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The Kids Are All Right, actor Julianne Moore

4 Responses to “The Kids Are All Right, actor Julianne Moore”

  1. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    She is a delight. One of my favorite actresses and really fun to listen to. A great Toronto memory is sitting about 5 feet from her at a World Traveler screening.

  2. Rob says:

    She’s just the best. Fascinating career, talks so intelligently about acting. And I love the nail polish.

  3. meg says:

    I know this isn’t an original thought…but she is great!!!!

    I particularly like that she mentioned loving her movie Savage Grace because it is one of my favorites. I also liked when she mentioned working with Atom. I have always wondered how they got along because I call the “director and cast commentary” on the Chloe DVD just the “director commentary”… He had SO much to say (which is a good thing… I loved everything he said), but no one else really got a word in. So, because I knew she hates to talk too much about character before shooting, I wondered if they were constantly in a tug-of-war about information. It’s interesting that she decided to do things his way a little. I would love to hear more about that set…(Sidenote: I wish she would do more cast commentaries because she can obviously articulate her and her characters’ thoughts and actions well in interviews and press conferences. I love hearing her actual commentary scene-by-scene in movies like End of the Affair, Safe, World Traveler, and Prize Winner. It’s like watching the movie with her.)

    She mentioned that she doesn’t like the “Behind the Scenes”/spoiling yourself kind of stuff…but I love it! Probably the only thing I disagree with her on. Also, I read the script for Chloe, The Kids Are All Right, and (her next movie) Crazy, Stupid, Love before seeing the movie itself. I love reading the script first! It always changes a little in the real movie anyway, but… I don’t know… I like knowing what the writer originally wrote and what the actors read before they began the project. I like witnessing that first vibe of the film… the first spark.

  4. Pedro says:

    I love her! I think she is THE best actress working today. Annette Bening has gotten most of the Oscar buzz, but I think Julianne Moore is even more deserving. And what a kind, warm, illuminating interview!


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