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Into The Breach


There are all kinds of kinks being handled this morning, from font sizes to graphic tweaks you’ll see in the weeks to come to making it easy for people who don’t have Word Press accounts to get them, so they can comment. (Add: There will even be line spacing in The Hot Blog!!!)

The toys I am most excited about are the MCN Newslinks, which give you all the headlines most of you could ask for, split by topic, the Movie Pages, which are still developing, but will offer all kinds of content for each film as we move into the future, and the “MCN Tweets” Twitter feed should be fun. It will remain conversational. We have other tools to promote content. We’d like this to be, along with blogs, headlines, and feature articles. another layer of the conversation… and immediate one.

Okay… I’m diving back into the test drive… again, welcome… and thanks for your patience.

26 Responses to “Into The Breach”

  1. IOv2 says:

    Edit button, where are ya?

  2. David Poland says:

    Do you see it now? I see one right next to the date on your comment… or is that because I am an administrator?

  3. The Pope says:

    I’m loath to pass any comments on the layout because it could be a teething problem. I think though there is too much blue. Black on white background for reading headlines etc is better. Otherwise, the whole thing looks a helluva lot beefier.

  4. IOv2 says:

    Yeah there is no edit button for me. I am also wondering if there is supposed to be some registration thing for the blog now, because our names clearly have a space for an avatar next to them. That aside, once everything is in place, we should be fine and dandy like sour candy.

  5. hcat says:

    All change scares me.

  6. IOv2 says:

    Here’s some things we need:


    2) Registration or whatever so we can have avatars! Come on, let’s get crazy!

    3) The who posted to what thread column that was on the right hand of the old blog. If you cannot bring that back, do something that let’s us know that a thread has a new post to it.

    That’s all I got at the present time as I struggle to breathe. ACCURSED FLU!

  7. Foamy Squirrel says:

    So you’re finally embracing your inner USB cat?

  8. IOv2 says:

    Foamy, I have no idea what you are referring to, and I am just going to wave my hand at you because of it. Waving now.

  9. Foamy Squirrel says:

    “we can have avatars! Come on, let’s get crazy!”

  10. Just testing it out on the new format. Pay no heed…

  11. Good luck with the transition. Long time coming, I imagine.

  12. Whoa, my WordPress avatar popped up. Nice.

  13. IOv2 says:

    Oh you mean LOL CATZ? Yes Foamy, I am, an LOL CAT!

  14. leahnz says:

    how DO we get an avatar? i want an avatar avatar

  15. IOv2 says:

    Oh jesus, you want an Avatar of Avatar? Really? THE LAST AIRBENDER IN THE HOUSE! BOOYAH!

  16. David Poland says:

    Sign up with Word Press… which apparently you have done… should be able to set it up…

  17. Al E Ase says:

    Is there any button we can press (no pun intended) to take us straight back to the Hot Blog main page? I find I have to hunt for it, which is a bit annoying. (If not, may I suggest just clicking on the red The Hot Blog at the top?}

  18. Al E Ase says:

    Erm is there anything we can click on to take us straight back to the Hot Blog main page?

  19. Al E Ase says:

    Aha! First official double post! EDIT BUTTON WHERE ARE YOU?!

  20. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Home button – just to the right of the MCN “Flame”, silver bar, “The Hot Blog”.

    Edit button – apparently have to sign in through WordPress (you get a shiny avatar icon too).

  21. Al E Ase says:

    Thanks for the home button Foamy! WordPress is eluding me though, where do I find it?

  22. Joe Straatmann says:

    My ADHD while require some time for adjustment….

  23. Al E Ase says:

    Thanks Leah, didn’t realise it was offsite!

  24. Tim DeGroot says:


  25. IOv2 says:

    Thanks for making the thing at the top of the page happen, David. Nice to be able to follow whose posting what again on the blog.

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