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Opening Ebert Presents Lemire-Vishnevetsky At The Movies

One Response to “Opening Ebert Presents Lemire-Vishnevetsky At The Movies”

  1. Hallick says:

    Just as an instant first impression with nothing but the 37 seconds of footage above to discern an entire television show from, the needle on my chemistry detector is firmly in “too nice” territory. Aren’t we nice, aren’t we clean, aren’t we cozy and middle class? Aren’t we NOT going to lower ourselves to the level of actually fighting over a movie and fighting FOR a movie? I want critics who actually care too much about movies and don’t care if you can tell they do. I don’t want a critic who realizes that these are “just movies” and nothing worth getting all worked up over. God…fuck those reviewers. They can go hang out at Starbucks and gently chide people with blood in their hearts who get really excited and passionate about a great actor or a fantastic script.

    Then again, 37 seconds is 37 seconds and I don’t have a clue what these two do with the rest of the show.

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