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BYOB – Catching Up…

The days after the Oscar season end feel a bit like the first days getting back to school after months of summer vacation… waking up on a different schedule… new people, many familiar, but different… work to do but somehow, not as quick to get out the pen… even the feeding schedule (and the food itself) is different.
It’s a hangover, but not unpleasant that same way. Just an “Oh yeah… there is something else other than the Oscars and Watchmen going on….”
Then there is the real downside

12 Responses to “BYOB – Catching Up…”

  1. christian says:

    Hey, how about that President Obama last night?
    The GOP is officially dead.

  2. Blackcloud says:

    Just like the Democrats were November 3, 2004, right?

  3. Triple Option says:

    Any thoughts on Chernin leaving Newscorp? Good for Fox? Bad for Fox? Will things be better from the creative end? More accommodating to artists’ visions? Will things continue as before?
    I heard the guy has a G-4. Is that his or a company jet? Think he’ll rent it out for small jaunts down to Ensenada?

  4. christian says:

    Who said the Democrats were dead on 11.3.2004? Bush barely won re-election. That led to the Republican ouster in 2006, followed by 2009. ALIVE!
    THIS parrot is bleedin’ dead, Jim.

  5. LYT says:

    Seems the embargo on Watchmen reviews has been lifted, probably because Harry Knowles made a big fuss about it.
    So far, sounds pretty good.

  6. IHeartThatCurtis! says:

    Or Devin made a big fuss. I do love how it could not give a film a 10 out of 10. THINK IT OVER FARCI! GIVE IT A 10! DON’T LET IT GO DOWN THERE WITHOUT A 10!

  7. Chucky in Jersey says:

    Speaking of News Corp., Liz Smith is gone from the NY Post for budget reasons.
    No great loss — she had long been a media whore for Michael Jackson and Harvey Weinstein. Maybe she can become Harvey’s in-house PR flack so she can explain away why he buys awards yet can’t run a moneymaking business.

  8. LexG says:

    That speech last night was boring, just like all his boring, no-charisma speeches. Duller than Carter.
    Will any of this “stimulus” shit result in me getting a $600 check like THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER sent out?
    Basically I’m just pissed that that bore-fest pre-empted American Idol.

  9. Hallick says:

    “Will any of this ‘stimulus’ shit result in me getting a $600 check like THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER sent out?
    Basically I’m just pissed that that bore-fest pre-empted American Idol.”
    Wow! Thanks for pretty much summing up every attitude that put the country in the crapper in the first place! Greatest LexG post EVER!

  10. IHeartThatCurtis! says:

    Lex G: HE’S A REPUBLICAN AND PROUD OF IT! Poor dumb bastard.

  11. christian says:

    When Bush sent out 600 dollars, it wasn’t socialism, right? More like a bribe for Lex…

  12. IHeartThatCurtis! says:

    Christian: it helped Lex buy his own sibian. Sure; it’s sitting in a corner covered in dust, but K-Stew may ride it one day! AS GOD AS LEXARD’S WITNESS… K-STEW WILL RIDE HIS SIBIAN, AND SHE WILL LIKE IT! GLORY BE TO THE ALL HOLY ALBA!

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