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BYOB Iron Friday

14 Responses to “BYOB Iron Friday”

  1. LYT says:

    My movie trailer is up. Super SUPER low budget, but a lead is a lead.
    It’s all about an overweight, unemployed sad-sack driven crazy by hot chicks. Somehow I imagine that might be relatable to blog readers.

  2. Nice, LYT! Can we expect a cameo by Lex or did you just pay for the rights to the story of his psyche?

  3. LYT says:

    We didn’t pay for anything whatsoever, I don’t think.
    Besides, Lex has a job. So it’s TOTALLY different!

  4. storymark says:

    That looks like a kick, LYT. When might we expect to be able to see it?

  5. leahnz says:

    alright lyt

  6. LYT says:

    No distribution deal as yet. But the director’s in negotiations for some bigger stuff, and hopes to piggyback his smaller movies (like this) onto whatever more visible project he finally gets.
    Needless to say, I will not hold back details when they’re available.

  7. Coolface says:

    LYT, that short flim sounds like what would (will) happen if Christian Weston Chandler just couldn’t take it anymore.

  8. Coolface says:

    LYT, that short flim sounds like what would (will) happen if Christian Weston Chandler just couldn’t take it anymore.

  9. LYT says:

    It’s not a short.

  10. LexG says:


  11. LexG says:

    If I don’t have sex today, which I won’t…
    Well, I’m going to complain about it a lot.
    IF ONLY THEY HAD PROSTITUTES IN LOS ANGELES who you could be 100000% sure didn’t have herpes.

  12. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    Don’t say no one cares about you Lex
    Here you go

  13. LexG says:

    Who else has seen the new MILEY video?
    So is she entering a clamgrinder phase now? She’s all rubbing on a lotta chicks in this one. Love how a vaguely jailbaitish major celeb (who looks and acts 37) can do tame lesbianism in a major-label music video endorsed by her family and handlers….
    Yet if I as the spectator opine that it’s “hot,” some asexual closet queen like Jeff McDouche will act like I’M some giant pervert for acknowledging this.

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