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How to Have a Royal Wedding in the Age of Social Media

This picture of Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice arriving for the Royal Wedding is my favorite pic from the official photostream of the wedding. Check out those hats. You have to have been born a royal to pull off outfits like those with your dignity intact.

If ever there was a sign that we are firmly entrenched in the age of technology, with no way out except perhaps the robot apocalypse, it’s surely the way the British Royals took advantage of the Internet and social media in the handling of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.

The Official Royal Wedding website was flush with information for royal watchers — everything from the Official Royal Wedding Photographs to the live feed of the wedding itself, to information for those coming to London for the big day.

There’s a link to the Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund that was set up so well-wishers could donate to charitable causes rather than send the Duke and Duchess tons of stuff they don’t need, and so many Official Videos you could kill an awful lot of “work” time watching them.

Point being: It was smart of the royal family to recognize that William and Kate are of a younger generation, and to use that to their advantage in satisfying the hunger of millions of royal watchers to feel “in the know” by putting tons of information out there — while also carefully controlling what was put out there. Can you even imagine the meeting where someone sat down with Queen Elizabeth to explain to her why there should be an official Royal Wedding website, and what Twitter, Facebook and Flickr are?

Or maybe I’m not giving her enough credit. Maybe Her Royal Majesty is already savvy to the ways of the Internet age, and she’s hanging out on Facebook playing Farmville all day and tweeting under some anonymous name.

5 Responses to “How to Have a Royal Wedding in the Age of Social Media”

  1. This is a joke, right? Those hats are a joke?

  2. Jan Gray says:

    What a jike, a pretzel is a good look for a wedding hat????

  3. John Smith says:

    Eugenie looks well hot!

  4. your momma says:

    your momma is hotter than that

  5. bejeweledcat says:

    They look like the wicked stepsisters from Cinderalla!

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