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Lost A Days: April 27, 2011

Driving to Urbana-Champaign…

Yesterday seemed to be an all-birther Bobby Ewing day. The Sirius XM new channels were a joy to have.

Restaurant Reviews: Sandwich Week in Chicago… Gramwiches were pretty amazing… Never had a pork belly sandwich (or any other) with corn bread IN the sandwich… special grilled cheese (thanks, Cameron)…. And the great Xoco didn’t disappoint on repeat returns… And now, take-out.

Ebertfest opened in the drizzle, loaded with far-flung correspondents (6 countries outside of the country in the house), familiar faces, and an opening night double feature.

Of course, none of this is End of Days material… Back again tonight.

57 Responses to “Lost A Days: April 27, 2011”

  1. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    It’s sad to live in a country where the first non-white president felt it necessary to release his long-form birth certificate to placate the likes of Donald Trump and the birther queen. At least the Diesel and Paul Walker are here to make everything OK.

  2. Krillian says:

    And now the Son of Jor-El has renounced his US citizenship. Is it because he’s a birther racist, or he’s protesting immigration policy?

    Funny how Vin Diesel’s big again. I see he’s reuniting with Rob Cohen for XXX 3.

  3. leahnz says:

    obama triumphs over state of hawaii bureaucracy with a personal phone call, i wonder why he didn’t do this earlier to nip it in the bud, why now. i feel sorry for him feeling he even has to do such a ludicrous thing, it must be hard not to let the lunatics get you down.

  4. movieman says:

    For the record (literally):
    Since I’m the one who brought it up last weekend, the NYT has finally seen fit to publish a review of “Atlas Shrugged, Part I” (two, hmmmm, weeks after it opened) in Friday’s edition.
    They must have had a hard time finding someone to cover it since none of the usual fourth (and fifth) stringer/suspects got the byline. Instead it was somebody named Coco….not to be confused with the dead French fashion designer, I’m sure.

  5. bulldog68 says:

    The problem Leahnz is that it will never be ‘nipped in the bud’. If it isn’t his birth location, it’s now his intellect. And these same people never question Sarah Palin’s intellect. You can’t bring logic to illogical people and expect to get a common sense result. Trump’s and the birthers assertion is that the USA has a president via affirmative action, who’s not a christian, (like somehow that should be a requirement), whose alien, whose the antichrist, whose the very embodiment of everything evil. He’s different, and therefore he’s not fit for the job.

    This will never end, even if he wins the next election, it will never end, and even after he has served eight years in the white house, sorry to say, Obama and his family will always be a target for race baiting, hatred, and the personification of evil by stupid, ignorant, master race sympathizers, fueled unfortunately by what was supposed to be level headed republicans who were supposed to keep their right wing nuts in check, but were too coward and had absolutely no backbone to stand up and say that this birther stuff is absolute and utter bullshit, that they disagree with Obama’s policies, that he can’t balance the budget or reduce the deficit, any of those, but he’s black, no wait, 1/2 black, which means he’s not white enough to get into the country club. Huckabee, Boehner, Graham, and many career politicians who ought to know better. Obama, to them, is just an uppity nigger that should be kept in his place.

  6. leahnz says:

    well gee bulldog, why don’t you just tell it like it is! i couldn’t agree more (trump/the birthers/their ilk are questioning obama’s INTELLECT now? if that’s not irony i don’t know what is, bloody hell — it would be pure comedy if it weren’t so real and frightening)

  7. bulldog68 says:

    :-) Leahnz. I feel much better. I have exorcised the demons…this house is clear.

  8. leahnz says:

    not to be doomy and gloomy, but look what happenend to the house afterwards, yikes! (i can’t figure out how all y’all do the yellow faces, this is my best attempt:


    (edited to say, clearly i don’t know how to do it properly)

  9. nikki whisperer says:

    I find it astounding that certain factions would question the “legitimacy” of an American-born President elected by a 7% margin, but not the legitimacy of his predecessor, whose first election was decided in the courts and whose second rested on dubious electoral math in Ohio. Almost as astounding as blaming our financial mess on the guy who inherited a $14 trillion deficit, not the fella who dug us $14 trillion into the hole.

  10. bulldog68 says:

    The thing is Nikki, the legitimacy of those elections were questioned, and even made the subject of movies, as far as I recall, but this question of Obama’s legitimacy is far removed from an issue of a free and fair election. No one questioned whether Bush was fit, qualified, or educated enough to be President. Sure, jokes were made about the dumb dubya, but nothing seriously beyond that, not even a whole big smear campaign about his drinking history was seriously mounted. Bush was always just a bad boy member of the frat house.

    What we have hear is 21st century civil rights redo. A black man needs to be legitimized in the eyes of whites in order to be viewed as equal. It can’t be on his own merits or terms, or the content of his character. It’s the back of the bus all over again.

    From the ‘baby daddy’ to the ‘terrorist fist jab’ via faux news, the bias and bigotry has been fed and a well financed machine that understands how to play on the fears of it’s close minded viewers and listeners, who remember the good ole days as if it were all a pre-Tobey Maguire episode of Pleaseantville. They would walk two miles to their favorite fishin hole with their young sons in tow, and on their way they would pass a tree with a rope hanging from it, or a burnt out cross sticking up from the charred ground, and the lesson from father to son would be that people should know how to keep their place, and once you knew that, everything would be alright.

    ahhhhh…bring back the good ole days, when a Coke was a penny, the women cooked a mean apple pie, and all the Presidents were white.

  11. leahnz says:

    to be clear, in my earlier comment i meant the ‘house’ as a metaphor for the lunatic assault on obama’s presidency, not bulldog’s psyche, it kinds sounded that way re-reading it

    (but now i’m craving apple pie, curse you bulldog, i’m going to have to bake!)

  12. bulldog68 says:

    I understood what you meant leahnz. No worries.

  13. bulldog68 says:

    I have never been a real fan of apple pie for some reason. I’m more into strawberry pie. Always felt the berries had more flavour.

  14. leahnz says:

    cherry pie is THE BEST (tip o’ the hat to special agent cooper and ‘the peaks’, i can not watch that show without making a cherry pie afterwards and enjoying a damn fine cup of coffee during). the trick to good apple pie is using 2 kinds of apples for more flavour and don’t skimp on the cinnamon

  15. bulldog68 says:

    And Leahnz, I know that the name Michael Bay stirs up quite a bit of a shitstorm with you, but damn it, the Transformers 3 trailer looks fucking awesome. And I hated Transformers 2. Sorry leahnz, I’m lining up for this one.

  16. leahnz says:

    weirdly i’m actually a bit of a fan of the first ‘transformers’ – it’s goofy as hell and suffers from typical ‘fake bay-itis with too much cheese and gag-me rah rah USA’ syndrome, but has an earnest, endearing quality that kinda gets to me, some good set-piece action sequences (the scorpinok attack in the desert is bonza), and a good rousing score, so i’m rooting for those crazy kids sam and michaela to make it and optimus and the gang to prevail (bear in mind my boy as a littleun was THE biggest ‘transformers’ toy fan in th history of the universe, so i know that crap like the back of my hand).

    having said that, i rather loathed the second one – what a waste of space – and i haven’t seen the trailer for the third yet so no comment there, but i’ll be there at the cinema likely with six 12-14 yr old boys in tow to see ‘trannies trois’ for myself. i took a gaggle of tween boys to ‘fast five’, that was a hoot (very violent tho, much more killing than the previous installments)

  17. Don R. Lewis says:

    Why is everyone afraid to just say that birthers and those who question such silly things are RACIST. It’s because he is black. He is (to many) an “other.” I mean, we’re all film fans, right? Look back to the sci-fi movies of the 60’s when integration was the buzz hot on the heels of McCarthyism. Fear of “the other,” be it alien, foreign, gay, etc. has been a mainstay of human beings forever.

    The sooner we (like, smart…non-frightened, sensible) people can quit handling this idiocy with kid gloves and just GET IT OUT THERE, the better off we’ll be. It’s like we’re waiting for a bulb to go on, expecting it to go on…seeing it sitting above people heads and waiting. But yet, we never flick the switch.

  18. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Two most amusing things of London this morning:

    All the Burger King crowns in the audience.

    Souvenir flag hawkers trying to sell their wares right next to the tabloid magazine stands which are giving away their souvenirs (branded with the various “OK!” or Hello!” magazine labels, of course). A metaphor for paywall internet content?

    ETA – re: Birthers

  19. yancyskancy says:

    Ditto to everything leah said about the TRANSFORMERS flicks. The first one was the first Bay film I liked, so I had hopes for the second, which I ended up hating. Will have to check out the new trailer.

  20. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    movie I find it highly amusing that Atlas Shrugged’s producer, while moping about whether or not he is going to bother with parts 2 & 3, blamed critics for its box office performance (it’s also funny that he seems to admit it was a box office dud while Fox News proclaimed it a hit in spite of the bad reviews). As if the target audience gives two shits what critics say about a movie like this. As if those reviews don’t just prove to them what they already believe about the media. As if the second-weekend drop was only because of the negative reviews and not because pretty much every single person in America who wanted to pay to see Atlas Shrugged Part 1 in theaters did so.

    The right’s insistence that Obama is to blame for this birther nonsense is hysterical. They claim the issue only lived because of him and not because countless GOP members of Congress and GOP presidential candidates continually brought it up and made reference to it. They also claim 9/11 Truthers were worse because they insinuate Bush is a mass murderer. How many times was Bush asked about that in a press conference? How many Democratic members of Congress publicly stated they were a 9/11 Truther? The GOP is a farce at the moment. Regardless of Obama’s current popularity rating, if the election were held today it would be a landslide.

    Finally, I watched the Transformers 3 trailer with the sound off to see if any shots of the Milwaukee lakefront are shown since they did some filming there. Alas no Milwaukee in the trailer, but some of those scenes featuring the mayhem in Chicago are very impressive.

  21. Krillian says:

    1. Hillary’s team got the ball rolling with the birther mess. And while I’m sure there are those motivated by racism, the political machine for 20 years just tries to delegitimize whoever’s president. I do find it funny that Pew found MSNBC spent twice as much airtime on it than Fox or CNN. I feel about the birther issue the same way I do about Koran-burner Terry Jones or 9/11 truthers. Except Trump came along and made it a bigger story, and now Trump’s saying “How about them school records?” Whose picture is in the dictionary by the word ‘sideshow’?

    2. The national debt was $5.7 trillion when Bush was sworn into office in 2001. The natl debt was $10.6 trillion when Obama was sworn in. The natl debt now is $14.3 trillion.

    3. I liked the first Transformers movie too. The second one ruined the first one for me in every way.

    4. Never read Atlas Shrugged; the trailer screamed “Wait for it on Netflix, if you see it at all.”

  22. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    I think there is more racism than you allude to Krillian. The use of code words, the constant insinuations and declarations of the president being an “other” and “not sharing our values” and being schooled in Kenya and being a socialist. Wondering how he got into an Ivy League school. Those aren’t merely attempts to delegitimize the president. It’s thinly veiled racism directed at the first non-white president. And whoever started the birther mess, the GOP sure ran with it while making it seem as if it was all Obama’s fault.

    Are you suggesting that the national debt will help the GOP and make for a close election in 2012?

  23. anghus says:

    the transformers 3 trailer does look great.

    i think both transformers films feature great action pieces but are a joke in terms of the human aspect. painful, badly written, ridiculous stuff. i don’t care if they make a billion dollars a piece, it doesn’t change the fact that Michael Bay could not direct a believable scene between two actors with 200 million dollars and every resource at his disposal.

    and the major failing of the transformers films creatively is that two movies later do we know any of the transformers? Do they have personalities? are they individual characters?

    Transformers movies are like disaster films. Instead of a tidal wave or a meteor, you have these robots that are constantly trying to kill each other and end up destroying cities and killing countless innocent people. Because there’s no effort to make these giant, awesome robots into characters rather than destructive forces you lose any kind of weight when they live or die.

    When Optimus Prime was destroyed in Transformers 2, did you care? Did it matter? It was a cool fight. But it was meaningless since there’s no time spent developing them as characters rather than excuses to blow up cities.


    And i’m still not clear why these robots are fighting. It’s like an intergalactic middle eastern conflict. I don’t know why the Decepticons have declared a robot jihad against the Autobots.

    Yes, these are silly gripes. Transformers was nothing more than a cartoon to sell toys to children. The movies manage to make a shitload of money AND sell toys to children. You can’t ask for much more in terms of success.

    But creatively, these movies are awful for anyone over the age of 12. Awesome action. Embarrassing acting. Michael Bay is the personification of style over substance.

    I’ll still see Transformers 3. Because i’m an action junkie and the action is awesome. And at this point i’m well aware that i’m walking into a movie that is going to look phenomenal and feature awesome action but will make me cringe when the human characters start talking.

  24. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Speaking of mindless action, how about that 77% RT rating for Fast Five? Not that it wouldn’t open to $80 million with a 5%. Anyone here going to check it out? Also heard an interesting segment with Boston Globe critic Wesley Morris on NPR yesterday declaring the F&F movies to be progressive for the way they “promote race as this very normal thing.”

  25. anghus says:

    you know what the positive reviews for fast five are?

    critical relent.

    ive seen all the f&f movies. at the core, they are very similar. tokyo drift being the most different because of the change in characters. the other 3 are basically the same movie. and they haven’t changed. they’re built on momentum, action, and abandonment of logic and reason.

    these reviews for Fast Five could easily have applied to the others. Instead of faulting the movie for being stupid, pointless fun the critical mass is now praising it for being stupid, pointless fun.

    That’s why critics don’t matter for most tentpole films. They can fault a film or praise a film for the same reason.

    Here’s a pull quote from Rotten Tomatoes for FAST AND FURIOUS.

    “Fast & Furious is a piece of junk, but at least it is an entertaining and endearing piece of junk”

    This was a “Rotten” review.

    Here’s one for Fast Five

    “If you’re in the mood for the cinematic equivalent of sugar and trans fats, the film delivers with one physics-defying set piece after another.”

    This is a positive review.

    Is there are a difference?

    The same things the series has always been beaten up for is now the reason to celebrate it.

    critical relent.

  26. storymark says:

    Count me in with those who hated Transformers 2 (and I mean HAAAATED), but dammit if the trailer for 3 didn’t kick some ass.

    I feel very conflicted now.

  27. anghus says:

    story, it’s because there’s a part of you that wants to believe that no matter how bad the last one was, this time it will be better.

    I call it ‘Star Wars Syndrome’

  28. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Good points anghus. Critical relent seems to be a solid theory (I have only seen the first 2 and can barely remember a thing about them).

  29. Before seeing Fast Five a couple weeks ago, I went and watched the previous four Fast/Furious films, all for the first time. Didn’t like any of them (part 2 has a pulpy amusement, I’ll admit). But I really really liked Fast Five. It truly is a better, sharper, bigger, and just plain better picture than what came before. It’s a terrific caper that works on its own, but it also earns kudos for being a sequel that openly acknowledges its predecessors and integrates what came before into its narrative. Unlike so many later sequels that basically ignore everything but Part I, Fast Five uses its continuity to its dramatic/emotional advantage. It won’t win any acting/writing Oscars, everyone acts just well enough to make the token dramatic elements work. Its technical merits are top-notch and it’s just a great movie. Whether you like it or not is up to you, but the critical praise is not just a case of critics giving up. This really is a superior action picture.

    For those who care –

  30. Krillian says:

    You’re on to something there. I liken it to Austin Powers, and I could be in the minority on this, but I thought the first one was okay, the second one was bad, but the third one, even though it was telling the same jokes, worked better for me, perhaps due to the familiarity of the franchise trappings.

    I’ve seen all four F&F movies and barely remember anything about them beyond some of the cast and there are cars involved. Even then I have no idea how many Ludacris was in before or if this was his first one. But I still want to see this one.

    As to the natl debt, it will help the GOP in 2012, even though with economics there isn’t much difference between the parties beyond tax cuts for the rich. Whoever wins, Goldman Sachs and the Wall Street coke-fiends will still run that section of the country.

  31. IOv3 says:

    Story really? Come on!

    Scott, indeed!

  32. mysteryperfecta says:

    The fact is, the Obama administration let the birthers run wild because it was politically advantageous to so. Now, they released the long-form birth certificate because it was politically advantageous to do so. Word is, they were getting a little antsy about the conspiracy gaining traction. Now its fodder for his campaign. Cynical, but smart.

    There’s not one issue for which the left doesn’t charge its opponents with some sort of bigotry: racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, xenophobia, islamophobia, etc. Why should this be any different?

  33. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Yes conservatives love to whine about how all the left does is label them racist every time they say something negative about anything. Nice rhetoric, plays well with the base, and also completely absurd and untrue. Isn’t that playing the victim, something the right claims only the left does?

    mystery, when people like Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich and other Republicans talk about Obama being an other or not sharing our values, when they wonder how he got into an Ivy League school, when they call him a socialist/communist/Marxist, when they mention the time he spent living abroad, when you add all that up, what do you really think they are talking about? How should a person read between the lines? You honestly don’t think there is even a hint of racism there? It’s simply more name-calling from the left?

    There’s no pleasing the birthers. They will continue to believe he wasn’t born here. They will never vote for him. I was enjoying the spectacle though and wish he would have let it drag on.

  34. sanj says:

    i really hated fast and furious tokyo drift ..

    the movies have pretty cool looking posters ..

    they should have run the first 3 fast and furious films on
    basic cable worldwide

    also why no dp/30 with any of the films ?
    sometimes i think DP hates really popular films..
    no pirates of the caribbean films dp/30 – no harry potter films dp/30 – no scream films dp/30 – no saw movie films dp/30

  35. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Or maybe Paul Walker and the Diesel don’t like doing 30-minute video interviews?

  36. Mmmmmmm. Cherry pie, Leah. How awesome was discovering that show every week with no internet spoilers or cranky bloggers or live tweets?

    And I always thought the line was, “This house is CLEAN.”


  37. sanj says:

    Vin Diesel does 10 minute interviews

    all these big budget action films always has a few
    new actors that do other cool films after ..
    so the dp/30’s are worth doing .

    DP should really balance out the small indie films with
    the 100 million dollar blockbusters..

  38. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Never said they’re not worth doing, but I’m sure a lot depends on David’s schedule, actor/actress availability and willingness, etc.

  39. bulldog68 says:

    Kevin: “this house is clear” is taken from Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.

  40. sanj says:

    DP really should outsource these things to other people…
    just find somebody in nyc / london / …get this worldwide
    with over 1000 interviews a year ….

  41. storymark says:

    Hello? Ace Ventura was referencing Poltergeist….

  42. torpid bunny says:

    “The fact is, the Obama administration let the birthers run wild because it was politically advantageous to so.”

    Those clever liberals, oh they’re cunning alright.

  43. bulldog68 says:

    Funny thing is Storymark, I knew that, but the Jim Carey take was just so gosh darn funny.

  44. storymark says:

    Ok, just checking.

  45. IOv3 says:

    A Repcon and provided us with a checklist for all of their problems:

    “There’s not one issue for which the left doesn’t charge its opponents with some sort of:

    “bigotry”: CHECK!

    “racism”: CHECK!

    “sexism”: CHECK!

    “ageism”: CHECK!

    “homophobia”: DOUBLE CHECK!

    “xenophobia”: BORDER FENCE CHECK!


    “islamophobia”: NOT A FAN OF DETROIT, CHECK!,

    “Why should this be any different?”

    Oh it’s who you are. You are a bunch of racist, sexist, bigoted, islamphobic, xenophobic, homophobic, and old people hating assholes. Seriously, the sooner the media starts treating every single one of you this way. The sooner things will hopefully change and we can finally get the shit that you are, off of our shoes.

  46. leahnz says:

    kevin: watching (particularly season one of) ‘twin peaks’ on tv for the first time – one of the most satisfying, creepy experiences of my life. to this day every now and then i still see ‘bob’ lurking at the foot of my bed in bad dreams.

    (it IS “this house is clean”, but i myself am THE WORST at mucking up movie quotes in small ways so i felt loathe to correct bulldog’s either typo or small error when his usage was clever — also my ‘look at what happened to the house afterwards’ comment only works in reference to poltergeist, ace’s house (or flat i guess) remained awesome at all times filled with all those animals and the penguins in the freezer, too adorable)

    re: fast five, i actually disagree with whoever said up there it’s the same movie as all the others

    —————————spoilers —————-
    there is far more emphasis on the heist angle this time out and practically NONE on the drag-racing angle (as a matter of fact, the one big race that matters where they race to win cars to use in the robbery isn’t even shown at all on screen, v. bizarre), enough so to completely change the tone from the previous flicks, it actually more called to mind the remake of ‘the italian job’ in many respects.
    also, it is FAR more violent, there is a great deal of killing in the heavily-armed shootouts, which imbued proceedings with a ‘nastier’ undercurrent (and the stunts are outrageously implausible but well executed; when mia and brian jump thru that hodgepodge corrugated iron roof there would have been slicing of limbs and gore galore, but not a scratch on our family-way lovebirds, how sweet). but i had a great time seeing it with my gaggle of tween-teen boys, they went ape-shit for it (and of course the scene toward the end of the credits left those of us who have followed the series to wonder exactly how the hell the spectre of lettie raises her head, ahoy ‘faster six: ghost heist’)

    also: interesting to see i’m not a lonely camper in my affection for ‘trannies’ and yet disliking what i consider the inferior in every way ‘trannies deux’

    edited to say: re: the trannies trois trailer, i don’t trust trailers. deux had a decent trailer too and look what happened. i’d think m. bay movies are a trailer-cutters dream, seeing as his movies are often like one big trailer

  47. bulldog68 says:

    Looks like Ace said “clear” and Poltergeist said “clean”, from the quick bit of research I was able to do on my iPhone. Who’d a thunk it?

  48. IOv3 says:

    Leah, I think Bay cuts his own trailers, but that TF2 trailer pales in comparison to the TF3 trailer. Yeah, we were all burned with TF2 but dear fucking god, if TF3 just has the tone of that trailer. The film will be tremendous.

  49. Triple Option says:

    I did enjoy the first Trannys movie, though I wasn’t too gung-ho about seeing the 2nd prior to it coming out. Sometimes, even if I really enjoy the first, I’m not too psyched to see the follow up. Or like after Spidey II and X:2, I was like “Best Thanksgiving meal EVAR! No, I’ve had seconds. I’m full. Really.” I still went and saw the 3rd installs on each and was like, Uleck!

    I thought some of the effects on Trannies 2 were really seamless but among other things I thought it suffered from sensory overload. Well, I suppose I did. But, I have to tell you, seeing that trailer for Trannies 3 during the Super Bowl was pretty impressive. I mean you think change from a car into a robot, we’ve seen that before. And done really well. Even though I can’t really remember a story point or sequence from it, I did give me reason to hope.

  50. Martin S says:

    IO – The sooner things will hopefully change and we can finally get the shit that you are, off of our shoes.

    Hatespeech for the hundreth time. Hypocritic Lives.

    I’m sorry – what happened today Alex to make you so angry? Someone screw up your comic hold?

    Paul – When Howie Dean was leading the ’04 pack, he went on Diane Rehm, got asked about 9/11 Truther nonsense.

    Physician, heal thyself. The left either has terrible memories or you guys spend a lot of time bullshitting yourselves.

    As I said before, I never cared about his long-form, but the way 0 safeguarded it eventually made me think there was something of a personal nature with his parents he didn’t want out. That fact it really was nothing makes this easy to ascribe to Axelrod/Plouffe games, but, once again when every other presidential nominee gets probed to the nth degree, and he gets a media firewall by Klein, Alter, etc…that shamed anyone from asking…what do you expect to happen?

    Why do I know W was a cheerleader at Yale and seen photos of it, but nothing about Obama at Columbia? I can hand you details about Clinton at Oxford, Kerry at Harvard, Hillary and Wesleyan, Gore and Tommy Lee Jones, Palin and hear college quest for identity, etc…nothing on 0 at Columbia and chunks from Harvard.

    So why does it matter? Because that’s the basis for his critical thinking. I know a good deal personally about Columbia and to depart Occidental for this school and the groups he’s admitted to actively seeking out, generates questions. For example, he was friends with Edward Said, who was at Columbia at the same time, but no one will explain the relationship. Said was a transformative figure in Mid-East/Western politics and if Obama’s outlook was shaped by him, it would explain a lot.

  51. leahnz says:

    bulldog: correctamundo, ace says ‘clear’ (or ‘cleah’, his weirdo accent way of saying ‘clear’) so you weren’t even a sloppy quoter like i so often am, ace is the misquoter

  52. IOv3 says:

    Martin, you seem to be under the impression that I care what a scalawag like you thinks.

  53. David Poland says:

    Martin S…. very Trumpian of you to throw moe shit at the wall.

    I don’t know you or your range of political ideas. But the Obama conspiracy stuff is idiotic. Anyone who lived within 10 miles of Obama is his best friend and brainwashed him. Oy.

    The real joke of it is the bizarre notion that Obama is remotely radical. The right is tied up in a pretzel trying to blame Obama for cleaning up Bush’s messes, but also not doing it fast enough or without using resources… and then calling him a radical for holdmg the broom. Meanwhile, they indulge con men like Trump, who was saying in Vegas this week that – though it’s clearly not thought out – he wants us to colonize the Middle East and keep all the oil and that he wants the US diplomatic position to be “threaten first.”

    Reagan’s vision of the US has proven to be a failure, Ask David Stockman. The private sector has, by nature, no moral interest. Yet we want to believe we are the hero of the world. The only radicals I see are the people who, unlike the Republican Party, aren’t paid to believe these fairy tales.

  54. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Martin, during Bush’s presidency, did the number of Democrats in Congress insinuating he may have had something to do with 9/11 come close to equaling the number of Republicans in Congress and GOP leaders who have suggested that Obama wasn’t born here? Can you tell me how many times Bush was asked about 9/11 being an inside job at a press conference? How many Republican leaders went out of their way to denounce birthers? How many of them were more than happy to talk about the issue without prompting from the media? The idea that the right played no role in keeping this issue alive and well is flat-out ridiculous.

    And what about the reasons for the constant declarations that Obama is an other? Why do you think the right does that Martin?

    You know a lot about Columbia? Great. What does that prove? You start to sound a lot like a birther and a truther when you mention concern for a lack of photographs and a friendship he had back then. Wasn’t McCain friends with nefarious fellows like G. Gordon Liddy, a convicted felon? What does that say about him?

  55. torpid bunny says:

    So, Martin, you’re suggesting a kind of calvinistic easter egg hunt with regard to Obama’s academic career?

    I’m sure Edward Said was a vigorous terror warrior as well. The ideological roots of the surge are no doubt hidden in these dark days spent in a global polyglot metropolis simpering with all kinda racial mixin’ and thinkin’ and such hmm. And that’s why the Obama admin is continually forced to carry diplomatic water for Israel.

  56. leahnz says:

    ha, at least obama is capable of “critical thinking” (even if it is subversive black-panther fist-pumping ‘get whitey’ NEGRO thinking, lawwwwd no!), the previous pres couldn’t critically think his way out of a paper bag. wait, did g. w. bush’s riding his daddy’s coat tails, draft-dodging, drunk out of his gourd and coked-up to the gills stint also “generate questions”? looking at the shit-level you’re standing in created by the vacuous daddy’s boy cheerleader (and sadly inherited by the critical thinker), perhaps you’re not asking the right questions

  57. wmv for mac says:

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“We don’t have any idea what the universe is. Wise people have always told us that this is proof you shouldn’t think, because thinking leads you nowhere. You just build over this huge construction of misunderstanding, which is culture. The history of culture is the history of the misunderstandings of great thinkers. So we always have to go back to zero and begin differently. And maybe in that way you have a chance not to understand but at least not to have further misunderstandings. Because this is the other side of this question—Am I really so brave to cancel all human culture? To stop admiring the beauty in human production? It’s very difficult to say no.”
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