By Ray Pride

OnePiece: Future musings from Braden King, Jesse Epstein, Jason Silverman (content)

Three one-minute stories of where to go next, from filmmakers Braden King, Jesse Epstein and Jason Silverman. Braden King is a contributor to Mike Plante’s Lunchfilm concept in New Frontiers, described thusly: “A filmmaker is taken out to lunch and in exchange, the filmmaker agrees to make a short film. The budget: the same cost as the lunch. A contract is drawn up on a napkin and includes both rules and ideas for inspiration.”
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Filmmaker Jesse Epstein just received a completion grant from Chicken & Egg Films for her feature, Body Image.

Jason Silverman is making a documentary about African film pioneer Ousmane Sembene. He says he’s seeing more work about real heroes, not comic book heroes.

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“Why put it in a box? This is the number one problem I have—by the way it’s a fair question, I’m not saying that—with this kind of festival situation is that there’s always this temptation to classify the movie immediately and if you look at it—and I’ve tried to warn my fellow jurors of this—directors and movie critics are the worst people to judge movies! Directors are always thinking, “I could do that.” Critics are always saying, “This part of the movie is like the 1947 version and this part…” And it’s like, “Fuck! Just watch the movie and try and absorb it and not compare it to some other fucking movie and put it in a box!” So I think the answer’s both and maybe neither, I don’t know. That’s for you to see and criticize me for or not.”
~ James Gray

“I have long defined filmmaking and directing in particular as just a sort of long-term act of letting go,” she said. “It’s honestly just gratifying that people are sort of reapproaching or reassessing the film. I like to just remind everyone that the movie is still the same — it’s the same movie, it’s the movie we always made, and it was the movie we always wanted to make. And maybe it just came several years too early.”
~ Karyn Kusama