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Tamara Drewe, actors Gemma Arterton & Luke Evans

4 Responses to “Tamara Drewe, actors Gemma Arterton & Luke Evans”

  1. LexG says:

    She is CHARMING, but that bit in the trailer where she has some fake Nanny McPhee type nose is DEPRESSING. Please tell me that’s not in the movie much.


  2. David Poland says:

    Part of the story of the film is that she was an ugly ducking who has come home, fully bloomed. So no, not in the movie much.

  3. AdamL says:

    A dreadful film. I walked out after an hour and a half and it is a miracle I stayed that long. Maybe if it was a TV film shown on a Sunday afternoon on the BBC it would be tolerable, but not as a movie going experience.

  4. krazyeyes says:

    I was so bummed when Strawberry Fields got killed off in the last Bond film. She would have made a better lead than the bond girl they went with. At the very least they should have kept her around for another film or two.


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