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DP/30: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, actor Noomi Rapace

8 Responses to “DP/30: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, actor Noomi Rapace”

  1. andres says:

    Excellent interview.

    Excellent Actress too.

    Noomi, You have a fan from México and after this interview even more. I found you not just a beautiful women also an a very interesting and sensible person.

    All the best for you and you career.

  2. Noomi is stunning!!!!

    She is very graceful, sexy, intelligent, and personable!!!

    She demonstrates that she can play against type.

    I’m excited to see her career take off in America!!!

    Ring, Ring Noomi!! Super stardom is calling!!

  3. Samuel Deter says:

    Viva México!

  4. NM says:

    David, NEVER start a question with the word “SO” again. It’s lame. Practice!

  5. David Poland says:

    NM… for me, the “so”s or the “hi”s are part of the process. Not having them on the interview doesn’t require practice or even much effort. I have always been able to edit them out. I have chosen not to do so.

    Sorry to poke at your pet peeve, which apparently superseded your interest in the other 29:58 of the interview, but I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

  6. NM says:

    It’s not even remotely a pet peeve, and you’re not sorry so why say so? But it does come across as amateur, at least to me. A verbal tic. If you don’t mind it, I don’t care that much because I haven’t got time to listen to the whole 29:58 anyway, but anything that makes it harder to do that I’d think you would prefer to avoid, although there are no ads in it so I suppose you save some bandwidth if no one logs on.

    Must say, I loved the “Girl” trilogy and Noomi in it. You go, Ms. Rapace!

  7. wulfrich says:

    A very intelligent interview not superficial at all. Only someone as nice and dedicated as Noomi can play Lisabeth. She is so personable and a remarkable individual. Very down to earth. A rare actress these days. Only One criticism from me: I only wish you showed her departure at the end of the interview and all the social niceties at the end of a conversation instead of ending it abruptly.

  8. Jolley says:

    This is the best interview out there with Noomi Rapace. Charlie Rose did an ok job, but his was a bit stiff, too formal. I’m hoping the Fincher remake is a good film, it might prompt more knucklehead Americans to see the originals. When they do they will see that Noomi owns the role of Lisbeth forever.
    Great interview.


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