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The New Guggenheims Are Here!

The list of 2009 Guggenheim Fellows (press released here) was released today and there were many filmmakers on the rise.
Amongst my faves are Ramin Bahrani, Julia Loktev, and Kelly Reichardt… but I am sure that others would be on that list if I knew more of their work… which, hopefully, these grants will make possible.
Ramin Bahrani (GOODBYE SOLO), Filmmaker, Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Adjunct Professor of Screenwriting and Directing, Columbia University: Film.
Danae Elon (PARTLY PRIVATE), Filmmaker, Brooklyn, New York: Film.
Lynn Hershman Leeson (STRANGE CULTURE), Filmmaker, San Francisco, California; Chair, Department of Film, San Francisco Art Institute: Film.
Henry Hills, Filmmaker, New York City: Film.
Sam Kauffmann, Filmmaker, Medfield, Massachusetts; Associate Professor of Film, Boston University: Film.
Julia Loktev (DAY NIGHT DAY NIGHT), Filmmaker, Brooklyn, New York: Film.
Julia Meltzer, Filmmaker, Los Angeles, California; Director, Clockshop: Film.
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