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Weinstein Butt Boy, Roger Friedman, Angles For A Settlement

The irony of Roger Friedman’s idiotic suit against Fox News/News Corp is that by looking away from Roger’s incredibly porous journalistic standards for so long, the many reasons other than the Wolverine foolishness to fire Roger can’t really be brought into play in defending this claim.
It’s a very similar road to the one that Nikki Finke took years ago when she sued The NY Post for firing her for cause – on a fact which she still doesn’t admit she was wrong about, but was, 100% – and claimed that Disney was colluding with the paper to have her fired. The case was not quickly thrown out of court, and after a few years, quietly settled. Nikki claims to have “won,” but as with all things Nikki, the facts about her actions are not available to anyone other than her and she is free to spin them into whatever variation of the truth she likes. (Only recently have other journalists been so comfy selling the hype… as they want, as the old When Harry Met Sally joke went, what she’s having. The joke was funny, even if the orgasm was fake.)
If Friedman is suing for $5 million, you can be sure that he and Martin Garbus are looking to walk away with something a million dollar settlement, paid to make it go away. He likely picked the Scientology angle because their organization doesn’t much like to be forced into the public eye. And by angling his case by positioning a wealthy Scientologist – who recently lost a child and wants to be out of the public eye – as his victimizer, he’s probably hoping that $1 million means so little to The Travoltas that they will pay to make it go away.
Roger is scum. Has been for as long as I’ve known of him. His very first spoken words to be were outright lies and scurrilous attacks. Little has changed. May he receive all that he deserves.

4 Responses to “Weinstein Butt Boy, Roger Friedman, Angles For A Settlement”

  1. Cadavra says:

    Would that include the eight minutes he got on The Today Show this morning yammering about you-know-who? Sheesh…

  2. tfresca says:

    Isn’t it a little hypocritical to decry someone’s journalist ethics while at the same time throwing around the words but boy. Roger’s column was always entertaining and quiet often correct on some issues. It was obvious he’s in the bag for Harvey but so what. He’s a gossip columnist and he makes no effort to hide who he sucks up to. I also have to say I think his firing, if over the Wolverine thing, was very bogus and wrong. These same studios do business with AICN which made it’s bones dealing stolen or embargoed material. I don’t know how true these claims are about Fox and scientology but I wouldn’t put it past them and neither should you.

  3. boltbucket says:

    “Roger is scum. Has been for as long as I’ve known of him.”
    White suit in a shit storm, anyone? Anyone?

  4. Lettie Preston says:

    If he calls you friend he will write anything for you. Example: Always tries to make Sam and Joyce Moore look innocent in the Billy Preston estate battle.

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