I’ve seen in its entirety, somehow, is JOHN Q, so I guess I’ll have to get caught up to speed on him.

  31. jesse says:

    De Palma is fine if you can accept that about half the time or more, you’re going to get a wildly uneven movie with 20 or 30 AWESOME minutes. Mission to Mars does not work as a whole: there’s an interesting but extremely corny opening 40 minutes or so, then a completely kickass and suspenseful space sequence in the middle (basically everything on the spaceship until the forced ship-less landing on Mars), and then it goes completely off the rails with new-agey stupidity at the end. But that middle! It’s excellent suspense filmmaking. Even Black Dahlia with its insanely bad casting that makes most of the movie seem like an amateur production… a great shoot-out and death of a major character in the middle, and some insane awesome dark comedy from Fiona Shaw going way over the top. I will gladly pay to experience one or two great set pieces and marvel at what went wrong with the rest. Raising Cain is kind of awesome throughout, though.

    That said, I didn’t see Redacted because I heard almost nothing good, even from De Palma fans.

    Also: De Palma is both less of a disappointment career-wise than Francis Ford Coppola, and WAY better at doing for-hire sell-out work. In fact, some of his slick sell-out stuff is actually really good, something Coppola wasn’t ever really able to manage (and I really like Bram Stoker’s Dracula). The Untouchables and the first Mission: Impossible have De Palma touches in more satisfying stories… even Carlito’s Way plays more like De Palma directing a solid thriller than DePalmaing his ass off a la Raising Cain. And it’s great! Even Coppola’s satisfying post-1985 movies don’t match the best for-hire De Palma.

    Not to bag on Coppola, because he made those seventies masterpieces, but I feel like he gets some kind of a pass even though, in a lot of ways, he’s the most disappointing of the seventies movie brats. Spielberg and Scorsese are aces, doing some of their most interesting work in the last ten/fifteen years. De Palma has his niche, but I never feel like he’s beyond hope (maybe because my expectations are limited). Lucas, well, he’s probably the least talented *director* of those guys, but no one has really expected him to set the filmmaking world on fire since, what, the early eighties? I mean, he’s basically just directed Star Wars movies, a good coming-of-age movie, and an experimental sci-fi calling card; he’s more of a mogul and anyway the Star Wars prequels are lots of fun.

    So that leaves Coppola. Not to sound sympathetic. But shouldn’t he be making masterpieces or near-masterpieces on the semi-regular?

  32. a_loco says:

    This is for anyone who doesn’t like Cassavetes or Alpha Dog:

    Also, De Palma’s Femme Fatale is probably the most underrated film of the decade. Although I appear to be the only cinephile left that still likes Richard Kelly.

    Fuck all y’all.

  33. storymark says:

    “I’m just so sick of the same BS from him. He claims he is so unfairly picked on here but always ends up calling people names when they disagree with him rather than engage in a discussion about it.”

    So very damned true.

  34. Anghus says:

    DePalma was always more miss than hit for me. Fantastic flourishes with questionable choices. I cant think of another filmmaker so renowned and yet consistently crashes and burns, creatively speaking.

  35. LexG says:


    Coppola’s best since Godfather III. Which is an IMMORTAL MASTERPIECE, way better than the goofy original.


  36. yancyskancy says:

    a_loco: One of Ben Foster’s more understated performances! Haven’t seen that, but now I’m thinking maybe I need to. Only Nick Cassavetes film I’ve seen is THE NOTEBOOK, which I liked.

  37. IOv3 says:

    Paul, Anghus, and Story: you seem to think what you take personally is the same as what you I take personally. What I take personally you do not and if you do not that’s not my fucking PROBLEM! You motherfuckers write like snide little bitch boys, who lack the fucking SCROTE to actually state how you really feel most of the time (Like Anghus definitely wants to refer to most people as “Stupid nigger faggots” but he lacks the balls to actually let his racist and homophobia side out, so he’s just another repressed little fascist bitch from the Carolinas) and that leads to three bitch boys writing like a bunch of lame and boring ass white motherfuckers. Seriously, you are such fucking killjoys and absolutely pathetic posters, that it’s astounding you didn’t hit the door like MR. #1 POSTER JEFF MCMAHON! If we don’t need him around, what makes you think anyone wants you three boring, lame, and white fucks around?

    ETA: Seriously Paul, if you weren’t such a lame bitch of a man, you would be fine, but you are so fucking milquetoast. You even go fucking on about valuing people’s opinions because apparently you need your shit validated by people and good for you for being so fucking needy. Please, fuck off, and take those two other twats with you. The fact that you boring, lame, and white motherfuckers think that anything you have ever posted on this blog is interesting is a testament to your over-inflated fucking egos. You three are pointless fucks. Absolutely utterly pointless.

  38. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    And there it is! Another round of puerile insults to put the nails in the coffin. Are you really under the impression that readers here are waiting with bated breath for yet another hate-filled angry rant from you? I’m sure your many Twitter followers greatly enjoy your insightful tirades crucifying anyone who isn’t as excited as you for Thor. You sure have great f-bomb skills though. Take pride in that if nothing else. A great man once said, “The more an Internet poster uses profanity to insult others, the more likely it is that their posts are interesting and totally not lame or boring or pointless or white.”

  39. LexG says:

    I have no dog in this fight, whole thing is pure insider jerkoffery that’s probably a turnoff to the casual HB reader… but it’s interesting that IO and Paul MD (of all agreeable, pleasant commenters) go at it so hardcore, so consistently… Most people consider me and IO some kind of unified front of Hot Blog craziness, we get on swimmingly… but I can’t even conceive how Paul/Stella could set anyone off. That’s like issuing a FLURRY OF RAGE at yancyskancy or something.

  40. IOv3 says:

    Saving Poland some time but they still suck.

  41. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    LOL. That’s pretty hilarious. I can’t imagine being so angry at someone posting on a movie blog. I’ve never been that angry at anyone in my life. Are you trying to be funny? You have to be. The only other explanation is that you’ve gone off the deep end.

  42. IOv3 says:

    Paul, you are so bland.

  43. Anghus says:

    I didnt hate the notebook. My problems with it were more based on the source material. I think if anything the director and the cast salvaged what could have been a laughable mess

  44. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    If you say so, then it must be true. You are a prophet of the truth. Looking back at today’s posts from you, how could someone not believe every word you say?

  45. IOv3 says:

    Paul: boring everyone with his meddling little thoughts.

  46. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    I am perfectly happy being a “pussy bitchboy.” It sure beats being a frothing-at-the-mouth, blabbering lunatic with the vocabulary of a 12 year-old boy and the reasoning abilities of the guy on the street corner preaching about the end of days.

  47. LexG says:

    Evan Rachel Wood has confirmed that she is bisexual.

    YEP Y– Ah, who gives a shit.

  48. IOv3 says:

    Paul, that’s easily the worst insult ever and demonstrates why you are so fucking boring. Good lord, take your bland ass somewhere else because what the fuck does a horror film fan get out of this website? Such a bland fucking white boy.

  49. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    No Lex please continue. More about De Palma and Cassavetes and Coppola and Evan Rachel Wood.

  50. IOv3 says:

    Please Lex, keep us from the boredom that are the thoughts of Story, Paul, and Anghus.

  51. LexG says:

    Since this is going to turn into a classic Hot Blog squabble anyway, is it now time to ask, for the BILLIONTH time sans answer:

    Are there two Anghuses? One anghus, and one Anghus? Or are they the same? Sometimes they’ll be in the same thread, and one is talking movies, and the other is talking smack, and sometimes vice verca, and one is the DTV director who makes Ja Rule movies, and one is just some regular dude? Or are they both the DTV John Bunnell looking guy?

    As Randy Jackson says, What is GOING ON HERE?

  52. Anghus says:

    Theyre both me. The capital letter shows up on posts I make from my tablet. The lower case when im at my desk.

    It doesnt have to turn into a squabble. if we spent more time on topic and less time on each other, wed be fine.

  53. yancyskancy says:

    This is starting to remind me of David O. Russell vs. Lily Tomlin.

  54. Anghus says:

    lex, I look more like George “the Animal” Steele.

  55. JKill says:

    Jesse, I think that the difference between Coppola and DePalma in terms of their “director for hire” work is one of personality. DePalma is so flamboyantly himself and so specfic in terms of style that, regardless of the material, his signatures and obsessions shine though. Coppola, while a master, is a lot harder to pin down. (I would actually argue DRACULA, which I also really like, is actually one of his personal films, especially in the way that he’s evoking film history like in THE OUTSIDERS or RUMBLE FISH.) I think there are definite movies in his filmography, like GARDENS OF STONE, where he is simply intent on telling a straight story, something DePalma has never done, even in something like MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE, which is for my money one of the best big summer blockbusters ever.

    I’m glad Lex mentioned TETRO because that is a great movie with a wonderful visual palate, a strong screenplay and great performances, especially from Vincent Gallo. I’m not the first to say this, but it’s the kind of little personal movie that Lucas has said he was going to go off and make post-STAR WARS, which hasn’t happened yet. Lucas is one of the oddest cases of “the movie brats” in that he’s actually directed so few movies. I think the first three are wonderful and great in their own unique way, and that the prequels, while flawed, are a cut above most of that type of movie and were somewhat harshly criticized because of comparions to the originals, not unlike THE GODFATHER PART III, which is great on its own terms, despite not living up to the first two.

    Also, Anghus which Ja Rule movies did you direct, if you don’t mind saying?!? I’ll have to check them out. That’s awesome!

  56. IOv3 says:

    Yeah I owe Story, Anghus, and Paul an apology. While they may annoy me from time to time they didn’t deserve to be insulted or cursed at the way I cursed at them. I lost a good friend over the weekend and it’s just put me in a foul fucking mood, and there’s no reason to use that mood to unload on people. So I apologize for being furious asshole to you three. There’s no excuse for it but I am sorry for doing it.

  57. LexG says:


    Come on, what’s more awesome, James Caan slapping his hairy fists and shouting BARZINI ten hundred times, OR Eli Wallach and poison pastries and I SAY WE TAKE ZASA OUT and I’M GONNA GO IN THE KITCHEN AND LISTEN TO TONY BENNETT RECORDS and OLIOOOOOOOOOO OLIVAY!!!!! and HE WOULD NOT BE A MAN, HE WOULD BE A GOD and Garcia and Pacino in a duel to the death to see who can break the decibel barrier and that ANNOYING tarantella they sing where they pass it around the room going DUH DUH DUH ZIPPITY ZOO or whatever….



  58. Krillian says:

    Is Lucas’s Red Tails happening? I’ve heard about it for years, supposed to star Terrence Howard and Bryan Cranston, but where is it?…. Okay, IMDB says “2011.” We’ll see. And Lucas isn’t directing it.

    I’ve loved many a DePalma film but it’s been a while since he made a good one that can stand alone. I agree on Mission to Mars, with great moments intermixed with boring choices (or dull decisions). I always go back to Snake Eyes, where he incorporates several Hitchcockian shots but never for more than a result of showing off that he can do it.

    As to Coppola, I admired many elements of Tetro and thought it was miles better than Youth w/o Youth.

  59. IOv3 says:

    Yes Red Tails is happening and I believe it’s in post.

  60. LexG says:

    Also did anyone see SOUL SURFER???


    In one HOT SCENE, she makes fresh-squeezed OJ with her bare feet. YEP YEP YEP YEP.

  61. IOv3 says:

    Yeah… no. Subversive Christian films creepy me out.

  62. LexG says:

    Yeah, nothing more subversive than SURFING, IO.

    Though I will say all that religion kept me from hanging 10 in my pants.


  63. IOv3 says:

    Okay, the hanging 10 in your pants, HI-LARIOUS.

  64. leahnz says:

    oh, the irony of psycho-lex chiming in to comment on other people’s squabbles/getting angry and losing their shit on this blog is so thick i just may need a gas mask (and considering his two out-of-the-blue futile attempts to unsuccessfully bait me into his epic psycho-splat the other night make that gas all more nauseating, hypocrisy is rich)

    what i was going to say: i’m still on richard kelly’s side. my boy is a huge fan of ‘the box’ – it made some deep impression on his psyche as i guess what may turn out to be one of the quintessential ‘alien invasion’ movies of his youth – and after having subsequently seen it now several times on blu its sinister creepiness has grown on me.

    and i think ‘the black dahlia’ is a bloody awful dull waste that should be taken out back and shot, putting it out of its misery.

    (oh, and it was so nice to read this blog without having to scroll past LOOK AT THAT 12 YR OLDS FEET MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM SLURP BONER)

  65. Anghus says:

    IO, Sorry to hear about your friend.

    Jkill, I didnt direct the ja rule one. I wrote the original screenplay and helped produce it. That one is called Furnace and it a pretty hilarious, though its not supposed to be. I did direct one with big boi from outkast and lil jon in small supporting roles. Ive done a lot of work in low budget independents and DTV fare. I still do a lot of script polishing for DTV and indie productions.

  66. IOv3 says:

    Anghus, sorry for treating you like shit. I will admit that you Paul and Story have a point and occasionally I just get grumpy, but there’s a better way to do stuff. So yeah, I have been a total dickhead in this thread, and once again apologize for just being pissed off in general and using it to rant like a total looney.

    Leah, what you stated about Black Dahlia… word.

  67. LexG says:

    Only because this reference will NEVER AGAIN BE TIMELY, as it is a rightly forgotten flop, but I had occasion to see the terrible IDLEWILD recently. NO idea what anyone was thinking giving those guys 100 mil to remake Harlem Nights, but the thing that struck me was that Big Boi (of OutKast) had a lot more natural screen presence and charisma than his buddy Andre, even though it’s Andre who flirted way more extensively with having a legit acting career in A-list movies.

    Just weird that Big Boi is basically the “guy no one cares about” in that duo, and I thought he was a better actor.

    Leah, shut up.

  68. JKill says:

    I always thought it would’ve been cooler if they went with the original title for GODFATHER 3, which I won’t post for fear of spoilers, if it’s possible to spoil that movie. Also, the supposed fact that Paramount approached Stallone about writing/directing that movie is so odd to me, and I say that as a fan of him as a filmmaker.

    I find it really depressing that SOUL SURFER is apparently a big word of mouth hit when Searchlight could barely relase 127 HOURS. I’m not saying SS is bad and I’m sure it’s more commercial and a tradtional crowd pleaser. I just thought they could’ve handled that movie way better and not been so precious in getting it out there.

    I’m not familiar with Ms. Robb’s work. I’ll check it out eventually.

    I am, however, pumped about this weekend, in which I’ll double feature WATER FOR ELEPHANTS and THE CONSPIRATOR, a period drama bonanza before the summer starts with FAST FIVE.

  69. leahnz says:

    well i just hope you didn’t polish that ‘n-secure’ turd, anghus (on mythbusters they proved you actually CAN polish a turd with the right technique)

  70. leahnz says:

    “leah, shut up”

    no. sorry psycho

  71. storymark says:


  72. LexG says:


    I’m officially turning into an old man, but the part of me that felt the need to buy GODS AND GENERALS on DVD absolutely, thoroughly enjoyed THE CONSPIRATOR, even with Redford’s ham-handed THIS IS RELEVANT TO TODAY messaging, and with the butterscotch-gauze WAX PAPER levels of soft focus.

    And was most surprised that James McAvoy has emerged from a vague, “This guy AGAIN?” overexposure to become a very viable Cruise-like leading man.

    Plus it has Alexis Bledel and Evan Rachel Wood YEP YEP YEP LOOK AT THEM.

  73. JKill says:

    Anghus, that’s awesome. Congrats on getting to make movies! I’ll check them out.

    I actually really wanted to see IDLEWILD when it came out and never did. I was hoping for it to be a BELLY-esq debut for the music video helmer making it, although it apparently was not meant to be from what I’m hearing…

  74. JKill says:

    Lex, GODS AND GENERALS has to contain the most speechifying I’ve ever seen in a movie. It has a great scope and its very earnest and well intentioned, although GETTYSBURG is a better overall film but the sheer volume of monologues in that movie is possibly a record. I actually saw G&G theatrically where it had an intermission and everything. Not a perfect movie, but it’s impossible not to appreciate the effort and care that went into it, not to mention the audacity of making a four hour theatrical film for wide release. It’s pleasing for what it is. Glad you liked THE CONSPIRATOR. I’m hoping to dig it. I think I’m one of the few people I know who really liked LIONS FOR LAMBS, the previous Redford movie.

  75. LexG says:

    I have them both on a DVD double-feature with the banner ACTION DOUBLE FEATURE! at the top, which I bought at the supermarket for maximum Old Manitude. If I’m being honest, I’ve never made it through G&G… Keep meaning to make a lazy Sunday out of it, or spinning it for an hour a night on a slow work week; I remember it in theaters with the intermission and all– after five hours of CHE, I’d be less intimidated. Mostly with INTERMISSIONS I’ve always wondered, doesn’t everyone take your seat when they come back?

    I also wish I could discuss SCREAM 4, but to describe what is SO GREAT about it would entail spoiling it pretty badly. I thought it had the punchiest last act since the original– 2 and 3 having been fairly anticlimactic chamber mysteries. This one reminded me of the original in its edginess during the last stretch.

  76. sdp says:

    I had a co-worker that kept telling me for months that I should watch Gods and Generals, and he finally brought a copy into work and forced me to borrow it. I couldn’t sit through that entire thing, and I ended up watching about half of it on fast forward because I knew the crazy motherfucker was going to talk my ear off about assorted minutiae the next day.

    I can agree that it’s ambitious and well-intentioned, but it’s not a good movie by any of the standards I would use to evaluate a film. But I’ve never been a Civil War buff, either, so I’m definitely not the target audience.

  77. Anghus says:

    IO, apology accepted. We could all be little more civil to one another, myself included.

    leah, I did not. Its funny though. I do a lot of clean ups on scripts on the precipice of production. Sometimes they change names and spend an eternity between post and release. a loy of times I dont even take a credit. I was watching this movie on showtime late one night and the scene seemed familiar. I realized I had done a pass on it, not even aware it was a movie I had worked on when I startrd watching it.

  78. JKill says:

    Lex, in complete agreement on SCREAM 4. I thought it was audacious, both literally and thematically, by its end. It was actually subversive, which I didn’t expect. And there was one line near the end that, for a horror fan, was an absolute classic. It’s impossible to talk about this in any depth without spoiling it, which I wouldn’t dare do. But I thought it complimented the first very nicely and was also squarely its own film.

  79. Anghus says:

    the ending to scream 4 was awesome.



    wouldnt it have been great if they ended it with her being wheeled into the ambulance?

    I thought Ransom should have ended the same way

  80. JKill says:


    Yeah, I thought it was going there and that would’ve been a good punch in the gut ending. However, I think, as is, it was rather smart in the way that they set up a continuation and then knock it down as a way to state the supremacy of the original over the rehash. It’s weird because I think the ending you mention would’ve been smarter for the franchise as a series but less of a crowd pleaser whereas the current ending is a crowd pleaser that makes it kind of difficult to keep the series going. That finality is, partly, what I found so interesitng about it. And man, did that scene rule of a character “cleaning up their tracks” and trying to get everything ready for their big moment…

    SCREAM 4 SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Anghus says:

    The further away I get from Scream 4, the more I like it. Not great but really, really good

  82. Martin S says:

    IO – “because nothing brings the page views like a pissed off 40 something white guy bittering on like a nutter about THOR!

    And that is why you’re The Hypocritic (TM).

    You’re not even aware enough to realize that statement applies to you, too.

    Condolences to your friend, but it’s just another deflection. When you explode once more by Easter, will it be because of the pressure of the holidays? How about your taxes? NBA Playoffs?

    I used to buy Poland’s excuse that you were “passionate”. But then, it hit me; you never talk about going to SDCC. Or Dragoncon. Or Wizard in Chicago, or NYCC…none. How is it that if this shit matters so much, you’re willing to come to a site of a guy you show little respect for, have continual blowouts over this beloved material, and never make the pilgrimage?

  83. LexG says:



    “And man, did that scene rule of a character “cleaning up their tracks” and trying to get everything ready for their big moment…”

    This scene was a MASTERPIECE, and if I wasn’t already a MASSIVE MASSIVE fan of this performer, this would’ve won me over for life. Holy SHIT, was that awesome… and the character’s logic was actually AWESOME, as they were asking, “What am I supposed to do, GET A JOB?” I was like SO AWESOME, FUCK YES, SO AWESOME, EXACTLY, SPOT ON.

    Plus because I couldn’t make myself sound ANY worse: I though that scene was strangely (very) arousing.


  84. Anghus says:

    Lex, totally agree with you. That scene was legendary.

    it took the movie from above average to excellent.

  85. leahnz says:

    anghus: that must be a weird feeling seeing some flick and realising you’d had a go at it at some point in a previous incarnation

    (a dissenting opinion but i saw it yesterday and i found ‘scream 4’ quite annoying, particularly jill/emma roberts but also panatierre or however you spell it, and the ‘lesser’ culkin brother, i just wanted to slap the shit out them for being so annoying and whiny and pop-culture ‘clever’. i wish the original threesome of dewy, gale and sidney had had more to do, i wanted to see more of the old gang and much, much less of the dire younguns who seemingly couldn’t act their way out of one paper bag between the three of them. for me it just tried way too hard – not nearly as clever as it thinks it is – and i didn’t see anything genuinely subversive about it, just a rehash of the same old concepts and self-referential desperation dressed up in a weirdly smug, slick, silly modern package. some good gory kills tho. ——– spoilers ——— also i thought the end was absurdly cliche, i mean the killer NEVER gets killed and then shockingly rises from the dead at the end of a horror movie only to be properly killed… plus it’s america, why is dewy the only one with a freakin gun when there’s a maniacal masked killer on the loose? just blow that freak away when it shows up, somebody, please. that’s just my take anyway, disappointing but i can’t say my expectations were high to begin with so not crushingly so)

  86. IOv3 says:


    “Martin S says:
    April 19, 2011 at 5:16 pm
    IO – “because nothing brings the page views like a pissed off 40 something white guy bittering on like a nutter about THOR!

    And that is why you’re The Hypocritic (TM).”

    Again, dude, you are a conservative and we all know that conservatives do not create anything funny. Seriously, that you think that’s clever and funny speaks volumes about the lack of… VERVE that you have sir.

    “You’re not even aware enough to realize that statement applies to you, too.”

    You are not even aware enough to realize that your opinion of me means jack, shit, and nill.

    “Condolences to your friend, but it’s just another deflection.”

    Believe what you want but I was unfair to those three guys in this thread and that’s why. I have been in a pissy mood and unloaded on some guys that did not deserve it.

    “When you explode once more by Easter,”


    “… will it be because of the pressure of the holidays? How about your taxes? NBA Playoffs?”

    Have you ever seen those conservative comedy DVDs? You should because you are just as unfunny.

    “I used to buy Poland’s excuse that you were ‘passionate’. But then, it hit me; you never talk about going to SDCC. Or Dragoncon. Or Wizard in Chicago, or NYCC…none. How is it that if this shit matters so much, you’re willing to come to a site of a guy you show little respect for, have continual blowouts over this beloved material, and never make the pilgrimage?”

    1) I am not rolling in money asshole. Seriously, I am glad that there are people who can afford cons but I am not one of them, and it’s not like I have people who would want to go to cons. The fact that you think cons equate to any sort of passion for these properties is utterly asinine and demonstrates that you just don’t get it. You know how I show I love comic book properties? I BUY COMICS AND BY BUYING A T-SHIRT! Excuse me for not having hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend on Cons but if you want to send me, I will go.

    2) I appreciate Poland, always will, but the dude is frustrating. If I had no respect for him, I would not have edited the threads up there that I did even if I left them snarky like an asshole.

    ETA: Leah… word up again.

  87. LexG says:

    I have nothing against Martin, but maybe because I kind of can picture what IO’s talking about, this is REALLY funny: “Have you ever seen those conservative comedy DVDs? You should because you are just as unfunny.”

    Can’t stop laughing at that for some reason.

  88. LexG says:


    This is what was going on in my head for all two hours: “LOOK AT HER! No, LOOK AT HER! AND HER! AND LOOK AT HER!!!! CUTE CUTE CUUUUUUUUUTE!!!! CUTE CUTE, PEEP-PEEP, CUTE CUTE CUTE! SO CUTE!”

    From FRAME ONE: Lucy Hale Power, COACH’S SMOOOOKING DAUGHTER FROM FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, AKA Aimee Teehotness (certified HUMAN PERFECTION), Lights’ jailbait daughter from LIGHTS OUT, then ANNA SQUACKWIN, still sexy no matter how feral she’s starting to look, K-BELL (LEX CERTIFIED TOP 20), then onto the NEW STUFF with Emma and Hayden as LITTLE FRIENDS and that SHMOOOOOOKING third chick… Even if you like Old Stuff, Campbell’s still looking pretty cute and botox or not, anyone on Cougar Patrol could do a hell of a lot worse than Courtney (Like to watch her take some) Cox.

    Also that campy chick from COMMUNITY, YEP YEP.


  89. leahnz says:

    well yes, how silly to think anyone could express a differing opinion from that of the resident sociopathic-hellokitty-pedopev-ripoff-badtaste-creep-o-metre who must then have the last bluster so as to make HIS OPINION THE LOUDEST AND THEREFORE WIN THE NON-CONTEST FOR THE SAKE OF HIS EGO





  90. SamLowry says:

    Thor geeks? I suspect they have nothing on the Tron geeks I found at , who were not only dissecting every single aspect of the movie (with a great Penny Arcade cartoon thrown in), but some even start arguing that the “Fastest on the grid” line wouldn’t have been written unless there was another lightcycle race that must have been cut.

    I suspect none of them have heard of “Chekov’s Gun,” but that’s what they’re arguing about.

  91. Anghus says:

    Leah, its even weirder when you write something and a year later you see the movie and your credit has been replaced with the name of a producer.

    or suddenly the written by credit includes your name and the guy who financed the production.

    I have this one guy who hires me consistently and adds his name to the writing credits every time. Over the years I just stopped putting my name on a lot of stuff because the end product ends up being mediocre or worse.

  92. LexG says:

    No, I was going to offer a measured discussion about some of your not-bad and rather viable points, but absolutely NO MATTER what I say about movies, about any topic, you’re going to reduce my points to your little preconceived rants, so I figured I’d just make it easier on you and give you what you crave.

    It really is a hard movie to discuss without TOTALLY spoiling it… I will say, I wanna know where Kevin Williamson ever comes up with this bland American small town where every kid is some snappy-talking Caucasian FILM GEEK dropping references to old ’70s movies and where THE CINEMA CLUB is THE happening spot on the high school campus. This is a totally foreign concept to anyone who’s EVER LIVED IN AMERICA, EVER. I haven’t seen the original in a few years, but it made sense to have one fast-talking caffienated geek (the Jamie Kennedy character), but now KW’s just gone and made the entire student body out to be his own Dawson from the Creek idealization of his young self.

    Sort of a beside the point… er, point, but around the time HAYDEN PANETTIERE is dropping the knowledge about her cult DVD collection, the stroking motion I was giving wasn’t just because of her scorching hotness.

  93. LexG says:

    Also, O Kiwi One… What is this new addition of “Hello Kitty” into your usual anti-Lexman signifiers? What does that have to do with anything? Isn’t that just some line of backpacks and buttons? I don’t get it. At all.

    But, GOD, how I wish you had a daughter. I would put SO MUCH MONEY down that she would be PIPING HOT (I’ve never really said you probably aren’t kind of banging for a cougar, even though you accuse of otherwise), plus it would RULE if I ended up dating Leah’s daughter.

  94. Anghus says:

    ONly one?

    Matthew Lillard was pretty over the top in the original.

  95. JKill says:

    Glad others loved the SCREAM 4 scene too. It was so awesome I could barely believe I was seeing it.

    I never watched DAWSON really but I’ve always been a Williamson fan. His writing is very stylized and clever, which bothers some people, but I appreciate his unique voice. (This reminds me that I have to watch VENOM, a slasher movie he produced that I somehow missed.)

    Also I said this earlier, but I would have had a heart attack or proposed on the spot if the Hayden character was real and she started to talk to the high school-me about SUSPIRIA or anything along those lines.

    EDITED: Who am I kidding? I still would.

  96. leahnz says:

    anghus, i imagine your tales of professional woe above would likely be shared by and related to by many in your line — i have a friend who’s had to go into some kind of binding legal arbitration with the WGA two or three times after people tried to claim credit for/or have his name removed from the writing credits of movies he’d worked on extensively, in each case he ‘won’ his case but at least once ended up with a ‘story by’ credit by way of some shithouse compromise, i assume.

    “so I figured I’d just make it easier on you and give you what you crave.”

    ah, i see, lex, how silly of me, it’s MY fault you act like an obnoxious jackass instead of just talking movies. that you think i “crave” your idiocy is classic narcissism, and blaming your behaviour on others is classic sociopathy/personality disorder.

    newsflash: acting obnoxious and then blaming the OTHER PERSON for one’s choices and behaviour so that you can say what you like and then not take any responsibility by way of the classic narcissistic ‘it’s YOUR fault i’m an asshole’ excuse is a sure sign of being in complete denial, so hardly surprising in this case. i couldn’t give a shit when you talk movies here rather than engaging in your off-topic ‘look at me’ obnoxious creepy loudmouth pedoperv homophobic insulting browbeating ballyhooing and you know it – and i’m not aware of any law that says i have to converse with you about movies here, because a) i’m not a hypocrite, and b) i’m not brainwashed by virtue of your constant denial of your own behaviour

  97. LexG says:


    Hey, Leah, isn’t your son like a teenager now or something? You know what you should do and this is a GOOD IDEA, is you should show the lad some of my posts. I GUARANTEE your kid would fucking CRACK UP laughing, I’d be his IDOL, it’d be like kids in 1979 huddling around the record player to listen to Carlin or Pryor or Cheech & Chong. Little dude would think I RULE. Plus he’d LEARN SOMETHING, he’d learn some REAL FACTS about women and BEING AWESOME and HOW IT IS, like when I heard TOM LEYKIS or THE DICEMAN for the first time and it was like the clouds parting and a HEAVENLY CHORUS OF TRUTH flooded into my black and white world.

    Get that kid a little Fanning-style girlfriend and get him drinking so I can live vicariously, and the LEXMAN will have become like an AWESOME FATHER FIGURE via my HILARIOUS RIFFS.

  98. anghus says:

    leah, we don’t deal with the WGA where i’m at. It’s all low end, non union or mixed union filmmaking. When someone slaps their name over mine, they get sued. It’s a rookie move, the contracts are always clearly laid out, and they end up having to pay out without even going to court. The threat of a lawsuit is usually enough to get someone to pay out because the litigation would cost more than just writing a check. Last time it happened i was able to put a new roof on my house.

    It’s sad sometimes just how desperate people are to get their name on RANDOM SCI FI/HORROR film on the SyFy network.

    speaking of Dawson’s Creek, my first job in the business was being a professional extra and stand in on Dawson’s Creek. I was like 25, looked way too old to be a high school student, and yet ended up standing behind Joshua Jackson for the entire 3rd season. My brother works for TBS/TNT, and they used to run re-runs of the show on weekdays. He would send me random text messages “Who’s the creepy looking balding guy hanging out behind Pacey?” and “since when did Capeside high start admitting sex offenders?”

  99. Martin S says:

    Lex, no need for the preface. I’m the “conservative”, but the reference means nothing to me.

    IO – it’s not like I have people who would want to go to cons

    The lack of personal contact should be a motivator. Look at how you waxed poetic about “Peter and Frosty”. If they’re the bees knees, why wouldn’t you want to meet them or people of like mind?

    So with no one in your personal life to discuss your interests, you jump online and come to a site where you attack people who don’t share your opinion.

    I got the picture now, Al…IO. You’ve explained a lot.

  100. IOv3 says:

    Anghus, but it’s SHARKPOCALYPSE! Who wouldn’t want a writing credit on SHARKPOCALYPSE!

  101. IOv3 says:

    Martin, you so didn’t take that the right way. Again the people in my life who would want to go are not rolling in cash either. Seriously, some folks just don’t have nice little upper middle class ways of living Martin. The fact that you do not get how fucking classist you are demonstrates why you are what you are, and that you do not get that what you are is lacking in empathy. Demonstrates why the Repcons as a way of thinking and as a party are slowly dying on the vine.

    RANT: Also, the whole basis for this shitty fucking argument ignores that I follow all sorts of sports that I have never seen in real life but know a shit load about. Seriously, do you want me to list the F1 drivers off of the top of my head? Nascar? The starting QBs in the NFL? The 1500 guys who Mike Quade uses at 2nd base for the Cubs? Seriously dude, some folks aren’t rolling in cash, lord knows it would be great to attend a grand prix (and if it’s cheap enough to see it in Austin next year I am there) but the fact that you are such a dick and think this way, pretty much makes you one seriously lacking in understanding of the way most Americans live. RANT OVER.

    You also do not get that it’s NOT ABOUT OPINION with me. I may have attacked Paul, Story, and Anghus out of being pissed off but the fact remains that the SNARK on here drips off countless post, and that’s what annoys me. I could give a flying fuck if you or anyone else dislike what I like. It’s the way you go about disliking it that pisses me off.

    The dismissing of Thor, just out of hand, is fucking douchy. Everything deserves a shot but this place continues to have folks who team up on certain things, and slag them endlessly. Mostly movies that I like more than the rest of the folks on this blog.

    Seriously, there is nothing magnificent or awesome about Scream 4, but that’s how they feel. Did I jump in there and slam them praising that film? Fuck no, but god forbid I like PAUL and I get shit for it.

    If you still do not understand after this, then you will never understand, but you think you know me. Please. You couldn’t figure out how to get a to be if it were a straight line and you sure the fuck cannot figure me out with your classist attitude. Seriously, if you got me, you would understand why I want to see THE HELP as much as any movie this Summer, but you don’t, so stop acting as if you do.

    ETA: The reference means nothing to you because you never had to sit through those god damn things. Seriously Lex, one is hosted by Patricia Heaton and the other I believe is hosted by Victoria Jackson. Easily some of the most unfunny shit ever.

  102. My thing about Faraci is exactly because he is a bit of grouch regarding summer movies. Point being, everyone expects a moderate-to-heavy rave from McWeeny (a terrific writer none-the-less), but if someone such as Devin (or Poland for that matter) really likes Thor, then we’ll know that it’s probably a genuine winner.

    I suppose the same thing applies to me (writing quality judgments aside). It would have been pretty hard for The Dark Knight to truly disappoint me, since it contained everything I wanted in a Batman film (a street-level crime drama featuring The Joker with Jim Gordon in a starring role). Thus my qualified rave meant little in the discourse. On the other hand, if I end up raving about Thor, well, it’s a Nixon goes to China situation. Although, for what it’s worth, I’m a pretty big Branagh fan, and I’ll even defend Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein unto death.

  103. Joe Straatmann says:

    Hate to tell you this, IO, but it’s been 5 years since I’ve been the guy working at an anime magazine. I’m an avid Florida Marlins fan, had a streak of picking the NCAA hoops winner three years in a row (This year….. not so much), and would like to see my Pittsburgh Steelers even be MORE villainous (Say, when they’re on the road, steal children and give them the dark blood of Kali Ma) so when they still go to Super Bowls, people will scream to the skies asking where their God is and I’ll say, “Not paying attention to football.”

    Despite all of this, I’m still the dork who worked at an anime magazine. That’s the way it works.

  104. stop fascism says:

    I love your point of view and seems like I’m not the only one.

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“I really want to see The Irishman. I’ve heard it’s big brother Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece. But I really can’t find the time. The promotion schedule is so tight, there’s no opportunity to see a three and a half-hour movie. But I really want to see it. In 2017, right before Okja’s New York premiere, I had the chance to go to Scorsese’s office, which is in the DGA building. There’s a lovely screening room there, too, with film prints that he’s collected. I talked to him for about an hour. There’s no movie he hasn’t seen, even Korean films. We talked about what he’s seen and his past work. It was a glorious day. I’ve loved his work since I was in college. Who doesn’t? Anyone involved with movies must feel the same way.”
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