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DP/30 – The Stoning of Soraya M. star Shohreh Agdashloo

The Stoning of Soraya M. just won the Audience Award at the LA Film Festival, not only being a quality film, but having become a reflection of current unrest in Iran in recent months. Oscar-nominated actress Shohreh Agdashloo has been an outspoken voice about Iran for years, no more so than through her role in this film and the discussions since. She sat down for a 30 minute chat…
The complete video interview in QT after the jump… and the podcast is available here.

3 Responses to “DP/30 – The Stoning of Soraya M. star Shohreh Agdashloo”

  1. The Pope says:

    Congratulations, another great interview. Of course, it helps when you have someone who is as charismatic, impassioned and articulate as Shohreh Agdashloo. English may not be her first language but it proves here to be no barrier whatsoever… and she proves to be more accurate and vivid in using it than oh, so many who wallow in Valley speak.
    I am still scratching my head as to why she was denied the Oscar, while not even nominated for the SAG/Globe for “House”… especially when Renee Zellwegger won for Cold Mountain.
    Now, admittedly, “Stoning” is getting more traction than it might because of the Iranian situation, but to have someone who can front the film and speak with such authority is a blessing: her life story is something that is vivid (whereas most Hollywood stories are rags to riches, hers is through the barricades… and on an aside, how many Hollywood actors quote poetry in an interview just for the hell of it?).
    And you asked a great question about Passion of the Christ (I film for which I have great antipathy), and it makes for an interesting question… and answer.
    Really looking forward to seeing this movie… if not simply because she is one beautiful looking lady.

  2. Nicol D says:

    Thanks for covering this film, Dave.
    I saw it at TIFF last fall and was very impressed. It is a rough watch but no one can doubt the passion of the filmmakers and actors for the subject matter. Shohreh was present at my screening and I must say how impressed I was not only with her talent and intelligence but also her classical beauty.
    I was also able to speak to Cyrus after the screening and am glad this project is doing well for him.
    I hope more people see this difficult but necessary film.

  3. jennab says:

    Shoreh Agdashloo is a lovely representative of Iranian-American culture, just beautiful! I want to see the movie to support her.

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