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DP/30 – Adam

Actors Peter Gallagher & Rose Byrne and writer/director Max Mayer (in the middle).
The full video interview is after the jump…

8 Responses to “DP/30 – Adam”

  1. LexG says:

    GIVE ME A B…

  2. I miss Australian actors talking in their natural accents. At least Rose Byrne still has one.

  3. IOIOIOI says:

    Kiki: what part of Australia has Rose’s accent? I ask because it sounds so distinct, that I am wondering if Australians have very distinct regional accents like Americans do (I’m sure they do, but I am just asking for clarification). If you could fill a brother in. I would appreciate it.

  4. Scott Pacitti says:

    Add me to the “huge crush on Rose Byrne” club. She could stand to gain a few pounds, however.

  5. Dr Wally says:

    Classy, classy interview. My adoration for Rose Byrne has been approaching Macadams-levels for a while now, from Sunshine thru 28 Weeks Later to Damages, and hopefully Adam will be the breakout movie she deserves. I often wish that Lucas had cast her rather than Natalie Portman to play Amidala – she gave the only decent human performance in Attack of the Clones in less than two minutes of screentime.

  6. IO, Aussies don’t tend to have regional accents. The difference in her accent is probably more down to it being a blend (she’s worked in Aussie, American and British accents) but she’s from Sydney and a Sydney accent is no different to a Melbourne (where I’m from) accent or a Perth accent or so on.

  7. IOIOIOI says:

    Thanks for the response Kiki.

  8. berg says:

    great actors and interview but the film ADAM is mawkishly bad

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