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By David Poland

iPad 2

The magnetized cover is almost reason alone to buy this thing.

But with HD video from cameras, front and back, and the higher-level processor, this is now a realistic replacement for the iPhone for those of us who carry both the iPhone and the Blackberry. Besides Facetime, Skype – available via 3G – is now a legit phone alternative for the iPad.

Truth is, there is still a big difference – especially for guys – between being able to throw the iPhone in your pocket and carrying the iPad around. But for $360 a year for , it seems a bit self-indulgent to be using three of these machines at any given time. If you really need a primary phone, your iPad won’t really replace it at this point.

I’ll be curious to know if the “it’s a toy” people still see it that way.

32 Responses to “iPad 2”

  1. JPK says:

    From what I’ve read, love it. I’m still floored that it is 1.2MM thinner than the iPhone 4 yet maintains a ten hour battery life. I’m going to bequeath my current model to my daughter and spring for the new one next week.

    I’m also excited about the 4.3 update. Finally having the ability to create a personal hotspot is great. I know there are plenty of options outside of an OS update but I’m still stoked about it finally being a natural part of the Apple ecosystem. Hoping I can use it with my Wi-Fi only iPad and unlimited data plan….

  2. David Poland says:

    Wow… that is a big deal…

  3. storymark says:

    I don’t think it’s a “toy”. I still think it clearly falls into the unessential status symbol category, for some at least. But I also don’t see a pressing need for one.

  4. Still no multitasking…the RIM Playbook is still a better choice, if it ever gets released.

  5. LexG says:

    2003-era flip-phone burner from 7-11 FTW.

  6. torpid bunny says:

    It’s a very very nice toy which most people can’t afford.

  7. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    “The magnetized cover is almost reason alone to buy this thing”

    Wow are you ever an easy sell DP.
    Yo’re the litmus test for how little companies need to do to release new versions.

  8. John says:

    Lex- Now you just look like an ironic hipster.

  9. IOv3 says:

    Spirit, it’s a faster, sleeker, and better machine. David has right to be orgasmic about it, even though IT’S STILL TOO FUCKING EXPENSIVE! Why in the fuck is Apple the only god damn electronics company on earth, that doesn’t take a loss on their products?

    Sure, people will buy them, but more people would buy them if Apple went a little Microsoft to get this product into more hands. Shit, it’s not like they wouldn’t make it up with app or Ibook sales, but Apple simply think selling shit cheaper is a bad thing. What an infuriating company they can be.

    I do find it funny that they think they have a bigger account database than amazon. Easily the funniest comment to come out of that press conference today. Also, David, why not use this and an android?

  10. David Poland says:

    I say that as someone who already has the thing… so I am even worse.

    But as an iPad consumer, the cover is the #1 issue I have with the product, ahead of java or cameras or whatever. I love my case, but only because I like it better than what else is out there.

    The goal of a great consumer product is to let you use it without thinking about using it too much. And having a made-for cover that functions as a stand as well is no small thing for someone who uses their iPad a lot.

    The real test for all of these products is when I can send one to my 78-yr-old mother, pre-apped with Facetime or Skype or both, and she can not only see her grandchild better, but she can actually use the thing. This version is a step closer.

    And to answer The Original IO (even if v3)’s question, I like having all the electronics match. I’ve done it both ways and it’s always been better when they speak to each other naturally. Also, Apple’s app store is way ahead on apps and will be, 98% of the time, the first kind of app a content provider makes.

    I am very happy with my Apple products. So why change them up?

  11. actionman says:

    love my flip phone

  12. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    I do want to hear a more detailed review (with maybe an ounce or two less gush)

    DP can you also shoot some HD stuff on it for me to look at please? Curious about the lenses (wish they’d throw a mount on it). So what type of video files can it play at the moment without jacking it?

    IO. The reason why Apple don’t sell them at a major loss is not just to make squillions, they also believe that you can devalue a product by selling short. I believe that too. I’ve seen it in action numerous times for all types of products and services. I think its a slippery slope.

  13. IOv3 says:

    David, you brought up using an Iphone and a Blackberry, and I am just curious why not use an Android?

    Spirit, Microsoft took a loss on the Xbox for years and it eventually made them their money back and then some. Apple simply refuse to get that people are broke, would love to buy their devices, but simply are not going to spend more than a freakin PS3 to get them at least not on a huge level.

    If Apple wants to be niche then they can be niche but at some point, there will be an awesome Android tablet, and eventually Apple will have to compete with them. Until then, yay it’s a great device that few people can afford. Yay!

  14. IOv3 says:

    Oh yeah, if they release another Ipad this year, then what’s the fucking point of this and what more could it use outside of Flash/Java?

  15. Geoff says:

    IO, you said it – Apple is freaked out by the Droid. I mean, wow, that iPhone/Verizon service deal sure seemed to happen fast, didn’t it????

  16. IOv3 says:

    Geoff, they need to be freaked out even more. Their shit is too god damn expensive, it remains too god damn expensive, and I just hope one day they are under enough pressure to price things realistically for this economy. Apple love to act as if it’s 2005 with their prices, not that his has hurt them, but with more and more droid products getting better by the week. I just wish Apple would get their nose out of the air and sell to all of the people.

  17. Telemachos says:

    If Apple’s iPad offerings are too expensive, what does that make the Xoom or Galaxy Tab, neither of which are offered in an unlocked form anywhere near $500? RIM hasn’t even gotten around to an actual release date (or price) for the PlayBook. Apple has set the target price point at $500 and no one’s been able to match it yet. (And now Apple’s unloading the first-generation iPad for $100 less — $399.)

    If Motorola, Samsung, HP, or RIM want to significantly take away Apple’s tablet marketshare, they need to match (or beat) them on price and native apps — and right now no one is close.

  18. Tofu says:

    Correct. For its power, the ipad (1 and soon 2) is actually the cheapest tablet on the market. These Android tablets are a joke. $800 for all that power, and for what? All the good Apps are on iOS.

  19. JPK says:

    I think it really depends on how you use a tablet device. I like Apple products because they are the only manufacturer that creates an (almost) seamless ecosystem for content consumption that simply works across all devices. I have an iMac and MacBook as my primary computers, an AppleTV for easy streaming of local content on my home network to my TV, and an iPad for when I’m not engaged with either computer. Everything simply works and I rarely have to troubleshoot issues.

    Could I create the same system from multiple devices and manufacturers? Sure. But I’ll have to find the right software mix to make it all work and without any guarantees that interoperability won’t become an issue. Apple doesn’t just sell products. They sell an ecosystem where I can create, consume, and share content within my home network and do so with (again, almost) zero headache.

    I don’t use my current iPad for content creation. It is primarily an entertainment device with some usage as an internet appliance. I’m not creating presentations or working spreadsheets (although you can) on the device so it works perfect for me in that role. I do think what make this new iPad a huge leap forward – and not just incremental as some are complaining – is that with the camera, appropriate apps, and dual core processing, the new iPad becomes a much better content creation tool. I will definitely be rethinking how I use it overall.

  20. Eric says:

    And Apple is already having trouble manufacturing enough iPads to satisfy demand at the current price. If anything, they should charge more.

  21. LexG says:

    What are you rich assholes even talking about?

    Fuck phones anyway. Who wants anyone calling them?


  22. IOv3 says:

    Do you guys really only need 16g of memory? Really? A new fully loaded Ipad 2 is 839 bucks. Who in the fuck are they marketing that too, and would it not behoove them to take a hit to get more market saturation? Again, just my take and all, but Apple really do live in 2006.

  23. JPK says:

    Do you guys really only need 16g of memory? Really?

    Not really, no. With the right apps and home setup, 16GB is more than enough. I currently have a 32GB Wi-Fi only model and rarely find it necessary to max it out. I’ll definitely only buy a 16GB version when I upgrade. I can have five movies taking up around 6GB of space, 5GB of music that I’m currently enjoying, and allocate the rest for apps, documents, and photos/video that I’ll grab with the new camera. The rest of my approximately 1.8TB (I have a lot of lossless CD rips) library is always available if I have a Wi-Fi or 3G connection because I serve it using an app on my iMac that runs 24X7. It’s password protected and completely secure. And even if I didn’t use a home server, I could syn with any of several different cloud options – Mobile Me, Dropbox, etc. And (again) if I added in a Slingbox and use their app, I could stream my home TV content, too (I don’t – I’m not a huge TV watcher but I’m sure my wife and daughter would enjoy that).

    If you live in an urban area, connectivity is virtually ubiquitous and often free in the case of wi-fi. As that becomes more and prevalent, I think the idea of more and more device storage will become less of a compelling feature. Tell me about a device with less storage and a rock solid, always on, unbroken connection and I find that to be a much more compelling value proposition. And that is something it has taken a decade for me to come around to accepting. I’m an old guy – 38 (soon to be 39) and the idea of owning physical media is just not as appealing to me. I’d rather have streams of content I keep local at home (home hard drives cannot get big enough fast enough for me) or pay for the service.

  24. Phil says:

    I just bought a new Macbook Pro, so I’m not an Apple hater. I think the iPad is cool, but I can’t justify spending at least $500 on it. Why would I NEED a simplified computer? I don’t see any feature on the iPad that my laptop doesn’t already do. It can’t yet replace a PC since you still have to sync to one to get it working.
    So yes, it’s still a toy.

  25. Telemachos says:

    If you don’t think you need one, it’s probably best not to get one. That being said, when I first got an iPad, I was surprised at how often I was using it at home compared to my laptop. Lots of casual use, and nothing that I couldn’t use my laptop for, but it was just easier and more convenient. I’m also reading more than I had been because the Kindle/Nook/iBook apps mean I’m not tied to any particular e-bookstore.

    I also rarely sync it. Most of my media content is either streaming or already purchased or ripped, so I’m actually really looking forward to the new features of Home Sharing. Why store all this stuff on it when I can just stream?

    I’ve got a 3G model and the pay-as-you-go data plan is really helpful too. If I have to go on a trip I’ll buy a month of data and then the iPad becomes very very helpful as a havigation tool. Yes, I can use my phone for this — but the larger screen makes a big difference for maps, etc.

    Honestly, I’m surprised how much I use it, and I’m seriously tempted to sell my first-gen version for a couple hundred bucks or so and spring for v2.

  26. torpid bunny says:

    Maybe I was being flippant. If the Ipad can actually work as a computer for people, then $500 isn’t that expensive. I don’t know enough about it to judge it as the next generation of mobile computing. $500 might be a good price for a lot of people who can’t otherwise afford a computer at all. I just see a hell of a lot of well-to do types carrying them around and so that colors my opinion.

  27. David Poland says:

    I still carry my laptop on busy trips… and very rarely turn it on. With the iPad, I have built-in 3G, access to the back side of the website, a boatload of entertainment and information options (webfull, really) and it’s not a challenge to lug around.

    Yes, it’s still easier to type on a keyboard and I won’t carry one around for an iPad. But more and more of life happens on the web and not on hard drives. I can imagine losing my laptop and my iPhone soon.

  28. IOv3 says:

    Torpid, the well to do types using them is my problem with the pricing of this device. The Ipad is a revolutionary device that everyone should have. The fact that Apple prices this revolutionary device to only a select group of people economically, is bullshit. This is the future and everyone should have a shot at it, and the fact that Apple creates an economic divide like this… is utter bullshit.

  29. Telemachos says:

    But IO, what do you say about the other tablet manufacturers? Apple’s pricing is the best of the actual decent tablets (unless you want to go root a Nook or something).

  30. storymark says:

    So basically IO, you can’t afford one, so Apple is evil?

  31. yancyskancy says:

    Oof, I hate discussions of this stuff. Makes me feel like my Blackberry is one step up from Dixie cups and string. I’m sure most of you guys have solid, often professional reasons for being so into these things, but I also suspect that some folks just dread being alone with their thoughts for 2 consecutive minutes.

  32. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    “I also suspect that some folks just dread being alone with their thoughts for 2 consecutive minutes.”

    No doubt. On the NJ Transit quiet cars, countless people daily act like they are special or don’t know the rules and spend 45 minutes yakking on their cell phone. You would think their very survival was dependent only upon having their cell phone in hand every waking moment of every day. If I had a nickel for every time someone ran straight into me because they were texting or playing with their electronic device, I’d be hanging with Bill Gates.

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