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The Town, co-writer/director/actor Ben Affleck

7 Responses to “The Town, co-writer/director/actor Ben Affleck”

  1. LexG says:


    Can’t even BELIEVE you junket critic blogger type dudes get to meet famous people.

    The only famous person I ever met was when I bumped into Kevin Meaney at the Baja Fresh in Toluca Lake.

  2. Tofu says:

    His head is in a good place. His career in Entertainment has only just begun.

    Now how can we get him into Politics?

  3. anghus says:

    i can’t imagine how anyone can weather the harshest career catastrophe and still manage to come out the other side such a class act.

    Gone Baby Gone and The Town are great films.

    Hope The Town gets a best picture nomination.

  4. Katy says:

    What was Affleck like in person? (Aside from what we see in the video?)
    Did you talk to him at all about his feelings of being a potential Oscar nominee this year for “The Town”?

  5. ThriceDamned says:

    I’ve always liked Affleck, just always struck me as a funny and self-deprecating guy (especially in the Kevin Smith commentaries).

    Happy to see him in a good place and gaining respect.

  6. Gia says:

    What people don’t know about Ben is that he’s incredibly smart.While the whole gigli/bennifer was going on ,I knew he would recover from that whole ordeal.It just took people time to forget all that tabloid crap and see he’s talented man.I think this is just the beginning for him (directing and acting wise )

  7. Rob says:

    When you look at his imdb page, it’s amazing how concentrated the disasters are within 2003 and 2004 – Daredevil, Gigli, Jersey Girl, Paycheck, Surviving Christmas. It’s pretty crazy how much pride he’s had to swallow for those two years.


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